The Overflow. Part 10

How do you expand your Base's sqaure feet? Why, steal a train of course!

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 15

The next day, Jason decided that more space was good. He went to the hardware store and took all of the insulation and plywood. He stored all of it in one of the hotel rooms on the twelfth floor. He went out in his van to look for more storage units. As he hits the outskirts of town, he came across a railroad track well this is perfect. That's all trains carry! Metal storage units and tankers are normally all you see on trains. So Jason turned onto an old, beaten road parallel to the track to follow it.

He followed it for almost eighteen miles when his gas gauge started blinking empty. He pulled into an old gas station, walked inside, found a zombie hiding in the back, shot him, then he took its credit card still in its wallet. He walked outside and yanked out a nossle. Billy Joe stared at him wondering what he was doing.

This is how we used to get gas, Billy Joe! You just pull up to a pump and get as much as your wallet could afford. He hung the hose back up and plugged the tank. He stuck the card in his back pocket. Money wasn't worth anything in his world, but to the gas pumps, credit cards were still valid. Jason even went inside and grabbed some Cheetos and a coke for old time's sake. He hopped back in the van and kept going. Eventually, he did run up on a train. It sat solemn and abandoned facing the direction Jason had just come from. He saw a problem. How was he going to get these giant metal crates back to his base? Well, he could bring the crane all of thirty miles to get them one at a time. Or he could simply drive the train and get his van later. How hard could driving a train be?

Jason climbed into what seemed like a medieval cockpit. This train was obviously not new. He drove a few transfer trucks with a friend's dad once. He knew he would have to build up brake pressure to stop and that trains don't stop on a dime. There could be one rail missing in the railway and the whole train would derail and possibly kill him and Billy Joe both. Eh, who cares? He pushed the throttle forwards and began bringing it down the line. After a few minutes, the speed was incredible. He had to be going around seventy. How could a hundred ton vehicle pull a thousand tons of freight this fast? He slowed it down so e could stop faster in case something was to happen. The chugging of the engine was so loud that Jason was starting to remember his gig days. He strained to remember back to engineering class. His teacher, Mr. Meade told him that trains take around a mile to stop; add or subtract freight load amount. He saw were the railroad tracks were starting to come into the city. One problem though; It was about to go underground. Jason found a brake lever and pulled back hard, but the train kept proceeding. The wheels were making a hideous screech and Billy Joe was starting to howl but he couldn't let go of it. He pulled harder and harder. Finally the train made a noticeable decrease in speed. It skidded to a halt. The engine was underground along with two freight carts but the majority wasn't subterranean yet. Billy Joe continued to whimper slightly. Jason fell onto his dog wrapping him into a bear hug.

It's okay boy. I won't make that noise anymore. Jason could feel a ringing in his ears from the horrific sound.

There was no way He would be able to make another room before dusk. He slowly walked back, whimpering dog in his arms, to the hotel.

I'm sorry boy, I'm sorry was all Jason could say.

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    Everything from Part 1 till Part 9 was very well written and plotted, however, this part is technically long, but short in material, and why was the dude so bummed because his dog howled at the screeching sound? Lol anyways I'll stop being a douche, great stuff, can't wait for the next part!
    No bro! thanks for the critism it helps! Ill remember that in hte future. He was so sad about his dog because his dog is the only thing he cares for. If you dont recall, Jason is still suicidal. He is only living for the sake of the human race. Plus, if youve never heard a train do an emergancy stop, its loud as hell and a dogs ears are sensitive. Billy Joe was in sheer pain when that happened.