The Overflow. Part 11

The Base was very small. Jason didn't have enough space for all of his tools. Work is a great distraction from zombies that are getting more intelligant.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 16

Jason fell asleep with his shotgun in his hand. He woke up with a crick in his neck again. He slid out of the bed and walked over to the fridge. More toast and jelly again for breakfast. Billy Joe was scratching at the door for some reason. He opened the door to unleash the sunshine into the room. He walked down a flight and sauntered to the elevator. He walked out into the lobby still rubbing the sleep from his eye. Jason unlocked the front door and went out into the open.

What the Jason immediately lost his sleepy mood when he saw the street cluttered with dead zombie corpses and ash. Billy Joe growled. Jason turned in the direction the dog was pointing. In front of him was an old building across the street with a large awning and threshold to the door. He could see glowing red eyes. These things are up to something. They would never risk walking out into the open as the sun was rising! He watched the red eyes for a minute, and then pointed the gun he was holding in its direction. The silhouette immediately left sight at the action.

That's not good, The rock-zombies he first encountered couldn't think for themselves. They only thought of eating fresh flesh of some kind. Someone or something was controlling them. That means they are advancing in intelligence. That's dangerous. Jason decided he would observe them tomorrow night. Jason worked tirelessly around the clock to load the new units onto the building. He created a maze on the top of the hotel with the crane. It consisted of eleven units including the arsenal unit. the layout of the roof now looked like this:

The top of the roof had two sets of stairs and the bunker. To the south side of the building are the two stairwells on each side of the building. on the north side is the bunker. It's about three meters from the edge of the building and centered between the east and west sides. The arsenal unit is on the left (west) side of the bunker. Jason placed a unit with the crane directly on the corner of the unit and the bunker. Then he placed another at the far side of that one. Then he placed another unit turned perpendicular to the previous unit so that it was almost in front of the door of the bunker. To the other side of the bunker, Jason placed a unit going in line with the arsenal unit and the bunker. He placed a unit in front of that one perpendicular. He placed another directly beside that one so that the sides lined up perfectly. He hauled another unit behind those two at a right angle to them so that it created a rectangle with the three units. To the second unit he put down, he put another beside it, a unit perpendicular to it and a unit in front of that so that it almost came in contact with the unit from the other side. This way, all the metal storage rooms created a kind of court yard around the bunkers front door. He didn't have time to connect any of them that day but when he did, he would have a large room to the right, his arsenal to the left, a hallway from the arsenal, and a hallway from the large room. These hallways led nowhere but they would be good for storage. When he was done, he was so tired that he completely forgot about observing the new zombie activity.

. . . .

Jason woke up the next morning with the intent to work. He grabbed his sledge hammer and knocked out a hole in the right wall just in front of his bed. In front of it was the storage unit's door. Jason took the doors off of the units before he lifted them to close the gap between the units and bunker better. He went to the hardware store with Billy Joe so he could enjoy the wind. Jason picked up a welding machine, some goggles, enough concrete to bury an elephant, and an out-of-date soda for the heck of it.

He went back to the hotel, hauled up the concrete mixer, the concrete, the welder and a blowtorch he found in his garage a few days back. The luggage carts in the lobby were coming in handy more and more now. He pulled the hardware to the top of the last flight of stairs and began working. He used the blowtorch, welder and a handsaw to cut the metal from the inside of the unit in front of his bed. When the hole was made, he had to make another to enter the next unit. He did the same for the next unit to create the hallway but waited on the three units to create the large room. It would take much more cutting and welding. Once finished, he ate lunch and started on the other side, He put up a tarp between his work and the arsenal room so the sparks wouldn't catch any explosives. He connected the arsenal all the way down the other hall. Once finished, he went back to the other room and began cutting the large room out. He cut everything but the corners where the two parallel units connected so they wouldn't collapse. When he was done with that cutting, he welded all of the entrances together. Jason was absolutely dead-tired. He ate some cereal, told his dog goodnight, locked the doors, and went to bed.

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    Dude this better lead to something epic! these few chapters were like the scenes ( mildly boring ones) building up to the big fight or confrontation. Good luck with your next stuff man!
    thanks and I know. this one sucks but i needed to get it out in order for the story to take some crazy turns.