The Overflow. Part 12

...Then a stir came about to produce more yellowed and green eyes. Jason's own eyes grew wide at the sight of it and cursed his stupidity. He ran for the door as a few scores tore after him...

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 17

I should've known the tides were getting higher, we can still survive

Jason wakes up to an Asking Alexandria song. It was slightly muffled through the walls of his bunker but the parts of the units that weren't concreted yet carried the sound to Jason. Billy Joe was enjoying the new space. He was already up and running through the halls.

Where the hell is that coming from? Jason immediately snapped from sleep when he remembered what heavy music attracted. He hopped out of bed, threw on a shirt and ran outside with a thirty-ot six. He scanned the stairs as he went down, dog behind, to make sure no zed-heads had gotten in. The lobby doors were still locked and intact. He burst out into the street looking for the creatures. Across the street again, were the glowing red eyes. Jason propped his weapon up again and rang out a shot as fast as he could produce one so the fiend wouldn't have a chance to react. It let out a screech like a Jaguar would make when it discovered it was in a trap, yet the silhouette still lept from the threshold and retreated to the darkness.

That SOB is not getting away from me now! I'll kill that thing! Jason lost all of his sense in a blind rage. He charged the doorway. Upon entering, He saw a few dozen eyes. Then a stir came about to produce more yellowed and green eyes. Jason's own eyes grew wide at the sight of it and cursed his stupidity. He ran for the door as a few scores tore after him. Jason leapt out into the sun, landed on the asphalt and rolled all the way to the other side of the street. A few zombies Followed him to their deaths but not efore landing on him and disintegrating.

Since, when could zombies run that fast and jump that far?! Jason demanded to the emptiness of the city. How the hell am I supposed to kill all those? They're on the other freakin side of the road as me!

Billy Joe tucked his tail at the screaming and took a few steps backward. They could hear the zombies stirring inside.

Screw it. I'm setting a trap. Jason went and got some fresh, raw rabbit meat, tied it to a wrecker ball that he found near the construction site and placed it behind a manhole. He uncovered the manhole and placed the rabbit meat in front of the threshold of the door. Inside the manhole, He attached a tarp with five pound weights on the sides of the manhole.

Not even five minutes later, the red-eyed monster was back in the doorway. He took one sniff at the meat, and then wrapped his mouth around the cutlet. He made a motion to return to the doorway to finish the meal but found the rope annoying. He tugged on the rope. When the ropes grib didn't slacken, it tugged harder and harder until the two-hundred pound wrecker ball fell into the manhole, passing by the net. As the ball fell, so did the zombie. The curve of his descent landed him right onto the tarp, pulling the five pound weights from their roosts, and tangling them together as the zombie-in-a-bag fell.

I can't believe it worked! I can't believe it! Jason ran to the manhole, made sure the ghoul was still in the bag, and descended b the ladder. When he reached the bottom, He pulled out a .38 special and lit up the bag. Jason smiled and replaced the gun to his side.

You think that can kill me? Came a raspy voice from nowhere

Man, I gotta lay off that old soda Jason said as an answer to the voice.

Stupid Human, let me out! The voice screeched and summersaulted inside the tarp/bag.

HOW CAN YOU TALK? Jason asked bewildered.

It's quite simple really. I'm not a zombie. The blob replied.

Then, how are you in the dark with a few thousand of them without them trying to pull your brain out to make guacamole dip? Jason wondered

The creature in the bag revealed his face by pulling off part of the bag. Jason aimed his rifle at the fiend's head.

Do you not recognize me? I'm hurt. The creature claimed sarcastically.

Jason squinted in the darkness of the sewers. He did have a familiarity to him.

No way you're the Lead guitarist of The Overflow! Jason almost had a conniption.

Dah dah dah! We have a winner. The shade replied still tangled in the mass.

How are you half zombie then? Jason asked.

Well, if you must know, I have to tell you the whole story. By the way, one of my minions is sneaking up behind you. The shade said in a nonchalant manner. Jason spun around, whipped his pistol out and took out three of the ghouls before they could pounce.

Okay, I'm ready. Jason said as the clip from the .38 dropped to the ground.

Well, when the band got started, we knew we had something. The power we felt when we played was unbelievable. At certain points, it was better than hitting a blunt. We played and progressed. The feeling got stronger as we got better. Soon, we decided to put on a little show in our lead singer's yard. The first little party was awesome! People were getting so into it! We thought we were the kings. The next day, a buddy called us up and asked to play again the next night and we agreed. We played that night with so much feeling that people started tearing their clothes up. That was hardcore. Pretty soon, we got into a rhythm of playing a show every night and masses showing up to listen. Pretty soon, we had people with melted faces still moshing like nothing mattered but the song. We thought our music was just that good. We felt incredible. Finally one day, we were jamming and all of us got really into the song. All of a sudden, I feel like I'm hammered because of that feeling our music brought. When we were done playing, all our skin was yellowing and our eyes getting bloodshot.

We all started getting a little worried, but who cares? We were rockers, not pansies. We toughed it out and played more shows. Our attendance got into the thousands. But after that, we noticed that some of the moshers were actually eating each other. I'm going to be honest, I wanted to call the cops but I didn't care at the time. I was on an LCD trip or something. Then one day, we play a show and we all look like this. He looks down and holds out a hand that wasn't concealed by the tarp. I'll never forget the day I went outside to get the morning paper and felt my skin boil. It was the worst pain I've ever felt. I haven't been in the sun since.

But those monsters up there, you hang with them like they're norma. Jason interrupted.

That's because they are normal man. Every single zombie in there enjoys the music that I do and they're trying to get others to appreciate it just like them. They are real rockers.

No! They are dangerous monsters that are putting the entire human species on the extinction list! I coul be the only Human left! Do you get that?! Jason's shrill voice echoed down the sewer pipes.

Listen man, just because you're not hardcore enough to join us, doesn't make it my problem. The way I see it join us, or die! And with that, he hurled himself in Jason's direction, claws poised to kill. With three smooth shots, he took out the acquaintance.

That's funny. I think that's my motto also. Jaso holstered his weapon and started to climb the ladder to the surface.

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