The Overflow. Part 13

Oh, hell! Jason slapped his forehead. He left the crane arm parked over the hotel. The zombies were using it as a ladder to the top of the hotel.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 18

Billy Joe was waiting at the top of the manhole growling at the shadows. Jason turned around. There were five other red-eyed fiends standing in the darkness. They watched Jason for a few seconds then slowly disappeared one by one. The last one the leave paused for a minute, narrowed his eyes at Jason and then vaulted out of sight through the doorway. Jason grabbed Billy Joe's mange to keep him from running into the building and led him across the street to his hotel. He had to make fortifications. That whole day, he spent covering the units with layers of concrete, but it would be another two days before it was all dry. He went to bed exhausted again. He was spending all his time working on the base and was running out of food. He'd need to go hunting soon. But that would have to wait. He locked up the lobby, went up the elevator, and closed his base down for the day. The bars made a nauseous creak as he closed them over the door. . . . . What the heck? Jason snapped up in his bed, as Billy Joe also woke up. He leapt out of bed and ran to the arsenal. He grabbed an AK that he had found at a military camp placed outside the city to protect the borders. He loaded it with magnum bullets, and walked down his freshly-made corridors to see if the noise came from the inside. No dice on that thought. He walked outside. Oh, hell! Jason slapped his forehead. He left the crane arm parked over the hotel. The zombies were using it as a ladder to the top of the hotel. He fired at the zombies on top of the units, then started at the ones on the arm of the crane. There were zombies climbing the support structure like it was a jungle gym. The Zombies were starting to get stronger. The zombies in the past would've never been able to pull up their own body weight. Jason continued to fire constant rounds at the masses. None of them were close tom him but he felt like it was a siege. He unloaded round after round, but there seemed like the zombies were infinitely replaceable. Billy Joe was barking at the creatures but was keeping his ground. He learned at a young age, the terrors of this species of beasts. He barked but nothing else. Jason reloaded his gun, and continued firing. The zombies were dropping off the crane onto the building now. They were falling on top of each other as they dropped, and many broke their already brittle bones hurdling towards the roof. Jason unloaded on the pile of zombies writhing and kicking at the southwest corner of the building. Some of the zombies would land on their heads and get demolished on contact, others, would land on their chest, and then get up and drone on towards Jason and Billy Joe. There was a line of zombies starting to form, tripping and moaning, coming for the comrades. They stood their ground though, and the rockers kept coming. Suddenly, a speaker crackled out somewhere down in the city. The PA system sputtered a minute, then started blasting Asking Alexandria again, like it did this morning. The same song was playing. That seemed to have awakened the very ground that the hotel was built on. Zombies poured from their hiding places and started partying in the streets like they were normal people, but the zombies that were assaulting the two survivors continued to act like zombies. The zombies at the bottom of the crane would see other zombies climbing and start to follow them as ants would another ant. The zombies overwhelmed Jason.

Billy Joe, run! Jason swiveled around and pushed the dog towards the base. They both took off towards the base. As they reached the doors, Jason turned around and took a scanning head count. There were roughly a hundred rockers on the ledge of the roof! Jason unlocked the door, ran inside with his dog and barricaded the door. He pulled a crate of bullet casings in front of the door and they hid in the arsenal. The things took around ten minutes to cover the entire base walls and roof with their rotting bodies. Jason began praying to God like he always did when he thought he was going to die. God seemed to answer his prayers. The knocking and the scratching that was constantly going slackened slightly. Jason hugged his Dog, and they both fell asleep in the same position as that, with the zombies crawling around the base, like flies would crawl over a piece of fallen food. They never stopped scratching but never got inside.

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