The Overflow. Part 14

"Why are you doing this?! I never did anything to you that you didn't deserve! Quite trying to kill me and my dog! We want nothing to do with you so leave us alone!"

Ultimate Guitar

Before you read this, I want to apologize for the awful boringness of part 11. i know it sucked reading it but I had to post it so You could know the info. there wasnt a good way to make it interesting.

Chapter 19

The cursed crick returned to Jason's neck. We woke up around seven o' clock. Billy Joe was still lying beside Jason in his arms. He picked up the dog and put him on the bed to let him rest. Jason unbolted the door after sliding the crates back into place. The sun shined ito the base like a beacon of hope. The music was still playing and the roof smelled awful. There were piles of remains and ashes everywhere. Jason went down to the lobby where he kept a few things and retrieved his leaf blower. He craned it up and began cleaning the gross accumulation from the roof. Next, he went downstairs and moved the bloody crane back to the construction site. There were corpses and ash all over the place. The smell was putrid. Billy Joe couldn't stand the smell. He went back up to the base to escape it. As he walked back to the base, he peered across the street to the other building. There were five sets of red eyes glaring at him. Jason grew angry.

Why are you doing this?! I never did anything to you that you didn't deserve! Quite trying to kill me and my dog! We want nothing to do with you so leave us alone! The eyes simply blinked. They didn't move. Jason picked up a piece of scrap metal lying on the ground and hurled it at them. One of the eyes hovered back a pace, then came forward again to observe the angry human across the road. Jason pulled out his glock from his pocket and cocked it. The eyes automatically retreated back to the shadows. The last one to leave narrowed its eyes just as it did before then retreated with the others. Jason caught his breath. He turned around to go back to the hotel when the crane in the distance caught his eye.

Jason turned his head towards the building behind him. I'll kill every last one of you! He ran with the aid of adrenaline to the crane. He took ten minutes to attach the wrecker ball to the crane and cranked the motor. The crane roared to life like it was announcing the future deaths of thousands of zombies. He drove the crane to the side of the building so he wouldn't knock it into his hotel. He turned the crane base away from the building, and then with one swift motion, he forced the right knobs forward so that the crane arm jolted back in the direction of the building. The pendulum of a wrecker ball swung with it. It crashed into the building with massive force. It left a gaping hole in the side of the building. Jason could see small figures rung about inside, though a few ran out of the hole and plunged to the deaths. Jason repeated the motion, thus making the hole larger. The building's supports began to buckle. The building crashed upon itself as story after story fell. The structure was moderately standing from the third floor up but the six or seven floors that were once above them were no longer in existence. Jason laughed loud when he saw the ghouls running out to escape the madness only to disintegrate in the summer sun. Jason laughing became uncontrollable as he swung the pendulum again and again into the structure. When the ground floor was destroyed, Jason stopped the ball. The sun was setting while Jason was still cackling ridiculously as the zombies frantically ran from the wreckage to their burning deaths, with heavy metal playing in the background to the great scene. Billy Joe could be seen howling at the loud noise from the top of the hotel in the position that wolves take when howling at the moon. Jason's Insane laughter converted to angry crying as he convulsed rapidly. These zombies were evil. They had to be destroyed.

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