The Overflow. Part 15

Jason moved out of the space and shut the door behind him. He aimed at the silhouette with both hands on the gun. Then he faltered. "Zombies don't go out in the light"

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 20 (Many days later)

Arff! Billy Joe was scratching at the door and wagging his tail when Jason woke up.

What is it Billy Joe? Jason quizzed. He opened up the door to the brilliant sunlight. A bitter breeze was blowing. Fall had come in less than a week. Jason looked around to see nothing. He stretched a long, lazy stretch. Things had been very quiet these last few days. The music ceased when the building crashed down knocking off a big ordeal from Jason's to-do list. That music had attracted a ton of goons into the city and he couldn't go looking for the source safely. He figured out later though, after going through the rubble and seeing more than a few manhole covers removed from place that the zombies (or their leaders rather) placed a deafening sound system in the sewer tunnels below their building. The vast tunnels caused it to ring out through the city. That was probably the reason Jason couldn't track the sound.

Suddenly, Billy Joe took off out of the complex toward the stairwell, playfully springing into the air as he ran.

Billy Joe, stop! Jason felt a pang of fear sweep through his body for the dog. He followed the dog down the stairs to the lobby where he was clawing at the door. Jason ran up behind him exhausted and confused. He caught his breath. What is it boy?

He cracked the door so his dog wouldn't run out. He peeked out onto the other side. There was a silhouette sauntering and limping down the street. The form would stop for a brief moment, and then picked back up a dragging pace. The shadow was holding its right shoulder with its left arm. It was dragging its right foot and hobbling somewhat with its other. Jason pulled the mini colt 45 he always kept with him and slowly cracked te door open more. He wormed through it keeping his body in the gap to keep a barrier between the dog and the outside. Billy Joe was still scratching and whining. Jason moved out of the space and shut the door behind him. He aimed at the silhouette with both hands on the gun. Then he faltered.

Zombies don't go out in the light he slowly approached the figure still training his gun at it. The figure glanced up from its laborious walk and saw him. Jason got closer to see it had long hair. That was suspicious. Most the zombies had long, dark hair. The shadow collapsed randomly, making a sickening thud on the pavement. Oh crap. Jason ran to meet the figure. It was a girl! He was cautious. He leaned over to see if she was okay. Her faced twitched in pain. Her clothes were torn slightly, exposing her bleeding arm. Her hair was matted and she was sweating profusely, showing a sign of sickness. Jason bent down to see if she had a pulse. Then, a hand flew up, clutched Jason's arm that was holding his weight, ripped it out from under him. She spun his arm behind his back making a chicken wing shape. She placed her knees on his back, still holding his arm.

Who are you? She simply said.

You know, I've had better greetings from undead corpses. Jason said. His words came out distorted because his face was pressed to the ground.

I said who are you. She repeated.

I heard you the first time. The better question is, who are you? Jason shot back. He wrenched his arm sideways pulling her off him. Then he pushed her on her back. He lept onto her legs and forced her wrists onto the pavement. She let out a bloody-curdling high pitch scream. Jason covered her mouth quickly.

Are you trying to wake the dead or something? No pun intended. Jason tensed his face.

My name is Brenna. I was trying to find an inhabitable place to stay. My last place was stolen. She turned her head sideways so she wouldn't face him.

Stolen by who? She turned back to look at him and raised her eyebrow.

You don't know? She asked with attitude shining in her voice.

There are other survivors? he asked.

Of course. You think you're the only one smart enough to elude the evil ones? She persisted.

Well I thought there might've been a few, but I didn't think they were in contact with each other. Jason admitted.

You thought wrong. There are a few seasoned survivors and about twenty to thirty of them aren't any better than the ghouls themselves. They call themselves the overflow' after some no-name band they heard a long time ago. What a bunch of losers. Jason smirked.

What are you laughing at? She asked rudely.

You have no idea. So these people are like a band of thieves who take all the resources they find from other survivors? Jason asked.

Pretty much. I don't know what their deal is. From what I've heard, they've murdered quite a few people. Some even do a Death-By-Zombie' just so those bandits won't kill them first. They're ruthless.

So you are telling me that there are not only around thirty people alive but enough to spread the word about these vandals? Jason's mind had been blown.

Uh, yeah? There were around ten people living with me at my last location, but The Overflow came in and took everything. When we tried to defend ourselves, they would just kill one of us. Pretty soon, I'm the only one left, so I high-tale it, hoping to find a place to stay til I can find a good place to be permanent. Will you let me up now? My legs lost their circulation.

Jason scooted toward the side of her and and removed his hands from her wrists. She sat up, massaging them. Then she turned to her side, down at her bleeding arm.

What is that from? Jason wondered out loud, staring at the gash.

One of them had a machete. I didn't exactly get a friendly goodbye. She said.

Let's go clean that up. So Brenna, when's the last time you sayed at a hotel? Jason pulled her up, and supported her as they walked to the building. Billy Joe greeted her with puppy kisses as she passed through the door.

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