The Overflow. Part 16

Here, drink half of this and bite down on this. He said.I don't drink. she said Start.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 21

Brenna looked in amazement at the arsenal of equipment Jason had acquired throughout the apocalypse. She asked many questions about what something did, or how He found it. She was so joyful to have Billy Joe weaving through her legs showing genuine happiness to see her. She got a little unnerved as they approached the stairwell though.

There's too many attack points in this stairwell. They could pop out of any one of these levels. She thought aloud.

Oh please. You've been on the run for a while now obviously. Those attack points' have flood lights inside them that I stole from a local baseball field. Any zombie that's stupid enough to go in there will be history. Besides, I go in those rooms all the time. They're good for storage. Jason walked past each doorway with an arrogant gate.

She paused for a moment in thought and then came out of it. Well, I still don't like it. Please tell me you don't live here.

Technically no. I live on top of here. I just use this hotel as a glorified storage building. And to a zombie, this is a really difficult maze. It would take them a while to find me just going by smell. Trust me. This is the safest place you'll ever be during the status quo that is upon us now. They were on the last flight of stairs now.

How long are these freakin' stairs? She complained.

Twelve flights. I thought the confined space of the elevator would scare you. He answered.

There's an elevator?! She yelled, You led me up twelve flights of stairs and you have an elevator?!

Hey, will you fight your lazy American instinct for a couple of minutes. I'm trying to think. Jason raised his voice a little. It seemed to put her back into her place a little.

What are you thinking about? she asked.

Well for starters, you know where the survivors are. It would increase my chances of survival if I got a couple of guys down here that are good with a gun, Z-smart, and have a psychological balance. Right now, I have an injured girl, and a beagle. I'm hurting for some firepower if you ask me.

Now, listen here. I'm about tired of you thinking you're some kind of super hero! I've survived just as long as you have in this outbreak so I deserve a little respect! That seemed to have struck a nerve inside Jason. He grew cold and turned around slowly.

You listen, he said calmly, I have been living alone with a dog since the outbreak you've been living with other people that can help you survive. I had to shoot my best friend because of this, and have my zombified mother chained up in my old house screaming her guts out right now because she wants to eat her son. You think we are equal, little girl? You havn't tasted what I've gone through. You want to be my equal? Get out of here; kill a few thousand zombies in one city, then quarantine that city, then build an elaborate threshold that can withhold hell from you as you sleep. Then, build an arsenal and learn to use every single thing you have. Then try carpentry. Or masonry. Or heck, why don't you learn to drive a crane and a train. Then you MIGHT could be considered my equal. He turned around and opened the door to the roof. She was quiet until Jason opened the door of the base. She was awed by the complexity of its structure. He walked down one hall where there were a few first aid supplies. He gave her a bottle of vodka and a washrag.

Here, drink half of this and bite down on this. He said.

I don't drink.


Why do you want to get me drunk? Do I look like a whore to you?

Yes, but the Alcohol will ease the pain when I heat-seal your wound and sew it up.

Excuse me?! she cocked her head and stood akimbo. Jason had had enough.

I said drink it. He grabbed the bottle and forced her head back. He poured about cupful into her mouth before she started coughing. She wiped her mouth, glared at him, then grabbed the bottle and sipped it until she had drunk enough. He let her lie down on his bed for a few minutes and wait for the alcohol to set in. He was about to start when she got up and puked on the floor. He smirked. Billy Joe walked up to sniff it, but Jason pushed him away with his leg. He cleaned up the mess and then, heated up a cattle brand. She had passed out a minute or two ago, so it was safe to operate.' He pressed the cattle brand into the wound. It sizzled for a second. That would stop the blood. Then, he threaded a needle with fishing line. He started stitching her gash together when it had cooled down. That would help the wound close on its own. He would cut the external stitching later when the wound had sealed.

When Brenna woke up, she immediately reached for her head. So this is what a hangover feels like. Jason walked out in front of her from the hallway to the left of the foot of the bed. She looked down at her swollen arm. It was wrapped in surgical tape and was bound tightly. He sauntered up to her exhausted. He handed her a few tablets of advil and a bottle of water.

Thanks, She said as she sat up to take them. She surveyed his disposition, What've you been doing?

I took one of the old hotel beds up a flight and put it into the next room. I washed some sheets for you. You can sleep in there tonight.

Well I she hesitated.

Well, what? He asked.

Nothing... she resolved.

That night, Jason sat up in bed petting the sleeping Billy Joe beside him. He couldn't sleep. Having another human around was a strange thing. He wondered how he ever lived like this in the first place. He opened the door and bars and sat in the threshold looking up at the moon. He stared at it like it would tell him something that would fix this mess that was his life. There was chaos itself roaming the world right now, killing and thriving, and yet there is something in the sky that is called the moon. It reminded Jason of a pearl; A beacon shining. How could it still be the same, perfect thing that it is when so many other things have changed? Jason pondered these things in his heart and mind and wondered if there was a plan to all this madness. Then, like it was natural, he bowed his head.

Dear God, I know we haven't talked in a while. All I am asking is that you keep me safe in this world. All the time, I think I can do this alone because that's what I'm good at.

But I have to ask what is your reason for this? Are you mad with mankind? Is this what you were talking about in the bible in the book of Revelations? How does this show unconditional love when thousands and millions of people have died and will die? I hope you have a plan Lord. I thought I had a plan once. Then you sent this girl. Is she supposed to be my answer? Am I supposed to help her save the world? Is she supposed to help me? I just need to know

Suddenly, there was a knock. Jason was on his feet in a blink. He peered around the corner of the door to see a shadow run the length across the floor. He poked his head inside but saw nothing. He tiptoed inside and checked on Brenna. He turned to see Billy Joe poke his head up. What is it, boy? Jason asked. He turned back to Brenna. She had moved slightly but was still breathing lightly as one does as they sleep. Jason was puzzled but, he turned to lock the doors. He went into Brenna's room and whispered good night to her. Then, he tucked himself in. Good night, Billy he ruffled the Beagle's head and turned over to sleep.

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