The Overflow. Part 18

He must've slept well last night. He sat up straight and gazed around the room while he stretched and saw that Brenna and Oli were both gone.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 24

Morning came with a distant sunrise peaking over the horizon. The fresh light slipped through the window onto Jason's face. He woke up, and instinctively went to pop his neck, but strangely, there was no crick. He must've slept well last night. He sat up straight and gazed around the room while he stretched and saw that Brenna and Oli were both gone. Their pallets were folded though, so Jason had no reason to believe they were taken. He trudged with heavy feet down the stairs. No one was downstairs either. Jason was starting to wake up. Something wasn't right Jason's pace sped up as he went for the door. No one out there either. He turned the side of the house to see the van. Brenna sat in the front seat with Billy Joe in her lap. Her arms were crossed and she was moping. Jason continued his trudge to the car.

Where'd Oli go? Jason asked.

Good morning to you too, she said not turning her head to look at him.

What's your deal? Jason asked quizzically.

I don't have a deal. She replied stubbornly.

Good Lord. You aren't a morning person are you? Why are you pouting? Jason repeated.

Oli is so mean! I hate her! Brenna raised her voice to make Billy Joe feel uncomfortable. Jason wasn't fazed however. He almost wanted to laugh. She was acting like a three-year-old for some reason. The only was to figure out where she went would be to act like the child's baby sitter.

What'd she do? Jason impersonated.

We both woke up around the same time and she said she was going to get breakfast. I ask how she was going to do that and she said fishing. Then I offered to help her and she told me I wouldn't be any help and just left! I wanna get out of here. I can't stand her!

Are you serious? Jason asked. You are such a baby.

Jason and Billy Joe sat down by the lakeside watching the water and the fish lap the shore in search of food. Brenna sat in the van moping. In a few minutes, Oli was seen in the distance in a metal john boat wielding a wooden paddle. Jason and Oli met at the shore. Jason pulled the boat ashore with one hand and held the other out to assist Oli out of the boat. She pulled a string of trout from the boat.

Look good to you? she questioned.

Sure does! I can't remember the last time I had fish; especially trout! Jason beckoned Brenna from the van to get breakfast, but she sat in the van stubbornly. Oh well, that was her problem. They walked into the house with the catch.

While it cooked, they talked of their past lives and what life was like for them.

You know what I miss most? Oli asked.

What's that? Jason asked barely even slowing his intake of fish as he pronounced his words.

Cell Phones!!! Oli said spastically, You have o idea how much I miss those! If I ever needed to talk to anyone, they were a few button away. Now, I have no clue where any of my friends are, all the towers are down, and I don't know how to do smoke signals or any of those tricks. So what am I supposed to do? Oli exclaimed, waving her fork around.

Well, now that you mention it cell phones need towers but radio frequency can just jump on any wave or amplitude Jason said deep in thought.

Umm so are we gunna pretend to be truck drivers and use radios? Can I call you something stupid like Tiny, or Mac, or Vehicular Man-slaughterer Oli stopped to think of more names.

Why don't you just call me Jason? he said laughing. Or at least call me something epic like the demon slayer or something!

No, truck drivers don't have epic nicknames! They have weird ones that make you think of hairy fat men that sit on their butts all day and get paid! Oli said bobbing her head side-to-side, swinging her blonde hair back and forth.

Hey, watch it! My Grandpa was a truck driver and he wasn't fat and hair Jason stopped and rethought his sentence, Well he wasn't fat!

Well, there's always an exception Oli said. They were having a great time just talking and having fun, when Brenna walked into the door.

Can we go now? she begged.

Not yet, we need a few supplies first. Jason said. He got up from the table, and Oli stood with him. They walked out the door. Oli helped them find the few things they needed. They siphoned a tank of gas from another car into their van and bean to load up.

Well, I guess we have to leave now. Jason said reluctantly as he turned from the driver's side door to face Oli. Jason made a small love towards her and they embraced. Jason slid his nose just under hers and paused slightly, then moved back away. Oli opened her eyes. She looked blankly at Jason and then smiled.

I guess you do. She let go of his neck and stepped back. Jason hopped into the van to the awaiting Brenna and Billy Joe. He rolled the window down and popped his head out. We'll be back by when we are on our way home!

Okay, I'll be looking forward to it! Oli said cheerily. Jason put it in gear and stepped on the throttle.

He watched the rearview as Oli's reflection shrunk away from sight of the mirror, but she didn't shrink away from the thoughts in Jaon's mind as he continued to drive on.

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