The Overflow. Part 19

The man wiped the spit from his face and then threw a blow hard at Jason's face. Jason's head flew back as it took the hit. The man continued to hammer down on Jason.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 25

The drive was very quiet. Brenna was staring out her window and Billy Joe had fallen asleep in between the seats. The road was getting very bumpy without the maintenance it once got. There were bridges falling out and shoulders missing. Jason would often have to find an alternative path to his destination. They drove for almost two hours when Brenna turned around and showed any facial expression. But the one she had on now was a terrified one. Jason tapped into it.

What's wrong? he asked urgently.

Drive faster. She promptly said. At this, Jason picked up speed but still wanted an answer.

I said what's wrong. Jason repeated a little sternly.

Just keep driving okay! Brenna said raising her voice. Billy Joe perked up. He started growling.

I don't like this, Jason stated. They were nearing the city limits of a shady abandoned town.

Jason was up to around fifty-five miles an hour when a few figures dressed completely in black with red trim stood up from behind a concrete barrier alongside the street and pushed an old truck out into the roadway. Brenna screamed a very high pitched scream and Billy Joe whined. Jason slammed on his brakes and turned in the direction of the figures. They all leapt out of the way and the truck rolled far enough from the barrier that Jason could squeeze the van through the two obstacles.

He sped up again. Then he swerved back onto the road where the road had metal rails on each side that probably would of separated traffic from citizens walking the roadside. Jason thought things had cooled down when another set of creeps stood up from all angles on the side of the road. They all started throwing large, heavy objects including rocks, hammers, and dumbbells with rope tied to them across the other side. The materials landed on the other side of the rails, where the momentum of them caused a swinging motion. They all began to wrap around the poles in synchronization. Then, the kids in charge on the ropes pulled them taught. All this happened in a blink right in front of Jason's van. Jason almost wanted to laugh. Did they really think that these ropes would stop him? Jason ran into the first rope. The rope had a little affect on his speed but not a huge change. Then the next rope hit. Again, there was a small affect, but not a significant one. Then another hit, then another, then another, until he began to hit a wall of these ropes. The ropes snapped behind him but the initial impact of all of them was beginning to slow the van. Pretty soon, there was a spider web in front of him of ropes and he couldn't avoid it because of the rails. They slowed them and slowed them until they were at a crawl. Then there was a single gunshot. It popped the front left tire causing Jason to fishtail. He finally decided that the safest thing to do was slow down and give in to these people's will. The van slowed to around 15 when it hit its last set of ropes. The tangle of ropes caught the van without a problem and halted it. In a flash, there were minions on top of the van ripping Brenna, Jason, and Billy Joe out of the van. Blindfolds were wrapped around heads and Billy Joe was seized. The next thing they knew, they were being thrown into a dark basement. Their captors walked hastily out of the room, the door closing all the light from the room.

Well that sucks. Jason said cooly.

THAT SUCKS? That's all you can say? We just got robbed, kidnapped, and might be killed later and that's all you have to say? Brenna's face was bright red. She was breathing heavy and her hair was in a wad.

Calm down. I'm trying to make light of the situation so I can think clearly. Have you seen Billy Joe? Jason turned around to peer into the blackness.

Don't you mean can you see'? she corrected. Jason whistled. A second later, there was light footfall coming from outside the door, then a scratching and pawing. Then heavier feet joined the lighter ones. They lumbered over, picked up the lighter feet from the sight of the crack at the bottom of the door, and lumbered away.

They did NOT just jack my dog from me. That's it. It's about to go down. Jason's face hardened.

With that, Jason pulled up with pant leg and removed a tiny .22 revolver with four shots in it from his ankle. He walked calmly to the door and banged on it.

Hey, we need water in here! Jason called out. someone walked down the hall to respond and stopped at the foot of the door.

You'll get water when you get it. The villain said. Then Jason placed the gun chest high and fired twice. There as a heavy thud followed by three sets of feet coming to survey the incident. One of the men saw the dead comrade and opened the door to confront Jason. His mistake led to Jason feeding his third bullet into his right eye. The other two reached for their arms. Jason kicked one in the groin with a swift lurch forward and shot the other in the chest. Then, he picked up his late first pursuer's nine millimeter and checked the clip. Only one bullet was missing. He turned to Brenna still in the room.

Stay here! he commanded and then ran off to the left in the direction of where Billy was dragged. as the hall ended, it fed into a room that was lit by a single swinging lamp suspended by a wire on the ceiling. He paused by the corner with his gun raised by his head. There were six guys surrounding Billy Joe with knives. They were all smiling as if they were participating in a sport. One lurched at the harrier. Billy Joe snarled and bit the man's wrist, drawing blood. The man stumbled back with a twisted face. The man to the right of him was next.

I bet you'll make a good sausage, doggie. The young man taunted. Jason grew angry but waited. Billy Joe took a step backward with one hind leg and bore his teeth. The man took another step forward. This time, Billy Joe stood his ground. The young man leapt forward with his dagger up, poised to kill. Billy Joe bounded in between the man in flight, turned around, and took a chunk from his leg. The man let out a howl and hit the ground hard. Then Jason turned from the corner and jump-kicked one of the dog fighters in the back of the head. He turned to the other two and shot them both down with five fast bullets. Billy Joe ran between Jason's legs. Then he turned around to see a dozen men running forward with bats, boards, and fire extinguishers.

Billy Joe, Run! Jason screamed out as his eyes grew wide. The dog turned and ran out of a small hole in the wall of the room. Jason shot one of the extinguishers. White cloudy foam flew everywhere. The initial pressure knocked the owner down bleeding on the ground. The confusion allowed Jason to grab a chair beside him and run at the men. He wanted to kill them but he knew if he killed too many, the men wouldn't be very merciful to Brenna if she didn't escape. Jason bulldozed a few of the men. One of them hit him square in the shoulder blade with a wooden bat. Jason yelled out and then fell. The men fell on top of him, binding him in their hands and hatred. They walked back to the room and threw him into it. Four young men stayed in the room as the others closed the door and left. Two pulled Jason to his feet. One of them got in front of Jason, looked him square in the face. Jason spat on him. The man wiped the spit from his face and then threw a blow hard at Jason's face. Jason's head flew back as it took the hit. The man continued to hammer down on Jason. The spare man watched. Then he heard a whimper in the corner. He turned to see Brenna hiding in a shadow-covered corner gripping her mouth with one hand and drawing her knees to her chest with the other.

Well hey, sweet thing, The clumsy post-adolescent smiled. Brenna was terrified. The young man crept up to Brenna and bent down, What are you so scared for? You look like you need a little love.

The man grabbed her arm and Brenna let out a loud squeal. The man grabbed her other arm and placed his knees on her legs. She struggled to get up, but he was too heavy and too strong. He bent to kiss her neck but she withdrew from him wildly. He grew mad and slapped her face. Then she grew weak. The man ripped her shirt open to reveal her bra and a few visible ribs under it. He went for her bra but she bit his hand. The man yanked back his hand and his face tensed.

She screeched, Get off me, you creep! she was crying hard but she was angry and it gave her strength. She pulled her arms away from him and covered herself.

Meanwhile, Jason was a bloody mess. The man wasn't done punishing him yet. He had a bloody cloth wrapped around his hand now. He punched and punched. Finally Jason went limp. The man smiled. The other two dropped him on the concrete ground and walked away. Then, both of them fell face-first to the floor. the punisher walked arrogantly in front of the two unaware. Then Jason snuck behind him. He pulled his shoe string out of his shoe as fast as he could. The man was steps from the door. Jason wrapped a length of the string around his knuckles. Then he leapt onto the man's back, laced the string around his neck. Then he yanked back hard. The man was caught by surprise and tried to react but he was too late.

Tell Satan that he lost a few million of his undead pets here and he needs to collect them. Sleep tight, maggot. Jason whispered into his ear. The man choked slightly, and then his tongue fell from his mouth. Jason laid him down and promptly snapped his neck for good measure. Then he turned to the other man facing Brenna. She was bawling now but was somehow keeping him off of her. The man was a few feet from her. He drew a knife from beneath his shirt.

Now, you better not fidget this time, or you'll be making love to my friend here. The evil in the man could be seen in his eyes. On that note, Jason grabbed the man's armed hand and made a swift motion toward the man's chest. he was caught by so much surprise that there was no resistance from it. He fell to his knees, stayed there for a second, and then fell onto his face, still holding the hilt of the knife. Brenna got up and kicked the man in the jaw while he died. Jason stood in front of the door and went for his gun but found that there wasn't one. The men must've stripped it from him when they caught him. He shrugged down.

I guess we're stuck in here for a while. Jason said, breathing heavily. There was blood running from his nose, eye, and mouth. His cheeks were swollen and he was standing crooked.

Jason, you're hurt. Brenna said, worried.

No dip. He said with sustaining sarcasm. She leaned down and took a shirt from one of the dead men and dabbed Jason's face. He withdrew from the touch but allowed it a second time. Then, he collapsed to the floor. Brenna sat down, crossing her legs and laid Jason's head in her lap. She cradled his head in the dark, dank room surrounded by dead men that once wanted to kill them. Brenna started to sing in a quiet voice. Don't you worry about a thing. coz every little thing is gonna be alright tears hit the floor and Jason's face as she rocked back in forth to the tune.

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