The Overflow. Part 20

Darn it! Jason yelled out and fell to his knees. What? Brenna asked. Here it comes. It's been good knowing ya, Brenna. Jason said bidding farewell.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 26

Oli walked outside in her skinny jeans and a tight Christmas red shirt. Her converses squeaked subtly as she walked off the side of the porch. She had a few shirts in her hand and was walking down to the lake. She picked up a nearby pail and filled it with lake water. Soap and then shirts flew into the bucket. She worked and lathered the clothes until hills of suds grew from the soggy mass. When she thought she was finished she would pull out a few shirts and jeans and rinse them in the clean water and then hang them on her clothes line. She was ringing out a pair of her jeans when a crazy dog ran into her yard out of nowhere and pounced on her. Oli fell flat on her back, shocked. She looked up to see a rather large Beagle-looking dog licking her face.

Oh my gosh, Billy Joe! How did you get here? She was puzzled but ruffled his mange. Billy Joe was prancing and pouncing frantically. What is wrong with you?

The dog ran back in the direction he came, then stopped after a few yards and turned a quarter around to see if she would follow. His beady eyes were fixed on her. Oli couldn't figure it out. She walked to the road to see f Jason and Brenna were there.

Where are they Billy?

Ruff! was the only response. Oli went inside and grabbed her keys. She walked out to her old red mustang and whistled for Billy Joe. He was nearby. He took off in her direction, ears back, and pounced into the car.

. . . .

Brenna fell asleep holding Jason. She was sitting in the dark corner far away from the door. She was shuttering subconsciously. Jason woke up later in the night. He touched his face gingerly to feel the effects of the beating he received earlier. No one had come near the door or even walked past it lately. He wondered what they were going to do to them. Jason stared up at the ceiling, his head still in Brenna's lap. Her breathing was light and she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Jason smiled at this. He has only known her for a few days and she already feels like a sister. It's amazing how human companionship can change a person. Jason thought humans were useless. He didn't want anyone around way back when everything was normal. Now, he wouldn't trade anything for the touch of this girl. It comforted him. But he couldn't just sit. He had to do something. He got up and walked over to the dead men. He looked down at one. One of them had a hatchet. But that was really the only valuable thing he found. He pulled the dead men in front of the door as a human barrier. As for the hatchet, He walked to the far wall and tapped on it with the head. It made a solid clang. He inched down the wall tapping it again. Another clang. He inched farther and farther down repeating this method. He was on the other wall when the solid clang turned to a clang followed by reverberations throughout the wall. Jason turned the tiny ax over and swung with all his strength into the wall. It dug into the sheetrock with a thud. Jason put his foot on the wall and used his leverage to yank the hatchet out of the crease. Then he hit it a second time, and a third and a fourth. He worked on this hard into the night. Brenna woke up with a stir, trying to gain awareness. She rubbed her eyes. Jason was sweating hard now. When it registered to her what he was doing she ran to him and grabbed the hatchet, though he didn't let go.

What do you think you're doing? she said with urgency.

I'm trying to get us out of here, he replied trying to pull the hatchet away.

Jason, you can barely stand! You're going to kill yourself! She exclaimed.

Well, I'd rather kill myself then let them do it for me! Jason tried to pull the tool away but she had a firm grip.

Look at you! You can't even get it away from me! how do you think you're going to bust through that wall? Brenna demanded.

Well Jason tried to pull it again but had no luck.

Sit down. I'll do it. She said.

So Jason sat down and rested as Brenna hacked away at the wall. She chopped it only a few times for the sheetrock so give way to the innards of the wall. There were the cross beams showing, a wire or two, a pipe, and then wood on the outside. Jason glanced up almost mad that she had penetrated it so fast. He smirked and closed his eyes. She chopped at the wood, but it was much harder to get into than the sheetrock. She tried to swing harder but her efforts were draining her. She had made many chop marks but nothing to be hopeful about. Brenna finally grew frustrated, threw the hatchet, and plopped down onto her butt. Jason heard the metal hit the concrete and opened his eyes slightly. He leaned over to it and retrieved it with his fingertips. Then he pulled it close to him and attempted to stand. He was successful, so he limped to the wall. He reared back and flung the hatchet at the wall. He struggled within himself to get his body to work but he kept at it. In the midst of his struggle, he hit the wall one particular time, and dirt fell to the floor from the wall. Dirt.

Darn it! Jason yelled out and fell to his knees.

What? Brenna asked.

We're in the basement. We're under ground level. Do you know how hard it's going to be to get out of here that way? After we bust the wall open big enough for us to fit, we have to dig a tunnel straight up. They'll have come back by then and will either kill us or move us after they beat us. Jason was hopeless. There was no way out.

That's when Brenna got back up and started chopping. Jason fell asleep again. Moments later, the door started to tremble. The bodies were holding slightly but it wasn't much for persistence. They were pushed away behind the door.

Here it comes. It's been good knowing ya, Brenna. Jason said bidding farewell.

A silhouette appeared at the door with a baseball bat over the shoulders. It approached the two coolly. When the figure got closer, she stepped away from the contrasting light, and into the darkness to which their eyes were adjusted.

OLI! Brenna screamed. Jason's face lit up but he was too weak to get up. Oli picked him up from under his arms and grabbed his shoulders.

You got a story to tell me, boy. was all she said. Then they all ran out into the hallway. Jason persuaded them to take a right into the room he was in earlier. He ducked down into the hole in the wall that Billy Joe had escaped from. Once on the outside, Brenna and Oli pulled Jason to his feet and they ran away from the building into the street. A block away, was Oli's red 65 Mustang with Billy Joe happily barking inside. They loaded in and they took off in the direction of their homes.

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