The Overflow. Part 21

Jason and his group decide to go back to the city. What did the zombies do to it while they were away?

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 27

It was late. The night was closing in on the three as they made it to Oli's house. They pulled into the drive with bright headlights shedding light on the bleak world around them. Jason and Brenna were both asleep in their seats when they arrived. Oli leaned over after unbuckling and shook Brenna's shoulder.

Guys, we're here. Oli whispered just loud enough to wake them but wuiet enough so as to not disturb the peace. She unlocked the door and walked around to help Jason out. She helped him walk as the bruises on his face restricted his sight. Brenna and Billy Joe were walking to the porch. They flicked on the light inside and did a quick search of the house to ensure their security. Once that was done, everyone went upstairs and crashed while Oli locked and barricaded the doors. She crept up the stairs and slid into her pallet on the floor. Before she was finished getting herself comfortable, Jason stirred slightly. Oli turned towards him and froze until he was still. Then she proceeded to pull herself into the blanket when Jason opened his eyes.

Thanks, was all Jason managed. Oli's head snapped up from herself and examined Jason's face; then locking eyes with him.

Well, I had to. Billy Joe would've been mad at me if I didn't. Oli said with her crooked smile. Jason returned the expression and turned a little.

Oli? Jason asked. She was fully inside her blankets now. They were both resting with their head on the back on their hand and their hand on the pillow.


Come back with us, he said.

Why? There aren't any zombies here. This is the best town on he planet and I need to keep it going. She said as if rehearsed.

There aren't any zombies here because there wasn't a large enough human population to attract any and all of the townspeople ran off or died. Now zombies won't come because there aren't any people. This was never a thriving town. It's just a small romantic one that people fantasize over. Come with us to the city. I have a highly fortified base there with tons of ammo. The ones who started the Outbreak are there and I need help killing them. You and I are so much alike. I know we can do this together. Jason had a desperate look on his face.

Jason, I would love to go with you guys and fix this but I've made an oath to myself and others that I intend on keeping. Just like your oath. You want thing over with so you're looking for the cure. I hope you find it but my place is here. Oli's voice was sullen but confident. Jason's face grew grave, and then he went deep in thought.

Then will you meet my mother? Jason asked questioningly

I didn't know any adults survived! Oli was excited. Jason said nothing but kept the locked stare, Sure, we'll go when you're healthy again. But I'm coming back when we are done. Jason didn't budge. Oli just smiled, leaned over, and kissed his cheek.

We'll talk more tomorrow. Go to sleep, boy. She slumped down into her blanket and drifted away into a dream state.

Jason jumps into a new van they had acquired' back a few miles. They just made it into the city. It seemed very vacant, though things were looking different. Things in the city were always at a standstill seemingly locked in a time warp. This time, it wasn't much different but there were subtle signs of newness. Litter moved from one area to another, road signs were missing Jason waved it off as something the zombies must've done on their nightly rampages. Jason stopped at the hotel.

Why are we stopping here? Oli wondered out loud.

This is home, sweet home; Jason replied, you think it's big enough?

There weren't many differences to the hotel. All the locks were still intact, not much in need of repair. Jason casually unlocked the padlock, pulled the front door open and waltzed inside, Billy Joe pouncing behind him. He came out with a few handguns and a ballistics knife. He hopped into the car and handed a gun to Oli and Brenna. They both took them unquestioningly. Then, they set off again. They didn't stop until they reached Jason's subdivision. Jason looked around in hypnotism to see all the destruction that had overhauled the land. Some of his neighbors houses were all but completely gone. Others were standing and infested with bugs, rebelling plants and possibly zombies. He rolled up to his first base. Home. As he pulled into the driveway, he announced their arrival and they all got out. The three made their way up the sidewalk to the door. Oli was trying to make sense of the large trench surrounding the house. Jason pulled out a key and plugged it into the knob.

Aren't you going to knock? She might not know it's you. Oli suggested

She wouldn't answer anyways. Was all Jason said.

They walked into the house. It looked fairly similar to how Jason left it, nothing disturbed. Jason drew his gun from his belt.

What's that for? Oli asked.

Just in case. Jason said, voice shaking a little. They proceeded up the stairs being led by Jason until they stopped at the first door on the right.

Oli, Brenna I want you to meet my mom. He said monotone, his back to the door.

He opened it slowly staring at the two girls. They both peered inside to see a monster in the center on the room. She was crouching, breathing heavy, and swaying her body back and forth. Then she looked up and saw the three kids by her doorstep. She immediately lunged at them, though the chain around her throat caught her before she reached them. She sat in front of them, snarling and chattering. Brenna turned her head in agony at the sight. Oli turned to Jason and wrapped her skinny arms around his waist and leaned her head lightly on his shoulder.

I'm sorry Jason. was all she could say.

Don't worry about a thing. It'll all be alright. Jason said leaning his head against her soft curly hair. Jason reached out and slowly closed the door until the climactic click of the knob ended the scene. They walked downstairs. Jason opened a cabinet and pulled out a brown paper bag.

Deer Jerky anyone? Jason asked, mouth half full tearing at the tough meat.

Sure! Oli and Brenna said in unison reaching into the bag pulling a hunk out. They were all hungry. Jason turned away from the two sitting on the couch and leaned against the threshold of the kitchen door. Oli could tell something had gotten inside of his head. She tried to comfort him

So Jason, tell me about your mother, She started. Jason's eyes lit up a little and began to explain the kind of mother she was. He told them of how he admired her for bringing him up without his Dad there and how he learned to be self sufficient from her. They went on long into the day talking about their parents. It turned out that Oli's mom had raised her by herself also. They talked about how strong the two women were and how they kept a family together even when life didn't let up. They talked about how much they missed them and what they would do if they could be with them again.

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