The Overflow. Part 3

Continuation of the overflow. If yo haven't read the previous two articles, I recommend checking them out before reading this one or you will be thoroughly confused.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 6

(Journal excerpt from Jason's log :) It's been approximately a week since mom has shown any signs of human activity. She is starting to growl and moan. I have lined the walls of her room with mattresses so she will not hurt herself and have put her on a leash bolted into the floor. I have been constantly playing Bob Dylan in her room to bring her back to a lesser state of what she is becoming. If this does not work I will use other methods such as different genres other than hard rock. I plan to try AC/DC next as it is in no way hard rock."

A window shatters downstairs. "What the..." Jason runs downstairs with a nine millimeter in his hand. It is broad daylight and the party isn't to be expected for another thirteen hours. He rounds the corner to the living room to see a rogue climbing through the window. He points to end its life. "Whoa, wait dude! It's Me Daniel!" Jason had clearly mistaken his former lead guitarist for a rogue because of his outward appearance. "Daniel, what are you doing breaking into my house!?" Jason returns the point of the barrel towards his friend. "Just calm down, Jason. I was trying to get away from them."

"Get away from who?"

"Those freaks that are all over your neighborhood! They chased me all the way to your house after my CDs I had with me! Eventually I dropped `em and ran. What's with them? They're everywhere and there's nothing going on. Why are there so many kids in your neighborhood?"

"Well... it's a long story and you won't believe me so just tell me what you need to tell me and leave."

"Why wouldn't I believe you? Dude, we used to be tight. We can still be bros and trust each other."

"Daniel, people like you are half of the problem now get out!" Jason's voice turns harsh.

"Hang on man, what's this about? Wait; is that Bob Dylan I hear? I love him!" Daniel gets up and half sprints to the stairs. He begins climbing when Jason screams and runs after him. "Are you having a party without me?" says Daniel sarcastically. Daniel starts for the door the music is coming from. "Daniel, Don't!!" but it was too late. Daniel swings the door wide revealing jason's mother curled up on the floor snarling and writhing with pain.

"Jason, is this your mom?" Daniel runs to meet his mother's side to aid her. His mother, Tina, opens her eyes wide and begins to tug at the leash and claws in Daniel's direction. "Holy crap! What'd you do to her?" he screams in disbelief.

"You mean what'd they do to her.' She's been like this for a few days. I'm working on a cure but it's a slow go."

Almost as if a cue was given, His mothers eyes began to glow and Jason and Daniel's head were taken over by triplets and thrashing drumbeats. They both stepped back out of the room and slammed the door. The radiation of music ceased.

"Okay, now I'll believe anything. Tell me what's going on."

"Let's go back downstairs. You're gonna need to sit down for this."

Chapter 7

Days have gone by. The band starts playing earlier. That means more time to fend off the zombie-rockers. Daniel is now living with Jason. The zombies have taken over the outside world and they are constantly breaking into everything. Daniel has cut his hair short and is now wearing a plain white t-shirt and cargo shorts. The television blares the news of rioting in the streets with reckless gangs of teenagers dresses in black with ridiculous hairdos. They are starting to become more common. "I don't get how that dumb band is getting this many followers. Three months ago, they only had around fifty. Now, there's around two or three thousand!" Jason thinks out loud. "Maybe it's not just this band. Have you ever thought that this band simply tapped into some type of energy and is transferring it to other bands?" Daniel inquires. "Daniel, that's genius! That is frikin' genius!" Jason pats Daniel on the chest as he hops off the couch and runs off upstairs. He comes down with an acoustic martin with a Warmoth rosewood neck. "If you add a lot of dirt to something and get the outcome of thousands of rock zombies, then we need to find the sound that will cure them!" Jason said with eyes sparkling with his dream of his old life back. "Let's get to work."

. . .

Daniel and Jason step out of his house with a snub-nosed colt .45 and a semi-automatic berretta. "If they get near you, threaten them. If they're in the trance, shoot them in the brain." Jason wanted to get to their old studio badly. He wasn't playing games. If this was the solution to his life of inconveniences, then he was going to use it. No more sleep deprivation, no more crazed mother, no more boarding up the windows at night. None of it. It felt like he couldn't get to the studio fast enough. They had to go through a city and cross a huge cable-support bridge to get to their studio but they were willing. They ran through the cul-de-sac with their musical gear and weaponry to a parked van nearby with the keys dangling in it. "Wow that was convenient." Daniel pointed out, "This must be that muscle-head guy's van that your mom wanted to date but you caused him to beat his own head in with those cinderblocks after you put in the AC/DC."

Jason simply smirked. "He was too easy to kill." They made it into the city and were now waiting at a painfully long red light. "Isn't it weird how there's giant mobs of rock-zombies running around and everyone just wrote them off as new age gangs and continued with their lives? Some people scream for the truth when they cant hear it talking back because their own stupid voice is so loud. Where is all this traffic coming from anyways?" Daniel asked. They were answered as they looked up to see a billboard advertising an Avenged Sevenfold concert later that night. "Oh crap. They're really popular. I hope they don't get pulled into tapped energy." Jason worried. "Dude, there's no hoping; we've got to put this off until later! There's no way we'll be able to hold them all off tonight if we don't prepare!" Daniel was frantic. Jason agreed to it and whipped the van around back into the river of traffic. They went home and used two-by-fours to board up the windows but left slat-opening in the second story windows to pick off the rock-zombies from a safe distance. Then they rolled sheet-tin over the inside of the door for double security and placed a steel bar over the top. Then they moved the furniture in front of all the doors except the front door. Then they locked themselves in Jason's upstairs bedroom. It was perfect because it was on the edge of the house and there are windows on three walls; enough to cover virtually the whole house. This advantage is a huge deal when added with the arsenal Jason had turned his walk-in closet into. Daniel was out digging a ditch around the house with a 6 ft gap between it and the house. They thought it would be a good idea to give them something to slow them down. He wasn't digging it deep enough for them to hide in but deep enough for them to trip or get piled on top of each other. Jason was creating escape plans and routes on his notebook computer. Daniel walked into the house. He walked into the garage. "Hey Jason, they can break through this garage door pretty easily, how are we going to stop that. "Don't worry, I thought of that already. Over in the corner, he cranked up an industrial cement mixer. He had to move their stockpile of gas, nonperishable food, and a few other things outside to make a way to bring the mixer to the front. As it was done mixing, he put a huge hose in the mess and began pumping it out and spraying it on the inside wall of the garage door. "It should harden in a couple of hours. It will still be powdery today, but by next week, it'll be as hard as the side of a mountain." "What if we don't have until next week?" Daniel questioned. Jason looked down as he dropped the hose. "Just pray to God that holds for tonight."

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