The Overflow. Part 4

Its starting to get intense now. Jason and Daniel are about to face the biggest mob of rock-zombies they have ever seen in waves of thousands. They will come every night. Will they somehow pull through it or be washed away by the tides of the rock-dead?

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 8

There's never been a bigger siege on anything if history was proportionate to Jason's point of view. They came at exactly 23:30. Daniel decided they go by military time to be more precise about everything. And they came fast. As soon as the concert was over, the rock-zombies came with all they had. Jason heard the moaning first. Then as he wiped his eyes and reached for his 7mm semi-auto rifle with a scope, Daniel was beginning to wake and reached for his thirty Ot-six. He peeped out the slits in the window boards. "Holy" He peered out into the darkness to see a few million eyes shimmering on the horizon. "Daniel, get up." They weren't just going to protect their house. They were getting into an Armageddon. They started to go into the other houses in the subdivision. The other residents screamed and ran out of their houses hoping to escape the carnage. Bad choice. As soon as they went out, the rock-zombies immediately surrounded them and started moshing around them until they were squished into a bloody pulp on the ground. They then began to hunch over and eat the mess. Others were less lucky. Jason and Daniel had discovered a week ago that with the more developed zombies, like Jason's mother, they could turn their energy into radio waves that went directly into your brain. Some of the teenagers or younger adults would pick up on the frequencies. They saw a young girl run out in a black tank and camo jeans with a cleaver hoping to escape out a glass sliding door that had been broken. You could tell she was under the spell because she would grab her head at her temples and drop to her knees. Then after a few seconds, she got up and joined the mob. "Jason, shoot me before I turn into one of them." Daniel shivered. "You do the same." Jason replied. The zombies kept coming. They were all around the house, yet at a great distance away. They have many more houses to go, and they have yet to discover Jason and Daniel's presence. "Maybe they'll rampage and leave us alone tonight." Daniel hoped. "Don't get too optimistic. We are literally living a zombie apocalypse!" Jason had his eye trained through the scope scanning the perimeter of the house waiting for the enemy. "This is weird. They're all killing everyone except us."

They waited all night for something to happen but nothing did. They never got to their cul-de-sac. It was a very strange thing. The anticipation nearly killed them. Would a zombie come? Would they sneak up on them by the only blind spot in the house? So many questions ran through their head as they watch all of their neighbors perish. "What I don't get is how they won't attack anyone in that stupid concert down the street!" Daniel said. "I just don't understand."

Chapter 9

Inside the city, it is almost dark. A cop is walking through an alley between an apartment complex and the back walls of Main Street. He is whistling as he patrols. The gang bangers and drug dealers always come back here at dark and the local station is trying to slow the process of growing gang activity. They set up a few cops to patrol the streets and alleyways like these. The cop's name is Allen Fick. He is pacing the dark ways with a flashlight and a free mind. He isn't one of those large brawny cops but hes not the stereotypical doughnut-gorging cop that sweats just walking from his car to his office. He is an average man. As he walks, he turns a corner to see a group of teenagers with iPods and bad attitudes. The cop sees them all head banging and their eyes are glowing. "What in the name of- Hey! Get out of here! You're trespassing on Private Grounds!" as soon as he talks, they all look up, out of their gaze. They fleet towards him at superhuman speed. They all begin to mosh and tear at him. "You're assaulting a police officer! That's a felony punishable by jail time! Get off me!" The man screams but the moaning and screamo music drowns out his cries. He is lost in a frenzy of flailing arms, legs, and teeth. Then, he pulls out his police-issue Beretta and fires multiple shots. He aims for their arms so he won't kill them. But they don't respond and continue to dismantle him. He starts to get frantic and shoots one of them in the head. He drops. He shoots another and another until there is only three there. He thought that since he shot their friends that they'd get scared and try to run or the like but they just continue. He hoots another and another. There are six teens lying on the ground dead. The last he hits across the head with the handle of his gun. No response, only more ripping. The man is a bloody mess by now and is swollen in almost every area of his body. His clothes are tore and chunks of skin are missing. He hits the creature again. This time, he arches towards the sky and lets out a "false-chord growl" Moments later, there are twelve more on top of him. At this moment he is out of ammo and is crying. "Please Stop! I have two kids that need their da" he slips out of consciousness.

Jason and Daniel are confined to the house. The mob should be back again tonight and they cannot leave since they completely sealed the house in. they are forced to sit around and watch television and examine Jason's mom for any kinds of advancement on the sickness. They are watching the news to see if the outside world has finally seen it or not. They sit and watch in silence.

"A police man was killed last night when a cult of cannibals attacked him in the alley where he had patrol duty. No word on how many attackers there were but he managed to kill six of the suspects before he died. The culprits are all teens from this urban area. An investigation is being launched for more information about this new threat to the city. So far there are no leads to this murder but investigators are working around the clock to get to the bottom of this. Back to you, Sharon."

"Wow. A CULT?! I can't believe they are so STUPID! This is all so un-metal" Daniel throws an empty bag of chips at the set.

"Chill bro; don't expect them to catch on soon. I just don't get how no one has come into our neighborhood and seen how deserted it is and that over half of the ground is trampled." Jason gets up off the couch and looks at his watch. "It's six o' clock." The band crowd will be here in four hours. Then the other crowd will be here two hours after that."

"I hope they leave us alone again. Isn't it weird how no one comes into this neighborhood besides those goons and sees all the bodies laying around and reports it?" then the cops would show up and get rid of that stupid band to investigate what happened." Daniel seemed intrigued with the idea. He played with it in his head a little.

"Daniel, that wouldn't work. They would check us out too and with all the guns and grenades and things that we have, they'll think we did it. Do you really think they'll believe us if we tell them the truth?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. There's only one way to deal with this and it's to do it ourselves. We're going to have to get out of the house at some point though. Eventually people will quit being nave and seek a way to survive this. They'll try to barge into this house and take all of our stuff. Humans have minds. The zombies don't. We can hold off zombies. Not men. Then it's just a time game on when they get us." After that statement, Daniel got up and went to the basement to do some tests.'

Daniel was right. When a threat is posted against a large group of people, you begin to see just how powerful the top of food chain really is or how brave and resourceful they really are. Sometimes the biggest threat is not the threat itself, but the idea of the threat. If a man that is unfamiliar with survival is in the desert and needs water badly or he will die, half of the activities he will perform are panicking about what happens if he doesn't find water. If he didn't panic, he might've came to some type of logic, thought clearly, and found what he was looking for. But that's not how our brain works. We've been walled in by the force of civilization and it has strangled the instinct to be self-sufficient and live. We base our entire existence off of easy. We go to the store and buy a meal for our family. We don't look for a creature will sizable meat and take its life so we can continue our own. That takes a type gut that few have. The occasional hunter or farmer would do well until he panics. If you don't keep your head on your shoulders, it will cloud your judgment. That's where it all ends.

They were planning on making a more flexible defense plan than what they had now but they had already built everything so they wanted to see how it would stand up so they could make improvements when they install the mire practical barricades. They wait it out until night. Daniel and Jason take turns napping so they can stay up to hold the fort. They have grown accustomed to this schedule. The both can get sleep and still stay alive.

Night time arrives with a brisk wind in the air. The band is playing covers of The Devil Wears Prada now. The crowd is getting really pumped and some are even starting to mutate into rock-zombies early. The mob will be here soon. Jason is sharpening a machete and Daniel is lubing the barrel of a gun. False chord screams ring out into the distance. Here they come. And they came by the thousands. They even started pouring out of the houses around the neighborhood that were made into nests by the previous zombies. There were so many of them, tht the ground seemed to be moving. They were in for a long night. "Dude, metal." was all Daniel could say. He seemed to stop using his catchphrase of using metal' as an adjective and synonym for awesome nowadays. They still had the 4-5 ft ditch they had dug as a stalling technique. They were still leaving Jason and Daniel alone primarily. Just scrounging around for food and moshing. But overall, they stayed a good distance away. They are watching the news again while waiting for the mob.

"This just-in! Tonight, we have had reports of loud music and large masses of Goth-and-glam rock teens and adults trying to break into people's houses. So far, there have been twelve deaths by these outrageous criminals! They are still on the rampage and local police forces have proven not strong enough to defeat these monsters. We have found that these mobs are rampaging primarily on the south side of the city. They have taken over four neighborhoods including but not limited to "The Bluff, The colony, Westchester, and The Pendleton Plantation. These neighborhoods and subdivisions are too unstable to investigate but will be as soon as the mob is controlled and/or ended."

"Finally, the stupidity ends." Daniel smirks.

"So let me guess, metal, right?" Jason questions.

"No, my term for awesomeness is proven that it is still clinging to the former life of thrash that I once lived. So I cannot use it." Daniel inquires. He has apparently thought about this a lot. He loved that phrase and it must be painful to let the last strain he had to his old life be let go. He even let go of his parents before his phrase.

Just then, a false chord scream echoed through the house. They both turn ghost white as they realize that Jason's mother had made the call. The false chord was used as a communication to get the others to come. Now the zombies were going to be on them soon.

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