The Overflow. Part 5

A moment of distress is all it takes to make one bad decision. His zombified-mother is screeching, and blowing their cover Jason is faced with the hardest decision in his life. what will hapeen in this next wave of maneaters?

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 10

"Shut everything up!" Jason screamed as he snapped clips into all of the arms lying on the table in front of him. The moaning continued.

"How about shutting HER up?" Daniel cried angrily, "they wouldn't be on us like this if your stupid mom didn't make that sound! I can't believe you are still keeping her. You know there's no way to get her back. She's dead Jason."

"Don't say that! She's not gone! She's trapped!" Jason yelled through his tears as he continued to work. The hideous sound was all over the house now. They both charged up the stairs to get their vantage point.

Through the window they could see the zombies closing in on them. They were coming groups at a time. A few had almost made it to the trench. Crack.' There was one down and about ten thousand more to go. There was no possible way they could hold their position without running out of ammo or being overtaken first. They worked at ratios of one shot per about thirty seconds. The more accuracy they could get, the more ammo they would save. Time was one way to focus. They had to calm down to make good shots. They both took deep breaths as they fired round after round. There were mechanical shots going one after the other with an occasional click from the clips being switched and guns being un-jammed. They didn't talk. They had more important things to think about. The screeches coming from outside sounded like gargling and nails on a chalkboard. Chaos was everywhere. A fire had somehow managed to be breathed into a nearby house and was catching fallen limbs and grass. Insanity. Pure insanity is what it was. The smoke from the fire was clouding the vision of the two boys as they fought for their lives. They had made their way towards the front lawn now and were being taken out as soon as they stepped over into the grass from the road. They had to aim about twenty yards away but they had practiced for this day so they had became pretty good shots. Just then, a fire truck tore through the streets but stopped at the sight of all the zombies blotting the path. The driver honked the horn a few times. Then a few rock-zombies opened the doors and dragged all the crew out of the truck. There life was ripped out of them with nothing left of them but the screams that echoed throughout the neighborhood. The truck stood still with the siren still going. The zombies were starting to make their way five feet into the yard. But more zombies were coming and there wasn't enough shooting and too many zombies. They were starting to group up at the street line. The number that had started to show now was ridiculous. There was no way they were going to take out enough. Daniel had switched to a shotgun so he could take out more than one at a time, but a few of them were losing their legs to it causing them to fall and drag themselves on the ground making it that much harder to shoot it in the brain.

"Oh My Lord," Daniel lowered his gun as his eyes went widened, "Our food supply is out there! We didn't put it back inside when we were coating the garage door with cement! I've got to go get it!"

"Daniel, no!" well find more food! Its not worth it!" Jason was trying to still shoot but his mind wasn't focused on the zombies anymore but on the sanity of his friend.

"No! Don't you get it? The zombies will take over the city and then the whole country and then the world! There will be no more food! We've got to use what we have now!" with that, Daniel picked up a snub-nosed forty-five and ran out. Jason decided it was best to keep his vantage point and cover his friend. As Daniel undid all the supports from the front door, the zombies started to get curious. They all started moving towards the door. As Daniel tore through, they immediately smelled fresh flesh and started to saunter and crawl a little faster. Daniel grabbed some supplies and hurled them towards the door as Jason picked off fiends from above. He continued to throw. There was a lot more stuff than Daniel realized and the zombies started coming in faster and more onto his side. They would be on them soon. He had all the food now and was working on the tools and cans of things. The zombies weren't but ten feet from him now. They were getting more and more restless as they approached. Daniel tried to get back towards the house but the zombies headed him off. He pulled out his colt and started shooting. Five shots. One left. He looked around to see if anything else would help him. He peered towards the stack. Standing five feet from him was about thirty gallons of gas in a tank they used to fuel their van. He aimed and fired. The collection of petroleum ran down the driveway and began to pour into the ditch Daniel had dug a day earlier. It flowed like a river down the stream. It started to soak the feet of the zombies but they paid no heed. They wanted the fresh food. Daniel reached into his pocket and pulled out a Zippo. He flicked it and tossed it into the stream. It lit up like a phoenix snaking out over the yard. The zombies inside perished. Those on the outside continuously and mindlessly poured into the pit only to be burnt to their end. Daniel smiled at his work. As he came back to the situation of getting back inside after collecting the goods around the doorway and remaking the threshold, He turned to come face to face with his attackers. The zombies grabbed his arm and immediately bit down.

"Ahhh!" Daniel cried out with anguish on his face. Jason looked down from his hideaway to see his friend being overtaken by the monsters.

"Daniel! I'll get you out of this!" He started to shoot the ones on the outside but he couldn't get to the ones close to him for fear of shooting his friend. His hands were tied.

"Jason, don't you remember our agreement?! SHOOT ME!" Daniel cried out, a bloody mess.

Jason tried to think of a way out. He couldn't though he struggled to anchor his sights onto his friend's forehead. He was shaking trying to train the crosshairs. He found his target.

"What are you waiting for?! SHOOT ME DANG YOU!" Daniel was getting taken to pieces.

This was his end. Crack' the single shot rang out for what seemed like hours. Everything slowed down as he watched his friend being malled. He closed his eyes as the life drained from Daniel and he shrugged down into the crowd of zombies.

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