The Overflow. Part 6

Last night, he fought with his best friend so they wouldn't die. Now he invited it like he would a sleeping pill. He wanted relief from the madness. Death seemed to be the quickest way. He looked over from the couch where he sat over to the side table next to it. On it laid a shiny revolver.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 11

Jason is sitting on the couch crying. His whole motto is to stand strong and unafraid. But here he sits, alone and afraid. The last horde of zombies was stopped by the constant flow of gas into the trench Daniel dug. It saved his life. He couldn't shake the fact that Daniel saved his life yet he ended Daniel's. It's strange how the mind works. All of Jason's life, he was afraid of dying. Last night, he fought with his best friend so they wouldn't die. Now he invited it like he would a sleeping pill. He wanted relief from the madness. Death seemed to be the quickest way. He looked over from the couch where he sat over to the side table next to it. On it laid a shiny revolver. It looked like Candy to him. He picked it up and placed it under his chin. But he couldn't seem to do it though he wanted it so bad. He cocked it and squinted his face.

"COME ON!" He screamed, "DO IT, YOU COWARD!"

He relaxed his hand. Something was making him stop. He decided to just get his mind off of it. He flipped on the T.V. a black, white, and grey fuzzy screen popped up. He flipped the channel. Same screen. He flipped again and again. Still that same screen. Jason got up from the couch and checked the cable connections on the inside and outside of the house. Surprisingly, they were all plugged up and circulating. He took a chance and walked into his old neighbor's house. It was home to an old greasy man seasoned by the cheating and gambling of the car dealership industry. Whenever he got home in his Mercedes, He'd go in and turn on his plasma screen and watch. The surround sound made everything seem real. He broke the sliding door in the back of the house with a golf club lying conveniently beside it. It was bent and had rust spots on it. Jason took a closer look. Those rust spots were, in fact, dried blood and bits of rotting flesh. Jason shivered and returned the club to its original position. He peered inside to see that there were six rock-zombies huddling together with mp3 players in. they all had their eyes closed and were subtly head banging. He gasped and jumped back out of the door. It was very dark in the house. Who knows how many more there would be. All this just to watch television! He sidled back into the house and hid behind the old man's lazy boy. As soon as he ducked, his eyes met the eyes of his neighbor. He shuffled backwards in a crabwalk away from the corpse lying behind the chair. It was half eaten and it stunk. He rolled over to the steps behind him to hide behind the rungs. As he did the floor creaked and the sleeping monsters stirred slightly. He paused and ceased breathing. When they returned to their normal state, he slowly shimmied up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, he came to a hallway. There was a few unknown stains and broken sheet rock littering the floors. His objective was to find the man's bedroom. After a few minutes of painstakingly quite crawling, he came upon the doorway. He turned and made his way into it. At that moment, he heard a whine. He pulled out his 9 millimeter and scanned the room still on his stomach. There was a dresser with the other television he was searching for. In front of it, was a queen-sized bed. On the right side of the bed was a nightstand. There was a small cavity between it and the floor. There were eyes shining under it, but they were yellow. The zombie's eyes were a stained white, red or puke green. He whistled very quietly and out came a puppy. It was a beagle. He wagged his tail and licked Jason's face. After all that had just happened, Jason snickered to himself. What a breath of fresh air. What started out as an adventure with the objective being to watch television, now turned into a rescue mission. He picked up the puppy and scanned the room one more time. In the corner on the other side of the bed sat a guitar case. Even though an apocalypse had started, Jason was still a musician and his curiosity got the best of him. He crept over to it and unlatched the gold hinges. Inside was the most beautiful Martin Acoustic he had ever seen. D'addario steel strings, silver hardware and the woodwork so defined, it looked like nature had breathed life into it. He closed the case and locked it and picked it up and slung it onto his back. He then, grabbed the puppy and slowly staggered down the hallway and then the stairs. When he reached the ground floor, the same spot in the floor creaked. But this time, there was more weight on it and it sang a loud screechy tune. Immediately the fiends snapped into consciousness and glared around the room. Jason stood extremely still hoping they wouldn't see him. They started sniffing the air in his direction. "Grrrrr" the dog growled. The zombies screeched and tore off into his direction. Jason made a mad dash towards the glass door. He jumped through the hole he had made and safely ran outside. One unlucky zombie decided to follow him. It stepped into the sunlight. His skin began to boil. He screeched once more as he disintegrated. Another larger zombie that probably was the same type of muscle head as Parker used to be before he was cut up for testing, popped his large head out of the door. He growled low at Jason like a warning, then returned to the darkness.

"Well, Mr. Puppy, it's time to think of a name for you." Jason tussled the dog's head as the dog seemed to smile with his tongue hanging out in gratitude for saving him.

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