The Overflow. Part 7

"He always wore a white apron and a paper hat over his shiny bald head. He was known for the way he laughed... He was the man that brought life into this little diner in the middle of a large city.Now his apron was red with blood, his bald head hatless, and his face missing its smile.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 12

The next day came with the sound of silence. It was quieter than the average day. This was a big deal to Jason considering every difference means something has changed. He decided to take his new-found companion he decided to name Billy Joe to the city to do a little observation and recon. He loaded up the van with emergency supplies and a few rounds of ammo in case something went wrong and hit the street.

The city was a ghost town; or rather, a ghost city. They pulled up to main street with tall buildings on each side creating a wall to blocking the horizon. Billy Joe however, saw absolutely nothing wrong and immediately wanted out to sniff and pee on everything. Jason hopped out of the seat, grabbed an assault rifle from the back and began to make his way into the little diner at the ground level of a twelve floor building. His dog followed obediently. At first, he figured nothing would be wrong and traffic was just nonexistent. That is until he opened the door to see the little diner ripped apart and bits of glass, plates, coke bottles, and chairs strewn across the floor. That wasn't normal at all obviously. He looked behind the diner to see the chubby, yet jolly man that worked the bar. He always wore a white apron and a paper hat over his shiny bald head. He was known for the way he laughed. It was a cross between a goat and a Santa. Everyone loved to talk to him and exchange jokes. He was the man that brought life into this little diner in the middle of a large city. Now his apron was red with blood., his bald head hatless, and his face missing its smile. He lay slumped over motionless. Jason was about to pray or say a few words about this man before Billy Joe waltzed up to the man and licked his face.

"What the Dogs don't lick corpses" Jason thought out loud. He leaned down on one knee to place his hand on the man's jugular. Every few seconds a faint twitch would come from the cold skin. as he drew his hand away, The jolly diner man fluttered his eyelids until they decided to stay open.

"Mr. Callahan! You're alive!"

"Of course I'm alive. There;s nohing in this world that could drain the livelihood from me." He coughed.

"Don't move. I'll help you up and you can rehabilitate while I protect you until you're well. Then we can defend each other!" Jason began to daydream about a partnership he had with a man that gave his all.

"No, no. Don't waste your energy on me. I'm too far gone now. I'm sure you don't have enough resources for a grown man and yourself anyways. Just leave me in my diner where my soul may rest peacefully." He seemed to faintly smile but he hadn't the energy to complete it.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" Jason questioned.

"Well, I was cleaning my tables and about to go home when this mass of crazed people just pushed their way into the city and began attacking people. I didn't see any of it happening until it was right on top of me. First I was squirting surface cleaner onto a table and rubbing it down with a paper towel, the next thing I knew, I was pinned to the ground by five delinquent teenagers gone mad. Some of my costumers ran out and they left me. I crawled behind the bar with a broom for protection and I've been here ever since you showed up." Mr. Callahan had partially gained his old sing-songy voice back as he told the story.

"Mr. Callahan, those kids weren't crazy. They were zombies. A rock and tapped into this power and started turning people into them. Then somehow or another, Avenged Sevenfold also found a way into the energy while here on a concert and have been spreading the disease while on tour, likely spreading the energy to other bands. These zombies don't need to breathe, they don't need water, and they don't even need a body. All they need is music and human flesh."

"Well, there's not much else that makes more sense than that. I guess I'll have to believe you," suddenly, Mr. Callahan lurched, "Well, it was good talking with you Jason. You're a good kid. Keep The Human Race going for me, okay?" and with that, he slowly closed his eyes. Jason, holding his hand, bowed his head for the old man who brought sunshine into this busy, corrupt city.

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