The Overflow. Part 8

He looked down at his watch to see that it was nearing six o' clock. Son of a ---! He floored it. There was no way he was going to be able to get back to base' before nightfall.

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 13

Jason got into the van and whistled for Billy Joe. The dog came running and leapt into Jason's lap. Jason grabbed his dog by the mange and placed him into the seat beside him. They drove home fairly silently except when Jason would happen to look over at his companion who was sticking his head out the window. That's when Jason would take advantage of one of his few luxuries: laughing.

"Beagles are strange dogs," Jason thought to himself. "They are loyal almost immediately and they love to let their baggy skin flap in the wind. You'd think humans should be like that." At that remark Billy Joe turned his slobbering muzzle toward Jason as if to smile questioningly. "What? Before the outbreak, most humans were fat and had baggy skin!" The dog barked and Jason snickered at the appraisal of his joke. He looked down at his watch to see that it was nearing six o' clock. "Son of a ---!" He floored it. There was no way he was going to be able to get back to base' before nightfall. They would have to find a place to bunk. He decided to slow his speed and scan the area for a good hold up. He spotted a building ahead away from the other high rise structures. It would provide good cover and no zombies could make unwanted entries by jumping from other buildings. He drove into the parking lot and parked under an awning out front. He pulled out a sawed off shotgun and laced a belt of bullet casings across his chest. Then he called Billy Joe and they sauntered inside. The lobby of the place was quiet. He searched around the room for hiding zombies. Surprisingly, there was none. He checked the next floor. There were ten rooms on each side of the hall and another flight of stairs. He kicked open one door to see a gruesome sight. There was a couple lying on the bed cuddled together. Their heads were missing and they seemed to have been ambushed while sleeping. They seemed to love each other. He crept slowly closer into the room. On the other side of the bed was a crib. He dared not look inside. This newly-made family must've been on vacation and staying at this hotel when they were attacked. Billy Joe pointed his face upwards hen snapped it toward the bathroom and began to growl. Jason gripped Billy Joe's muzzle to silence him and then crept towards the door. Inside were two Rock Zombies that were monstrously huge. He almost cried out seeing these beasts huddled inside the bathroom. They were still hibernating and waiting for dark but barely twitching as to show they were still deadly. They would send out a falsetto growl every few minutes almost like snoring. Jason hardened. He pointed the cutoff in the two mutant's direction. He had no sympathy for them. With a quick click of the trigger, these fiends were no more. The shot was so loud echoing out into the corridor and down the stairs that he half expected more zombies to run in and attack. But luckily none came. He wished the couple would just wake up. They should've been rewarded for bringing a new life into this world, not slaughtered on their vacation. Jason grew angry.

"Come on Billy; let's go condemn the rest of these murderers." The dog prances at Jason's side out the door. Jason cleaned out the twenty rooms on that floor finding only six others huddling in corners and the bathrooms. He proceeded with the next floor. He kicked down a few doors but most were already open. On one particular suite he came into, was a beautiful brunette he recognized instantly. She was an actor that every teenage boy fantasized about at one point in their mind. He always wondered what she looked like naked in his weaker, more human moments. Now his question was answered. She lay there on the floor with some strange man. Champagne glasses strew the floor. It looked like she had a rendezvous going with this man under radar of paparazzi. He checked the other rooms. He was on the seventh floor when he heard the screams. They came from below, above, and on all sides. Billy Joe whined and looked pleadingly up at Jason. He scooped up the pup and ran for the stairs. The extermination would have to wait. He ran up as fast as he could, though every few flights, a ghoul would pop out of one of the stairwell doors to slow his pace. When he finally made it to the top, he was wheezing so bad that he fell to his knees to catch his breath. Behind him he heard a screech. Not looking back, he threw the front of his shotgun over his shoulder and blew the zombie's brains out behind him. Billy Joe raised his right ear as if to wonder where he got his skills with a gun. Jason got up and scanned around the roof of the building. It was an average roof. Gravel on top, air conditioning units and satellite dishes. Not much else except for a little shack on one side of the building between the corners of the building. He jogged up to it to see a padlock on it. He started to shoot the door knob but he knew that wouldn't help because he wouldn't be able to seal the entrance once inside. He pulled out a few keys and picks. He began painstakingly tweezing the lock. Minutes turned to hours until every tumbler was moved into place. He tore off the lock and frantically opened the door and scanned the inside. There were no windows and the dcor consisted of just a couch, bed, a TV, and a small kitchen. The door was thick and sturdy and had bars on the inside. The room looked like it had been used for utilities and storage before but was restored and turned into a hermit's paradise. He quickly sealed the door and swung the barred barricade in front of it.

"Well buddy, I guess we better make the best of our stay at this luxurious hotel!" Jason's cheery mask made the dogs ears lay back and his tail wag. He walked around the room looking for useful things. In one corner behind the dining table was a sledge hammer. That could be useful at some point. He made note of it in his head and checked the rest of the room. Besides a few basic garage tools, there wasn't much else. He leaned the shotgun against the wall and tossed himself on the bed. He curled up with Billy Joe in an attempt to sleep. It was going to be a long night.

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