The Overflow. Part 9

Changing your base in a zombie apocalypse can have its advantages, but what disadvantages can it bring?

Ultimate Guitar

Chapter 14

Jason got up holding the back of his neck with a sour look on his face. Billy Joe was laying in front of the barred door, nose pointed toward the center of it as if to guard the entrance. Then, with a start, he remembered what yesterday had brought. He hopped off the bed and went to the fridge to see if anything was in it. Conveniently there was dog food, but nothing else

"Someone's in luck," said Jason, "You're about to get pampered with this fancy dog food."

He went to the microwave to heat it up. Surprisingly, the electricity was still on. He waited a few seconds, and then brought the smoking can down to the dog's level. He slurped it up like he hadn't eaten in months. He checked to see how many cartridges left. He had quite a bit. He would need some to get back down the dark stairwell, especially when the ghouls knew there was fresh meat in the building. He slung the barred door open and then the solid, sturdy door. He walked outside into the warm sunshine to see an awesome sight. It seemed like almost a million rock zombies had tried to get to him last night. Now their corpses were piles of half disintegrated flesh. He decided to clean the roof off. This place seemed to be a good place to make a new permanent base. His house was simply a magnet for zombies since they were used to coming there when the concerts used to play every night. This little shack on top of the hotel had excellent defense with its solid walls. So that day he drove to his house and grabbed a few supplies. They consisted of: a cement mixer, more guns and ammo, a leaf blower, a few flashlights, and food. He got back and blew the corpse dust off the roof and then stocked the inside of his hut. Then he went outside and mixed some cement and shot it at the walls to make them thicker. After that, he trolled the hallways to find any stragglers that he might've missed or had found their way into the hotel after he exterminated some. He went through the hallways making noise to attract a few then he'd inspect each room individually. He counted a total of sixty-four rock zombies during that passing.

"This is pretty fun isn't it Billy Joe?" Jason smiled at the dog and the dog jumped up onto Jason's waist. He gave the dog a good petting and then pushed him off to go to the lobby.

That whole day, he spent reinforcing the ground level. He used plywood and sheet metal that he'd found littering the streets to cover all the glass at ground level. He went home to get his welder and welded some bars together to craft a make-shift door for the entrance. Then he spent the rest of the day taking furniture from the second floor and throwing it out into the street to burn later. He didn't want to give the zombies anything to hide behind if they did come into the hotel somehow. Nightfall seemed to come fast that day. He rounded up his curious pooch from sniffing every piece of furniture that he threw out and locked the grating behind him and went up to the roof to sleep.

. . . .

The next morning, Jason felt rejuvenated. Billy Joe once again, had repositioned himself in front of the door. Billy Joe was growing out of puppyhood fast. He used to be fairly small, now he was almost bigger than an average adult beagle. He obviously was not a purebred. He picked up his dog and examined him a little. His dog's legs were getting longer and his body was taking almost a female lab shape. Could it be? Jason thought back to the world of dog breeding. Many dog breeders that bred beagles every once in a while would get a rare "harrier" which is a purebred, but taller, and sturdier than the average beagle. They can run faster and are born hunting dogs. Jason wonders if his dog could be one. He thought back to its owner. He was wealthy enough to own one, but he didn't hunt. The only explanation would be that the greasy man wanted a status in dog ownership. Whatever the case, here he was with a dog perfect for helping him catch rock zombies. He already had taught himself to be afraid of zombies but, to still stand his ground. Billy Joe was fairly smart when it came to zombie kind. He went out again today to find that no zombies had entered the roof. He went downstairs and inspected his threshold. It stood up very well. He went outside to see a few claw marks here and there but overall it held up great. He went to his home before the outbreak in the vn to retrieve the rest of his belongings. He brought his tools and equipment from the garage first. Then, when he got to the city, he placed all of it in the lobby. He loaded hi dog into the van another time to get more stuff when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a large storage unit in one of the many alleyways. He jogged over to it. He saw that it had a padlock on it and there weren't any holes in the side. No unpleasant surprises would be lurking when he opened it. But he decided to wait. The storage unit looked large enough to fit his van into along with all of the supplies he brought. He drove to a nearby construction site to find a portable crane. He hopped into the driver's seat. "Okay, let's see if we can work this thing. He powered it up, delighted that it still had gas. He pushed down on one joystick to see the arm move to the side. Then he moved another joystick. The result was the crane arm expanded in length. He looked down into the floorboard of the machine. There was a brake and gas. The thing moved on belts like a tank. How hard could it be to drive this thing? Very hard; He spent almost thirty minutes trying to figure out how to operate the massive vehicle. Then when he had finally figured it out, he lowered the cranes gigantic electromagnet onto the storage unit. He flicked a switch to turn it on, and then he drove forward with the unit swinging freely and dangerously. Then he placed it in front of the hotel like a miniature garage to the huge building. he jumped out of the crane and stumbled over to it. Looking up that much and seeing his new treasure swing back and forth made him very dizzy. He stumbled over to it and picked the lock. He slid up the door and gasped. There were thousands of cases of ammo and dozens of guns! How stupid he had been letting this explosive cargo get knocked around! He immediately started to inspect the treasure trove. He would be set for life with this much firepower. There was no way he'd be able to store this inside his little bunker though. He ran back to the crane and reattached it to the electromagnet, but this time very slowly. He raised the unit high up onto the twelfth story and lowered it onto the building. He placed it right beside the bunker carefully so he wouldn't stay it into the hut and crush it. Then he ran to the lobby and up all the stairs and opened the doors of the unit. Then, he ran all the way back down the stairs and back to the machine. After pausing to regain his breath, he reconnected the unit to the crane and placed it directly to the hut. Then, he ran up the stairs a third time. Every time he ran up, Billy Joe would be right beside him. This time, the dog guessed where he was headed and ran ahead of him. When Jason reached the top, Billy Joe was sitting in the doorway as if to say "what took you so long?" Jason rolled his eyes at the pooch and looked at his watch: 2:00. He was going faster than he thought. He went inside his hut and retrieved the sledgehammer. Om the inside of the hut he moved the dining room table by the wall back a ways and began to slam the oversized hammer at the wall. When the sheetrock finally fell, he stepped back to see his handiwork. There was an oval-shaped hole where the wall had been. On the other side was the inside of the storage unit. Success! He walked downstairs and hopped in the van.

On the way to the hardware store, Jason whistled. He had made a great achievement. He now had a ton of ammo and a good way to get to it. His dumb dog still hung his head out the window like wind was a new discovery to the world. When they reached the hardware store, he loaded some insulation into the van along with plywood and a few two-by-fours. Then he drove back to his hotel. He looked down at his watch: 3:30. He still had a few more hours before the first wave. He pulled his van up to the front of the hotel.

"Okay, there is no way I can carry all of this up twelve flights of stairs." Jason pessimistically stated. In response Billy Joe took off to the left of the lobby opening. "Hey, Billy Joe, Wait!" he ran to catch up with him. He sat; tail wagging and licking his lips, in front of the elevator. "Are you serious?" Jason it the up' button and waited. Sure enough, it dinged and the door opened. "You've got to be kidding me." He went back and hauled his supplies back to the shaft and loaded it into the cart. It rose to the twelfth floor and he pulled it all out. Then he climbed one flight of stairs to the top of the building and threw all the stuff next to the unit. He crafted a frame around the unit with the two-by-fours and the placed the insulation in the gaps. He nailed the plywood to the two-by-fours to create a closure. He looked at his watch: 6:30. He pulled out a twelve gauge, leaned it against the unit, and continued the hammer and saw. By the time it was 7:30, he was done and the ghouls started to come from their hiding places. He put his dog inside and decided to keep watch over his tools for the night. None came to the roof but Jason found it entertaining to use his sniper to kill the ones roaming the street whenever it was easy.

The next day he hauled the concrete mixer up via elevator and coated the outside of the unit. Now it was perfect. He caulked the unit to his bunker, waited for it to dry, then add more concrete. In a week, all of it will be dried and he'll have a perfect arsenal. Mission success.

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