The Story Of A Rising Band

A story of a band and their strifes as they rise to the top

Ultimate Guitar

Doff-duff-duff-doff-duff-duff the music was playing and Andrew was getting annoyed the DJ had played the same song four times in the past hour and yet most of the people were screaming for more, he couldn't understand the senselessness of the people who enjoyed music that required no talent to make just mixing a few beats together and giving it a name what has music come to, 'Matt lets get out of here' he called to his blonde drummer friend who was dancing up close to some random girls, he had a reputation for being the biggest player in our area, he turned and gave a begging look to stay a bit longer but he knew that we had to get going, we had another party to go to, a real party with proper music. It was Duncan's older sisters 21st and she was having a big party with her boyfriends band playing 'hearts of flame' her boyfriend Josh had taught Duncan to play guitar and helped get our band started by letting us use his garage for our practices since none of the other members parents wanted us at there houses making a noise, we had only been a band for 3 months and still had no name but we played well together and all four of us have been best friends since third grade except for Kyle who we only met in our first year at high school. It was eight thirty and the party was gonna start soon Matt was the only one in the band who had a license and a car so he helped us get around a lot.

As we got to Duncan's house there were already cars parked by the drive way, that's when I started feeling butterflies Jessica was gonna be here and I've liked her since I met her two months ago and tonight I was gonna make a move. As we walked up the drive way we already heard the drunken screams and the music pumping. The first person we saw was Nicole, Duncan's sister, she was a blonde haired blue eyed gorgeous girl. We walked up to her and wished her happy birthday and gave her the gift we had bought for her, it was a silver chain and pendant. She thanked us and sent us of to look for the other guys.

Kyle was trying to chat up some girls but as always he wasn't getting anywhere. And Duncan was talking to the bass player of Josh's band, Grant, he was a tall dark haired guy who was always willing to help out. We greeted them and joined the conversation 'yeah so now we going to cape town for a tour next week we got a couple gigs planned on the way so it's gonna be great finally getting out of Benoni, ' Grant was telling Duncan about there plans for the band, 'We've got some CDs to sell at gigs so hopefully we will make a bit of money or at least get some fans but we mostly doing it for fun.' 'How many CD's do you guy's have to sell' Duncan asked but was unable to get a reply because Josh had jumped on stage and announced that the band will start playing soon and that they should go start setting up so Grant had to go. Hearts of flame had been together for three years and they were now ready to take it to the next level and become not just a local band but a national band and hopefully get signed by a label. The band consisted of Josh lead guitar, Grant bass and vocals, Mike drums and Phillip rhythm guitar and screams. The four piece screamo band had made quite a reputation for themselves in the bars and clubs around well atleast the ones that didn't only play house and hip hop music like most do these days.

The band announced that they would start playing and immediately broke out into there first song (memories of a dream) it was a heavy song but it always worked for them to get the audience going and dancing. We all started dancing and after a few songs we decided to go find something to drink we found the drink table and got some beer. Kyle joined us so we decided to discuss some songs since we had only written two in the time we had been together and we didn't want to start gigs until we had atleast five of our own songs so we don't get a reputation as a cover band. We decided that we should have a band meeting the next week before hearts of flame left so we could bring our ideas to them before they leave.

I still had not seen Jessica around and I was starting to get upset about it since she said she will come just for me, I decided to text her but when I grabbed my phone I saw she had texted me saying that she couldn't make it. But I decided to just enjoy myself and try see her another time. Hearts of Flame where rocking with there last song (forgive to forget) you said you were sorry so I forgive you so that I can forget you and have you out of my life!.' As there song finishes the party goes wild and the party continues.

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    Please break down some of these sentences. I got out of breath just reading it. You need a new paragraph for a new speaker. It would be handy to help break down your huge paragraphs too. It also needs to be a little longer.
    I think that this can be a good story. I think that the words "Heart" and "Flame" in their band's name. You did it in the last paragraph but not in the third or fourth. Keep it up.
    Sorry. The computer cut off some of my sentence. I meant to say, The words "Heart" and "Flame" should be Capital when in their band's name.
    Content wise, not bad man. A little confusing at times but it definitely has potential. Take Colohue's advice and you should be fine. Good luck
    ya thanks i posted this quite awhile ago and completly forgot about it lol so ya. Ill try make it more understandable. Thanks for the feed back expect the next one soon.
    Thanks for the feed back. Ill try my best to fix the fix my paragraphs and sentences and ill get someone i know to read trhough it before posting the next one so hopefully it will be better. Thanks again ill start the next one right away.