The Taste Of Music

Reflection of the Moon because of Bing's life is no longer lonely, because life has been washed Xinghai March of the Volunteers... music is no longer pale and gave me faith in life.

Ultimate Guitar

Rich and sensitive to human feelings, life, bit by bit will toggle our hearts, moved and caused the initial human desire. That's when the music, the music became a way of venting our best, every beat of the music notes, are taking the inner world of our publicity head, vivid. Music can talk to, there are those who talk the listener gently with a fine piece of mind to listen to that inner world of a myriad of broad, and music were ups and downs, and the heart behind the music which were hard with worry, enjoy every a beat note of the hosts in the ups and downs.

I would like to be a listener, a surface quiet, inner fanatical listener.

Harmonious and beautiful afternoon, a man sat alone in the window, a cup of tea, put on a compact headset in the world of music began to fly, went into the low or melodious, or the passion of the song left, open the cover songs are tight hearts, to feel his rich inner world. In their music, maybe we can find their own shadow, though fleeting trance, but it also makes people feel warm and cordial. Maybe we do not like Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, as in a beautiful mountain stream in the interpretation of the highest state of friendship and eventually became friends of music, but at least where I can find a new habitat for short, has a moment quiet, resulting in spiritual resonance, have the consolation of the soul. Music is like a never not finish the lyrics give the impression that the lengthy echo of total and unlimited imagination, buzzing, food for thought.

Listening to music is a pleasure, it not only linger in the mind, and echoed in the heart, it inspired us, let us rejoice, blood boil.

Music gives us another world, how much you want to have much of a world where we can put aside all the cares and sorrows, happiness grow. Although the ethereal world of music, but filled with passion, though plain, but full of aroma, though distant, is moving full blossoms. Let our hearts collide in the world of music, hit after another brilliant sparks you to open my mind a long unbeaten run.

And music peers

Gently press the button, quietly, let the music trickling into my heart. Toggle wheel, I feel the music together with the breeze out of the window the powerful supple and full of pathos.

Listen towering mountains, listening to gurgling water. Comprehend the rhythm of music, the beauty of life sentiment. Strings struck, tone mellowed out, forming a good news after another, tells a section of old friends...

Stop the music hall, the bell of the strong feelings; rain and fog like the lingering; hail-like activation; There Somewhere like that elegant...

Reflection of the Moon because of Bing's life is no longer lonely, because life has been washed Xinghai March of the Volunteers... music is no longer pale and gave me faith in life.

Chopin's heart feelings, talk to a cavity of patriotic fervor; feelings of Beethoven's mind, and write a pastoral song, the impact of the fate of the door; feel Tchaikovsky hobble around the carriage, in the quiet dance Swan Lake enjoyed...

Bach's music, romantic and elegant, reflecting the distant era of style, burst out of the heritage of ancient civilizations; Schumann Serenade, quiet elegance, comfort the restless soul, so that you blend with nature and feel the mystery of nature; Beethoven the fate of the symphony, impassioned, inspiring, feel the blood boil...

Feel the sound of nature, beneath pure heart, so that life be inspired!

Has been in the breeze outside the window, the music has had a another first, but still... wonderful friends, feel the music and let it re-coloring of your soul, wash away dirt and secular, for your life luster!

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