These Are the Opening Acts for Major Rock & Metal Artists These Days

Well, somebody needs to warm up the audience, don't they?

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These Are the Opening Acts for Major Rock & Metal Artists These Days

There is no better thing to make a great show than an appropriate opening band or an artist, which will warm up the audience and prepare them for the headlining act. And this is also proven to be one of the best ways to launch younger artists into the stratosphere of rock music. Some of the most notable examples would be Van Halen who opened for Black Sabbath, Metallica who did a run with Ozzy Osbourne back in the 80’s, and Guns N’ Roses opening for The Cult. Funnily enough, The Cult recently opened some shows for Axl and the guys, so it certainly went well for them. Unless you are opening for a tough crowd like for Slayer fans or, God forbid, Iron Maiden fans, you would get the chance kick things off each night and promote your music.

So, with many amazing tours these days, who are these supporting bands that follow rock legends these days? Let’s get into this and present these artists.

Alice Glass - Opening for Marilyn Manson

The current Marilyn Manson’s tour (which was paused for a bit due to his recent injury on stage) features Canadian singer Alice Glass (real name Margaret Osborn) as an opener. Before starting her own solo career, she was one of the co-founding members of Crystal Castles. In 2014 she left the band in order to pursue her own dreams, and in 2015 she launched her first single “Stillbirth.” And in August of 2017, she released her debut EP, titled “Alice Glass.”

She is well known as being really dedicated to her live performances, sometimes even performing injured or sick. No wonder she goes with Manson seems like a perfect replacement since Manson obviously cannot perform while injured. Here is Alice with her former band being swallowed by the crowd, and making the job way harder for security guys:

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Kvelertak - Opening for Metallica

Coming from the north, the Norwegian city of Stavanger, Kvelertak has the honor to open for Metallica on their ongoing European leg of Worldwired Tour from September 2017 and all the way to May 2018. The band was formed back in 2007, and their self-titled debut was released three years later. In 2011 they received two “Norwegian Grammys” or Spellemannprisen, for the Best Rock Band and the Best Newcomer.

Scandinavians are often loved by metal fans, and Kvelertak is no exception to this rule. After all, having three guitars on a metal show is always fun!

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Red Fang - Opening for Black Label Society

Besides having a new album in plans, Black Label Society have recently announced their headlining tour in North America. And on this run, from January 26 to February 9 next year, Portland, Oregon based stoner metal machine Red Fang will be opening up for Zakk Wylde's band.

Formed in 2005, Red Fang is a quartet that has four studio albums under their belt and is a perfect choice for all the stoner music lovers. In 2011 and 2012 they opened for Mastodon, so they are definitely on a good path. Here is how live show looks like:

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Man with a Mission - Opening for Stone Sour and Steel Panther

Coming from Japan, Man with a Mission combines hard rock with dance-pop music. The band started working in 2010 and has released four studio albums and five EPs so far. They are performing as openers on select dates with Stone Sour and Steel Panther on their ongoing fall tour.

Part of their unique style is performing both live and in music videos with their wolf masks on.

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Cherry Bombs - Opening for Stone Sour and Steel Panther

And the sweetest saved for the last. These fine and sexy ladies that go by the name of Cherry Bomb are a perfect opener for a rock ‘n’ roll show that Stone Sour and Steel Panther is. They are an entertainment group of dancers focused on creating a unique live experience. According to their Facebook page, the group also worked on that well-known Asstodon video for “The Motherload.”

Talking about warming things up, the ladies should pay attention not to set everyone on fire.

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    I was recently introduced to Kvelertak, and their latest release Nattesferd. That album is amazing!
    I saw them in a tiny hole in the wall venue in Eugene, OR back when their second album was coming out. Its awesome to see how much they've blown up in popularity since then.
    Red fang! Awesome but they are only opening for BLS for 2weeks as a substitute during the whole tour. Corrosion of conformity and eyehategod (who RF will sub for) are the actual openers. Whateves nice the RF get some pub. Can't wait to see BLA, CoC, & EHG
    I would love to see Red Fang with CoC and BLS, but they won't be at the Grand Rapids show on January 10th.
    William Sitnin
    I'm digging Crystal Castles lately, as well as Alice Glass' recent solo single
    Her second album with them ruled. Can't get into them without her.
    I've followed red Fang for a while, and I'm glad they are getting recognition. I remember Aaron, in an interview, talking about Orion festival. He couldn't believe that Papa Het had heard them and actually wanted them on the lineup.  Red fang's videos are hilarious and they sure know how to riff. Good dudes.  
    I saw Kvelertak open for Mastodon and Gojira a few years ago....easily one of the best metal shows I have ever been too. Glad to see they are getting some respect.
    I saw them when they opened for Anthrax and Slayer here in Germany December 2015. Really went down well with the crowd
    Ah good... Sexy ladies dancing in their underwear... And I was worried that after 30 years of mainstream metal we might finally be able to sell it as inclusive and not just for white guys to grunt over.... Sorry white guys, and girls who like girls in their underwear. I know metal is subversive; I know it transcends pc culture, but don't you wish it wasn't so stereotypically stuck in the 80s? Can't straight women go to the show to rock out with their friends? Maybe I'm just old n tired, but I've always tried to sell it in the energy, aggression, fun, musicality and commeradery. Do we need a squad of strippers to sell the vibe?
    How very racist of you to assume that only white guys like metal music. How very misogynistic of you to think the women in Cherry Bombs are too "fragile" and must be protected from their own decision dawn underwear while making music. How very regressive of you to judge others based on your moral gauge.
    Yeah, thanks virtue signaller... I'm sure you're happy to try and highlight my irony, but I'm not buying it... I didn't submit a legal document, or a PhD paper for you to review, so don't assume I was "accounting for every possible interpretation"... Just take the point and mull it over, rather than trying to find fault in the delivery (the very short delivery)... And who was judging who? I think you were judging me by your compass, I wasn't naming names... But now we're here, no I wouldn't be happy raising my daughter to love metal, as well she should, and then see her confusion when she sees this... "Oh, dear, women are meant to be sexy in metal.. Guys are meant to wear teeshirts and be liberated, but women are meant to be slim n sexy...." If you don't like my point, then blow me, but don't try and hide from it with word games and hypotheticals.
    I don't know much about Red Fang, but I saw Kyng open for BLS about 2 years ago and those guys were amazing live. For anyone who doesn't know them give them some support, they certainly deserve it and are hands down one of the most underrated power-trios out there right now.
    I loved their debut album! It was one of those employee picks highlighted at my local record store a few years back. One of the best investments I made.
    There was an 80's band called Cherry Bombz with Hanoi Rock's guitarist and one of the singers from Toto Coleo (yes, that I eat Cannibal Toto Coleo).  
    I saw Red Fang open for In Flames and Opeth. Not a huge fan of that genre but they put on a good show and sounded good.