Things To Go Over For When You Do Make It Big

Just a list of things to go over before becoming famous. You know, like drugs and money and the most important thing, to sound good!

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Now, I know what you're thinking, what does this have to do with anything or how is this going to help me. Well, I'm only here to tell you what you should look out for when you become big. A lot of these are just common senses, others, are just there for the sake of it.

1. The Money

First things first, we got to get money out of the way. You can see now a day's, once people are famous, they get caught up in all the money! I mean, let's just face it, everybody gets caught up in the money but they let it affect their work. They make their songs crappy and they get off the hook with it. Even then, they make more money! Most people think about it as, they are first in it to make music and then, the money starts coming in and then they think I need to do more of this so I can get more money!' When they go back and make more music, its crap and they get money for it! The people, who don't let money go first, are the ones you want to listen to!

2. Is it really what you want to do?

A lot of people think that going into the studio and recording some songs is easy, right? WRONG! Think again! It takes work and works means you got to work hard and sweat and she'd a few tears before its perfect. You can be in there maybe two hours and have nothing done. Usually by now, the person quits and says I didn't want to do this anyways.' You got to make sure; this is what you want to do. That means you got to take time, work a little and give a little effort so you can make it. Don't get caught up in how easy it is, because, it's not!


Now, if you listen to good music, you know that you hardly ever head any auto-tune. People now a day's use auto-tune like it's the last thing on the earth that will help them! Before you start b---hing, hear me out. I know there is some artist out there who don't use much, which is fine, but don't turn up the auto-tune so much you sound like a dying robot! I mean, really, who wants to listen to some guy singing and he has the auto-tune turned up so much, you can't tell if he is a real person or some sort of robot who is dying or can't sing for s--t! So, I'm not saying auto-tune is bad, I'm just saying that if you want people to like your music, don't use much of it. I mean, I can give you so many examples, but all you have to do is turn on the radio. (BTW, auto-tune is not cool for those who say it is).


Now, listen for a second. When people get famous, they go for the drugs and the booze just because everybody else does it and because their favorite band does drugs or drinks beer. One thing that can really mess up someone's career is getting into drugs, especially the lead singer. Say, you're the guitar player and one of the backup singers; you don't want to drink beer or booze. That can affect your singing and you'll be surprised how. Most people can drink too much and they can easily lose their voice. It happens, just look at the news. Another fine example is that you can drink too much, get a hangover and then you not feel well (not good for when you're touring) then, you have to cancel the show because you made a lame a-s mistake! One example of this is when Hedley was on tour last year; they had to cancel the show because their lead singer had gotten sick from a late night of partying. You guys read this kind of stuff all the time about how celebrities get drunk and do drugs, you think I'm not going to do that' but in the end, you end up doing it because it's cool. Not the smartest move anybody can make. (You can tie this with the one before, the more you do drugs and drink, the more the lead singers got to use auto-tune, which in the end makes your music suck and you got to look for a new lead singer or that's the end of your career!)

5. Actually sound good

Before you go or even step into a recording studio, make sure your band sounds good. I mean, just look at all the bands that sounds like crap and think of them, when I say, make sure you sound good, so you don't sound like them. Do I make myself clear? (So, pretty much, just make sure you don't sound like crap like the other bands out there that do.)


Practice makes perfect! Enough said!

There is much more to this but, for when you're starting off and thinking this is it' just go through this listen and make sure, you got everything right!

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    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences as an internationally acclaimed rock star. I'm glad that you could squeeze in a little time between all the hookers-and-blow marathons (or sandwiches and Perrier, whatever) to come back and post on UG!
    awwww, thanks for noticing! you know what?! i bet you could be famous too! for having the smallest penis in the world! oh, wait! you don't have one! if i were you, i would go back to sucking cock, because that what it seems like you do best! have fun!
    That article and your response make me think you should not be on the internet without your parents' supervision.
    Battery Chicken
    Sorry dude, but this article is ridiculously superficial. Don't let money go to your head, don't do drugs, write good songs? Nothing about picking a good manager, what things to look out for in a contract, maximising studio time, goal setting, selling yourself, interviewing techniques..etc. That's the stuff people want to know about.
    Take a look at Van Halen. Led Zeppelin. Nirvana. Ozzy Ozbourne. Jimi Hendrix. Guns n' Roses. The Doors. The Rolling Stones. They all did a lot of drugs and became really successful. Drugs are grand, people. DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS.