Thirty 30: San Diego's Hard RockMetal Hybrid Expands On New EP 'From The Fallout'

Thirty 30 on recording their highly anticipated 3rd Ep, "From The Fallout"

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In January of this year, San Diego's own Thirty 30 released their first release, the 7 song EP "Inventing Ghosts". With its abstract, art-rock/metal approach, "Inventing Ghosts" had great musicianship but lacked focus. The EP was a quick go-nowhere route for the band. But it wasn't just 4 months later that ThIrty 30 changed their path, by releasing the 3 song EP, "Dawn". As the title suggests, this release saw the band dawn on a new sound, choosing a more traditional approach to songwriting. "Dawn" was an introduction into Thirty 30's rock-metal formula. "On 'Inventing Ghosts', we had experimented too much and each others influences had clashed," says vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Anthony Esparza. "When we wrote the songs for 'Dawn', it was a consensus between the guys and I that we wanted to scale back on going crazy with the riffs and just have fun."

Following the release of "Dawn", Thirty 30 gained a loyal fan base and the respect of their peers as well as promoters. "Before 'Dawn' we were working the bar scene in our hometown for close to two years, and right after we put it out, we were getting offers to play at bigger places, the Rock and Metal scenes took notice, and we started getting actual fans. It was a great time." It wasn't soon after that Thirty 30 began writing the follow up.

Initially, Thirty 30 was suppose to begin writing and recording for their first album, however, it was a change in producer that pushed the band to record one more EP. As "Inventing Ghosts" & "Dawn" were helmed by producer/engineer Jeff Forrest (Atreyu/Bleeding Through), the new EP is currently being produced by new comer, Roger Alvarez. "Roger is an OLD friend from high school," says Esparza, "I have a history with Jeff, recording with him since I was 18. But it was time for some change and we wanted someone who would be almost like a sixth band member. Roger knew were we wanted to go, we had similar ideas, he has a great ear for music, and he is a musician himself. He knows what people want to hear nowadays, and makes you feel like your a part of the family."

With a new producer in tow, Thirty has promised a change in sound, at least for the moment. Songs on "From The Fallout" include "Taste Of Fate", "In The Fallout", and "Lying To Myself" see the band expanding on its sound rather than abandoning it. The pop hooks provided by lead vocalist, Danielle Cullins, are still intact, but "From The Fallout" provides a much more polished rhythm section, provided by drummer Joel Flores. In response on the question of Joel's new influence in the band, Esparza says, "Joel is a beast. He listens to a lot of Dream Theater, so the newer material has a progressive rock feel to it. His style was more gelled I these songs than on the last EP." Esparza also says that everyone I the band had to step up their game for these songs. "We really pushed to try different things. Our song 'Taste Of Fate' is heavily influenced by hardcore and Metalcore. We start the song off with a breakdown, which is unheard of in this band. Then 'In The Fallout' is probably the heaviest song we have and our progressive style is seen of that song. Danielle is doing things on that song that she doesn't normally do. Even our bassist, Alberto, is killing on the bass." But not all the songs have a "metal" feel to them.

The song that there is a buzz about is their song "Lying To Myself" which is Thirty 30's first outing on writing a pop-rock song. "It sounds like something the Foo Fighters would do. It's an upbeat, fun song with a great lyrical topic and great hooks. Danielle really killed it, and everyone we've played the song to says it could be a radio hit."

Unfortunately, "From The Fallout"'s release will be Thirty 30's first release without the performance of guitarist Daen Olson, who Anthony says was an integral piece in not only Thirty 30's songwriting but a significant part of their sound. Olson left Thirty 30 the night before they released their video, "My Darkest Hour", citing a difference in musical pursuits as his reasoning. On Olson leaving Thirty 30 after two years in the band, Esparza says "Daen auditioned first to be the lead singer but we kept him in the band as a guitarist. Daen was extremely talented and we loved him. Playing with someone who I didn't just admire as a songwriter, but also as a fan of his playing, it really hit us hard. The night he left, we just gave him a big hug and told him we love him and support his decision."

"From The Fallout" also sees the return of Anthony Esparza on vocals. On "Dawn" Anthony is almost back up-like screaming on one song and was quiet on the rest but like "Inventing Ghosts" Anthony screams on every song, even sharing lead vocal duties on the song "From The Fallout". "I've developed a stronger voice and wider vocal range and felt I also had to expand on what I usually do. I tell you, it's really nice to be back on the mic again, and I promise, I'm not doing anything I use to do. This is a brand new voice to me and even I'm surprised with the results."

Thirty 30's "From The Fallout" release was pushed back a bit from October to November so that Anthony Esparza could go back and retrack/rewrite Olson's leads. "Danielle and I are working on the cover art, Roger has begun mixing, and we may just throw one more song in there so we can have more music for our fans." When asked what the is the overall sound which "From The Fallout" can identify best with, Esparza says "imagine if the guitarists of Machine Head wrote with the guitarists of Stone Sour, had Mike Portnoy play drums with Fieldy on bass, and a pop singer fronted the band."

The theme on "From The Fallout" is based around a topic Thirty 30 is known for... Love. However, this EP shows the band utilizing it as more of concept rather than just something to write about. The lyrics were penned by both Cullins and Esparza, and will see Thirty 30 pushing the boundaries on the topic, using nuclear warfare as a metaphor for a broken heart. "From The Fallout" can be seen a metaphor for a broken relationship, isolating yourself in the aftermath, and coming out a new person.

Thirty 30 has began writing for their first album and hopes to have 20 something songs done by December so they can head into the studio this January to begin recording. You can keep up with Thirty 30 updates on everything at their Facebook site or or their twitter page, we're you can follow them at @thirty30thirty3.

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