This Month In Metal: March 2009

Mastodon, Queensryche and many more in the March edition of This Month In Metal

Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon Crack the Skye

Released: March 24 Genre: Progressive Metal Label: Reprise

Mastodon have undergone quite a transformation since their early days, yet they somehow manage to retain a feeling of cohesion. Crack The Skye showcases another change and twist to their sound, but despite everything, it hardly feels surprising nor does it seem out of place. After all, they're a pretty progressive band and fans will surely be familiar with their abilities to mix genres and elements to their liking.

The biggest change from their previous works is found in the vocal department. The screamed/growled vocals are almost completely purged and what's left are various types of clean voices. The vocal style has been a bit of a watershed for listeners to this band; it has driven some potential fans away and generally been the major source of criticism. However in the case of Crack The Skye it's almost mindboggling to think that this is the same band that put out songs like Battle At Sea. It would almost be an exercise in futility to compare this to their early output, and even if it chronologically follows Blood Mountain, it most certainly has more of a musical bond with Leviathan, vocals aside. And in my book that's a good thing, because Leviathan is one of five-or-so albums ever recorded with a legitimate case for being a perfect 10, while Blood Mountain never hit home with me and still to this day mostly serves as a beer coaster.

Crack The Skye is quite a focused effort, both musically and in terms of length, clocking in at around 50 minutes split onto seven tracks, though I must say it doesn't feel like a fifty-minute-listen. There are no songs along the lines of Blood And Thunder or The Wolf Is Loose. Almost the entire album is played at a droning, doom-esque tempo and throughout the listen the prevailing theme and vibe is most definitely dark and depressing. There is also very little to be found in terms of flash and flair on Crack The Skye. Sure, Brann Dailor still drops some amazing grooves, but you get a feeling that this is a band which has decided to play and seem like one unit. It is however worth to note the one section in The Last Baron, around the 6:00 mark, where you have the whole band squaring off in a short instrumental section that has a touch of Dream Theater-done-Mastodon-style to it.

Criticism? Not much. I can most certainly understand if people don't like this album, or if fans of their early work, or Blood Mountain for that matter, don't appreciate it. It's vastly different from the aforementioned album and it's a difficult listen. It's not something to put on if you want to raise the spirits during your keg-party. But for the ones who give it time, give it repeated chances and get to hear it grow with every listen, those people have a potential #1 for 2009.

UG Review Rating: 9

Queensryche American Soldier

Released: March 31 Genre: Hard Rock/Metal Label: Atco

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It's almost a bit painful to think of how low Queensryche have sunk after delivering one of the best albums of all time in Operation: Mindcrime. Chris DeGarmo has been in and out of the band, Mike Stone quit recently and left is Michael Wilton handling guitarduties by himself, in an effort to make American Soldier sound more like classic Queensryche. If he's pleased with his delivery, I do not know, but I do know that this sounds nothing like classic Queensryche.

It's quite common for bands to somewhat slow down their music as they get older, and while retaining the speed of their younger days isn't a given recipe for success, it sure would have helped this bloated, mid-tempo affair. A steady rockbeat dominates the majority of the album and you can rest assured that when a band reminds me of Creed, it's not a good thing.

There's not much to be found in terms of substance in American Soldier. Geoff Tate puts on a good performance, as per expected, but musical and vocal hooks are hard to find. After four-five listens I can't hum back a single song but I can recite one of the spoken interludes to a T. I'm sure Geoff Tate thought depicting the various fates and stories of American soldiers through the years would make for a good theme, but it doesn't quite pan out that way. American Soldier is, bluntly put, one of the dullest albums I've come across in a long, long time. It's time to hang it up boys.

Rating: 3

Pestilence Resurrection Macabre

Released: March 10 Genre: Death Metal Label: Mascot

A couple of the classic, original death metal bands have reunited within the past couple of years. Cynic managed to do so and achieve great success with their new album, Atheist are months from putting out their new album and this month we have the new album from Pestilence. While being somewhat of an underground phenomenon, they recorded a string of critically acclaimed albums such as Spheres and Testimony Of The Ancients before disbanding in 1994. Patrick Mameli leads the outfit on vocals and lead guitar, with Tony Choy on bass and the new guy in the line-up is Peter Wildoer on drums.

Back in the day, Pestilence were quite the trailblazers, incorporating jazz and fusion to craft their unmistakable sound. These days, not so much. There're most certainly some great riffs and leads on Resurrection Macabre, but sometimes that's not enough to save an album. Vocally and lyrically it's quite one-dimensional, depicting various tales of flesh and gore in a low, grunted voice. The most obvious case of repetition comes perhaps not surprisingly in the chorus. It had not been much of an issue, if the same type of repetition had not been present in well over half choruses on the album. The recipe is quite simple: craft a song title consisting of two words, repeat them two-to-four times in every chorus with a pause consisting of one bar in between every word. After about half the album I started to crack up over the choruses, and I'm afraid that Resurrection Macabre is not the album we've been hoping they'd put out.

Pestilence were a band that pushed the envelope, but Resurrection Macabre is an album that sounds like 100 other death metal albums out there. It's not a bad album, it's just nothing special at all. The progressive element is virtually extinct and left is a band that only plays your standard fare of death metal but with hilarious choruses added to the mix.

Rating: 5.5

Blackguard Profugus Mortis

Released: March 25 Genre: Power/black/death metal Label: Nuclear Blast

Blackguard were known as Profugus Mortis when I reviewed their last EP in the November edition of This Month In Metal, and has since changed their name to their current moniker as well as signed to Nuclear Blast. As all self-absorbed individuals, I like to quote myself, and so I shall. In my review of their EP I wrote that I am very much looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us in Blackguard. Well, in hindsight it seems rather daft, as this album is the EP in its entirety re-recorded and with two new tracks. It's obviously the way things go when you get signed and get to release your first album, but perhaps I was expecting a song or two to be cut from the EP and then four-or-so brand new tunes for our ears. But, as I try to judge this album on its own merit, I'll try to look past these complaints of mine.

Blackguard play what would be best described as blackened death metal with some very power-esque keyboards on top. The vocals come in either growled or screamed form, the music is played at breakneck speed and while being full of riffing, it's also very melodic. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it works out splendidly. The music retains a somewhat light-hearted attitude due to the style of the keyboardist, and it lends the songs a dimension beyond what you can accomplish with a more traditional rock/metal line-up. Often the guitars happily chug away while the keyboard outlines the melody and while being a true and tested formula, Blackguard manage to execute it perfectly.

The album is unsurprisingly not very long, coming home at around 40 minutes, and it's the perfect length for an album such as Profugus Mortis, which successfully avoids outstaying its welcome. There's a certain vibe of youthful enthusiasm to the music and while the black and death elements are obvious, it still comes off as a 'fun' album. The two new tracks don't do much either way for the album it's still a very solid release, just like the EP but with a slightly better production. Hell, just listen to Scarlet To Snow and you'll understand what this album is all about.

Rating: 8

Amesoeurs Amesoeurs

Release date: March 10 Genre: Post-Punk/Black Metal Label: Code666

I suppose one of the more somber situations in life is when you know that you're doing something you love for the last time. Surely it must have felt that way for this french outfit when they recorded this, their last album together. I was introduced to the band by fellow UG Team-mate duncang, whose enthusiasm over the band's new and final release started boiling over during our MSN conversations. So I gave it a listen and I'm sure glad I did.

The mood of the album is certainly dark and oh-so-fitting to this being their swan song. The genres listed above, while a tad confusing, make a lot more sense when you actually listen to the album. It's not so much putting it all in a blender and getting a half-breed, but more either or. Some songs have a distinct post-punk vibe to them, and some are black metal. At times they spill over into one another in certain songs, but usually things are kept pretty separate, without sounding like a schizophrenic record.

All lyrics are in French, to add to the interesting mix. I'm usually not all that interested in albums whose lyrics I don't understand, but for this I'll make an exception. At times we have a female singer, and at times we have a traditional male black metal bark and it is again pulled off mightily well. Don't for a second think we have some sort of Nightwish copy, because Amesoeurs is an album much more aimed at subtlety and layers, rather than big choruses and catchy songs. That's not to say this isn't pretty catchy a lot of the guitar work and vocal melodies are very catchy and all in all it's quite a pleasant listen.

It won't so much provoke your mind into thinking in abstract new ways, nor can I see anyone enrolling in French class because of it, but it's an excellent way to spend an hour, listening to one of the better swan song's out there.

UG Review Rating: 7.5

News and tidbits from the past month:

Vomitory will release their new album Carnage Euphoria on May 11 via Metal Blade.

Neaera's new album Omnicide Creation Unleashed will be released on May 25 via Metal Blade.

Former Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King ov Hell have launched their new band, God Seed.

Heathen have announced their new album The Evolution Of Chaos which will be released later in the year via Mascot.

Guitarist Curtis Ward has recently quit Bring Me The Horizon.

Shadows Fall have confirmed the formation of their own label, on which they'll release their as-of-yet-unannounced album this fall.

Alestorm's new album Black Sails At Midnight will be released via Napalm in late May and June.

Tim 'Ripper' Owens will release his first solo album Play My Game via Steamhammer/SPV in May.

Dream Theater's new album Black Clouds & Silver Linings will be released on June 23 via Roadrunner.

Cult of Luna's new DVD Fire Was Born has been pushed back to late April, from it's original March 23rd release date.

The Red Chord will enter the studio in April/May to record their new album.

Epica are currently recording their new album, tentatively due at the end of the year via Nuclear Blast.

Blind Guardian have finished writing 8 songs for their new album and plan to begin production in September or October.

Atheist have signed a record deal with Season of Mist.

And finally, Varg Vikesnes (ex-Burzum) will be released from prison after serving a prison sentence for murdering Oystein Aarseth of Mayhem and setting fire to three churches in the early 1990's.  

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    afortuneinlies wrote: I hope Varg comes out with some coffee shop singer/songwriter indie stuff. but wears corpse paint.
    That creates some funny mental images, fair doos. Good that he's out like, but it's difficult to know what to expect from him... I Just have to wait and see. As for him saying he's staying Black metal, I think that's great - He shouldn't branch out to do some pansy genre just 'cus the world's changed a little bit.
    uitarist Curtis Ward has recently quit Bring Me The Horizon. YES! I excite.
    "Heathen have announced their new album The Evolution Of Chaos which will be released later in the year via Mascot." HELL YEAH!!!!!
    it was back in sam dunn's documentary: metal a headbanger's journey that i heard of Varg Vikesnes...
    I'm not interested to hear about Varg musically as much as I am to hear what kind of irrational political statement he might make. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about more church burnings anytime soon. Does anyone know when he's actually getting out?
    If Varg Vikernes makes another black metal album, I'll buy it. That dude has black metal in the depths of his soul. Admittedly, it'll probably suck.
    i listened to mastadon and tried to like it, but i dont know what it is about them that just doesnt seem to fit with everything else i guess they just arent for me
    Reviewer Pete
    StraightHate wrote: Crack the skye and the POS by Papa Roach have the same rating from UG... Sad really. The new Mastodon is really good. Papa Roach not so much.
    Different reviewers, different scores. *shrug*
    Would be nice if you broadened your horizons a bit please
    And what non-black/death album would you have liked to seen reviewed this month?
    Reviewer Pete
    samaniac87 wrote: redwolf206 wrote: samaniac87 wrote: " “Blood Mountain” never hit home with me and still to this day mostly serves as a beer coaster." Are you kidding me? I instantly stopped reading this article when I saw that line. Why would I take anything else you have to say seriously if you consider yourself to be a music journalist and would refer to one of the best metal albums of 2006 as a beer coaster? Because it's his opinion. No kidding. My point is that I'm not going to listen to any more of his opinions because he claims to be an authority on metal, yet he'll discredit an album that was very critically acclaimed among the metal community as much as to say he uses it as a coaster.
    Yeah, well, I really don't give two shits what the metal community considers to be good or bad when I do my reviews. I most certainly don't deny that "Blood Mountain" was well received and did good for them, but what other people think of it doesn't bother or affect me in the least. That's how it goes, and that how it has to be, otherwise I'd just be putting out reviews containing whatever it is the masses want to hear. Being The Black Album of metal journalists isn't all that appealing to me. But I'll change my beer coaster now, just where is my Nostradamus CD?
    YourMessiah666 wrote: The Number Twelve Looks Like You also put out their cd Worse Than Alone and Vanna just put out their new cd A New Hope come on people
    The 12 aren't considered metal, but it's one of the best releases I have ever heard. Jon Karel's drumming is immpeccable. And Alex Pareja's avant-jazz fushion? Holy ****.
    boyan89 wrote: Awesome reviews Pete. Crack The Skye was brilliant, and I'm getting into Amesoeurs. Pestilence made that bad of an album? (That score is bad for them). Oh and another note though Thanatos and Kathaarsys had new albums out this month, they both slay.
    I wasn't a fan of Mastodon, but Crack the Skye is quite good. I'm surprised at the Pestilence review tho. I haven't heard the new album, but I was hoping it would be excellent.
    I hope Varg comes out with some coffee shop singer/songwriter indie stuff. but wears corpse paint.
    Varg stated a couple months ago that when he's released from prison that he would record one or two black metal albums, because he says black metal's the only music he knows how to make.
    Crack the skye and the POS by Papa Roach have the same rating from UG... Sad really. The new Mastodon is really good. Papa Roach not so much.
    Sick Salvation
    s-o-u-l-f-l-y wrote: Citizen7 wrote: And I wonder if Varg Vikesnes still has any great black metal in his cold heart? The later Burzum material doesn't give me any confidence. lOOOOOL I highly doubt varg will be recording now that he is out of prison.
    it actually says on his website that he wants to record an album or two, black metal of course
    Love your reviews Pete, but that didn't seem a very fitting review for Mastodon - There was only one sentence that actually sounded positive! (the last one).
    I have to say only that French band sounds interesting at all. I agree with Pete But I probly wouldnt even use mastodon to wipe my backside let alone a beer coaster. Music is great-ish but the vocals are sum of the most piss poor I've ever heard.
    Take This Life
    COBHC_Erick429 wrote: BMTH lost their guitarist. YAY! Now they might quit =D!
    As long as they finish their tour so I can see them before they go.
    i just checked their site... the april 6th announcement's been removed... wtf? i was waiting for this
    you forgot to add necrophagist's album releasing april 6th! (atleast thats what their myspace said some time ago...)
    GS LEAD 5
    And finally, Varg Vikesnes (ex-Burzum) will be released from prison after serving a prison sentence for murdering Oystein Aarseth of Mayhem and setting fire to three churches in the early 1990's.
    Isn't that a little dangerous? What if he starts burning churches instead of recording?
    Okay Mastodon, you've proven how awesome you are. Literally two days ago I thought you were an overrated band. Then I bought Crack the Skye and now I get why everyone likes you. I will be more open-minded in the future and will continue to dig your shit. Damn this album kicks ass!
    +1,000,000!!! GO DETHKLOK!
    I think that you all failed to realize that ATHIEST SIGNED WITH MIST. This means they're gonna bring a smack down, and more than likely TOUR WITH CYNIC. Who gives a flying rats ass about Mastodon.
    The New Mastodon album is great!! its an album that will get hardcore music fans into progressive metal because its almost like, entry level progressive or something. incredible though!
    "Dream Theater's new album Black Clouds & Silver Linings will be released on June 23 via Roadrunner."
    Fly-By-Night wrote: the new queensryche really was a dissapointment, but at least we have the Dream Theater album to look forward to! Also Mastodon's new album is great. I prefer it to Blood Mountain, but their both great albums.
    i think the new mastodon album is great personally, but im a big progressive metal guy, its not too obscure to the point where non-progressive listeners will hate it though, the newest cynic album seems to turn off a lot of people with the falsetto singing but i think theyre both genius.
    I am dissapointed that queensryche recieved such a bad review. The buildup for the album seemed pretty good, sad they couldn't meet expectations.
    the new queensryche really was a dissapointment, but at least we have the Dream Theater album to look forward to! Also Mastodon's new album is great. I prefer it to Blood Mountain, but their both great albums.
    I just hope Blind Guardian's new album will be better than their last (half-assed) effort..
    Another good article from a good reviewer. People bitchin' get over it, it's a matter of opinion. The guy's human and the idea of a review is to see what someone else thinks. Occasionally the honesty is a bit blunt but I think he has some valid points. Now, I'm out of Jagermeister, god damn it.
    Sunshine Goth
    wow didn't know Gaahl had left Gorgoroth, thats a shame. Still good reviews, the new dream theatre album will be kick ass.
    farquarl wrote: {quote]AnEvilWalrus wrote: THE WORLD NEEDS THE NEW DETHKLOK ALBUM.
    Too Right. New season would be nice too.[/quote] Definately needs a new season. What will happen to the dethtower!?
    BSM123456789 wrote: i listened to mastadon and tried to like it, but i dont know what it is about them that just doesnt seem to fit with everything else i guess they just arent for me
    Maybe its the vocals? I felt this way about Blood Mountain, still do. But Crack The Skye is INCREDIBLE.
    quote]AnEvilWalrus wrote: THE WORLD NEEDS THE NEW DETHKLOK ALBUM.[/quote] Too Right. New season would be nice too.
    This is essentially the only actual article on UG worth reading. There are some good interviews and it's still alright for news if you like adverts repackaged but what is with all the shit fiction on here? This article is only thing I actually look forward to on here now. Sorry if that's a bit off topic, it's just meant as praise for the article. And it's sad to hear about the Queensryche album.
    Reviewer Pete
    "The phrase "swan song" is a reference to an ancient belief that the Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) is completely mute during its lifetime until the moment just before it dies, when it sings one beautiful song"
    Reviewer Pete
    ibanez124 wrote: Are they not going to mention Lamb of God's new album? WTF
    It was out last month dude...
    And what about news from tBDM or BTBAM??? Behemoth???
    No news about them in the month of March. Well, some about Behemoth and their studio adventures, but nothing more substantial (release date etc) than I've reported in previous installments.
    I'd almost count Beyond Fear as that, as Owens and John Comprix are mainly behind both projects.
    Yeah I know. I just quoted his press release.
    henkka_potku wrote: Former Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King Ov Hell? Wtf?
    Yes, essentially infernus kicked them out.
    Never liked mastodon, Crack the skye makes me come a bit everytime I listen to it though though. Love it.