Time Management Sucks! But

Ever tried to tackeled more than what you can handle in a day? Here's one way I've managed to keep my sanity, music goals and family life in check.

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We have to do itand if you're like me where you have to balance a family life, workout, study and work on business and marketing, keeping updates on different websites, make articles, create lesson for students, rehearse with a band or bands, have the day to day errands, record to finish the CD, compose new songs.. What else can you add?

Before you realize it, your day could have started at 5:00 am (like mine) and finish around 10 PM and still not be able to do what you REALLY wanted to do that day

Wishing the day had more hours wouldn't do us any good why? Because we would probably tackle even more things during that 26 hour work day and still not manage to do what we intended.

Now we've got 3 options

1. Complain about the lack of time 2. Let time decide what it wants me to do OR 3. I decide what to do with my day.

Option 3 sounds pretty damn cool to me. Now that I've decided how my day will go, it's up to me to write down what I have to get done. Why write it down? It keeps me focused and if you're like me you'll wonder off to lala land and forget what you wanted to do in the first place.

Time management is what we're after but I'm not one to write down time management and feel inspired. So my title for this week is BUST A MOVE!

That's right. I said it.

When you're making your list, concentrate on quality vs. quantity For example, I found out that working out for 45 intense minutes is a better workout (for my goals) vs. 2 hours. Practicing guitar for 30 solid minutes is MUCH better vs. 1 hours

Accommodate your time best as possible. But always strive to do your best on those things in other words don't half ass it! Get it done right the first time.

Here's what my Monday looks like:

Monday: Change house filters, workout, clean dog poop from yard, read book for 45 minutes, send mixed track to publishing company, prep 1 song for lyrics. DONE.

Once I'm done with my list, I can do anything else I want. The important thing is that you accomplished your goals for that day. Personally, I have daily goals that set me up to finish my mid to long term goals if I don't work on them daily, then I'll never reach them.

Make your weekly schedule and stick to it!

Oscar Ortega www.oscarortega.net

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