To Reach The Top

Schism finishes a successful show.

Ultimate Guitar

Chad stepped off the stage. He was drenched with sweat and his ears were ringing from the roar of the crowd and the effect of his amp that recently stopped echoing. As he pushed through the crowd, he could feel pats on his back and wild fan girls pulling at him. Finally, he reached the exit to the venue, Valence, and walked right out, escaping the madness. He sat on the steps leading up to the entrance. It was freezing, a typical, New York City winter day. He took in a huge breath of air and spit it back out. Suddenly, he felt a hand slap his back. "Pretty noisy in there, huh?" It was Jake, the vocalist in Chad's band, Schism.

"Yeah...too noisy..." Chad replied. He'd always hated noise. "You better start getting used to it. You're a lead guitarist in a well-known underground band. People think we rock man.

"I've never been a big fan of attention. I play for the thrill, not to get clobbered by fans as soon as I step off a stage."

"Well, once we get security, those fans will have a problem, won't they?"

They both laughed.

"Seriously though man, we're going somewhere, I can feel it. But you gotta stop speeding off the stage as soon as the show ends."

Chad looked up at the night sky. He had always been so anti-social. That was what he worried about most when the band started up about seven months ago. Bringing the band down with his horrible personality trait.

"Next time will be different, I promise."

Jake patted him on the back. "Got faith in you man. Look, lets go back inside and help the others with the equipment. Looks like Aaron and Monty already brought it all to the entrance.

Aaron was a drummer, Monty was a bassist, Chad was a guitarist, Jake was a vocalist. Together, the formed Schism, a band that was rapidly rising in the underground rock scene. They were all seniors in high school. Although they'd all been friends since freshmen year, they didn't start the band until Jake suggested it seven months earlier.

They piled up in Monty's truck with the guitars, amps, and drum set safely in the back.

"Dude, we rocked that show! We were the best band in the whole place!" Yelled Monty. He was the loudest and most cockiest member of the band.

"Sure was. We can't get too ahead of ourselves though, we're not at the top yet." Said Aaron. He was always a "down to earth" sort of guy.

"Let me put it this way guys. We did great. We gotta keep it up though if we want to reach the top. We're far from number one, but hell, were making a statement. We just gotta keep at it, keep ripping up shows. We gotta try for a bigger venue next time though." Said Jake.

"Then that's what we'll do. We'll just keep rocking out." Chad said.

There was more talking going on, but Chad couldn't hear a thing. He was so exhausted. Suddenly his eyes started to fall. He wasn't sure, but he was pretty sure he heard Jake telling Monty to drive to his place, they could crash there.

~Zane Chaos

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    "well-known underground band."... Well... ummm... sure... I guess you could say that...
    wayy too short, if your going to continue this the chapters need to be longer
    who plays music but hates noise?
    me keep it goin man, i wanna know what happens with this Chad guy
    Not bad, but too superficial to really be judged on quality. It could still go any way
    eh...idk why but im not really diggin it...who plays music but hates noise? then again its hard to grab attention with just a small piece of the story
    In my opinion it feels like this story was written after you played the Guitar Hero and/or watched programming on the VH1.
    Zane Chaos
    Good to get comments Please keep them coming. I'm trying to decide whether to keep this going as a weekly column.