To Reach The Top. Part 4

Chad wakes up dazed and confused.

Ultimate Guitar

Chad woke up with a headache. His vision was slowly returning to him and his memory was not serving him correctly. Whatever happened last night was a huge blur to him. He tried to figure out where he was. As he collected his thoughts, he realized he was laying down. He sat up, although, he had some difficulty performing the task for reasons he did not know.

He took a look around the unfamiliar room. It was small and dull. There weren't many colors besides blue and white around him. To his left he could see a stretcher and a closed door. To his right there was a wide window with a great view of the dark, cloudy sky. This whole scene fell right into the category of a hospital room. But it didn't add up. What happened that put him in a hospital?

Just then, the door creaked opened. Jake walked in and closed the door behind him. He looked very upset.

"Hey man, what am I doing in the hospital?" Chad asked.

"You don't remember what happened last night?" Jake asked as he took a seat close to Chad's bed. "Not a thing."

"Listen Chad," Jake began. "Last night, you took Emma out to dinner. Burglars attempted to rob the place, and you punched one. got shot Chad. In your leg and in your chest."

Chad was shocked. He began scanning his body and found that he had bandages covering the spots Jake had indicated. The memories from the night before began rushing into his head. The gunshots, the sirens, the crooks, the police, the pain, and the....the screaming; Emma's screaming.

Chad turned to Jake. "Where's Emma? Is she hurt?"

Jake looked down at the ground. "She's not hurt, but in shock. She's required to go to therapy twice a week. Listen, I know you're not in the best condition, but I gotta give you bad news."

Chad sighed. "Alright, out with it."

Jake turned to look at Chad. "You can't see Emma for a while. Last night scarred her emotionally. Seeing you would hurt her deeply. For now, I think it's best if you just stood away from her. For her sake, Chad."

Chad felt his throat begin to choke up and his face burn. This was one of the worst things that could happen to him. He loved Emma and never got to tell her. What will he do now? Keeping his emotions bottled up would tear him apart. Just then, another thing burned into his mind. Things might just get a bit worse.

"What about the band?" Chad asked. "Emma lives with you and we practice at your place. She's bound to see me."

Jake looked down again. "Sorry man, we won't be practicing at my place anytime soon."

"Then where will we practice? We don't have anywhere else."

"Well, we're just gonna have to hold off on the band right now."

"But what about the big opportunity to open for that band?"

Jake got up and began walking to the door. "Sorry dude, family comes first."

As Jake left the room and closed the door behind him, Chad began to weep. One day he had it all, and now he lost everything. He wanted to get away from it all. He turned and took a long look at the window and felt the urge to open it.

~Zane Chaos

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    Just read prat 3 and 4, you're definetily coming up on something. I'm enjoying it!
    2nd installment he gets shot, third installment he confesses his love for a girl he just met in the first installment. sure these are great plot twists, but where do you plan on going next?