To Reach The Top. Part 6

Chad awakes, ready to tackle his first day back in school.

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Okay, wanted to start this with an apology. It's been a very long time since I've wrote a new chapter, but school had me tied recently. I should be writing chapters regularly again, Thursdays to be exact, if this article goes out in time. Again, sorry everyone. Hope this chapter was a good one and gets you all back on track and interested in Chad's story/life once more.


"Good Morning California. Beautiful weather we're having today, perfect day for kids to return to school for the spring semester! The weather today is..." The man on the radio continued on and on until Chad was able to summon enough energy to turn off the radio. He stumbled out of bed and dragged himself across his room to the bathroom. He took a look at himself in the mirror. His eyes were barely even open. He threw some cold water on his face, giving his body a little jolt, and proceeded to take a brief shower.

Roger sat in the kitchen of his apartment. He sipped on his coffee as he browsed through the newspaper. He heard a door creak and looked up. There he saw his brother slowly approaching the kitchen, dragging his feet. He noticed how neat his brother looked this morning. Freshly cut hair, short sleeve, collared shirt, and a tie.

"Well, little business man looks excited for his first day of school," Roger said.

Chad groaned. "Real funny," he replied.

Roger chuckled. "I'm kidding man, you look cool. Now, I'm not gonna be home 'till late today, I've got classes all day. I haven't really done any serious food shopping since you moved in, so take some extra money and go grab something after school."

Roger handed out some money and Chad took it. He grabbed a granola bar and a little, boxed juice and proceeded towards the door.

"Thanks man, see you later!" Chad called as he left the apartment.

"Have a good day man! Be careful! Pay attention in class!Um..." Roger tried to think of more to say, but Chad had already moved pretty far from the apartment. Roger sighed. He walked into his room and pulled out the book, "A Guide to Parenting," to pass the time until he had to go to class. Chad had already walked several blocks and wasn't far from his school. A memory popped into his head. The incident at the restaurant at New York. Emma. He felt his fist clutch and his eyes became watery. He quickly shook his head, as to escape the thought. He began thinking of a song he and his brother had been composing since he had moved, and he couldn't help but smile.

Finally, he had reached his new school. "Hendric High School" is what the sign outside the campus read. Chad walked in and didn't know where to go. People buzzed by him, all of them proceeding further into the campus, clearly knowing where they were going. He walked towards a huge map of the campus, and put his shaking finger near the key, trying to find a room or office that deemed useful. Suddenly, someone tapped his back.

"Are you new here? You seem lost." It was a girl. She was soft spoken, and a little shorter than Chad. She had black hair with purple highlights.

"Yeah, sort of. Could you help me out a bit?"

"Sure. Since you're new, you should probably go in there." She pointed to a small building directly in front of them. "That's the main office, you can get your schedule there." She chuckled. "And they'll give you a map of the school. A smaller one."

"Thanks so much. I'm Chad by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Hannah, a senior. Well, I'll see you around." He watched as she walked what seemed to be the main building. Then, he went to the office to get his schedule. He didn't have to many classes, due to his senior status. Just 6 periods, consisting of AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, English, Physical Education, and Lunch, respectively. He drifted through his classes, barely arriving to any of them on time. When lunch came, he was relieved. The day was pretty much over. He sat at an empty table in the courtyard and began to eat. He looked around to see if Hannah was around but she was no where to be seen. Not here, and not in any of his classes.

"Hey there." A guy that had been in all of Chad's classes sat on the other side of the table.

"Hey," Chad replied.

"I hear you're new. I'm Sam."

"I'm Chad, nice to meet you."

"So where did you go to school before here?"

"New York."

"Wow, that's awesome, I always wanted to go there." Sam looked around. "So why'd you leave?"

Chad looked away. "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Alrighty man, no problem. So, you in to rock music?"

"Yeah man, I love it." This led to a long conversation between the two senior boys.

Sam laughed. "Ah, you gotta hang out with my friends man. They're really into music too. Wanna come by my place Friday night?"

Chad thought about it and wasn't sure. He'd just met this guy. Sure, he seemed cool, but Chad barely knew him. "I might be busy, I'll let you know later this week."

The bell rang. Sam had another class, so he and Chad parted ways. As Chad walked home, he thought about his day. He had met two new people, which wasn't too bad for his first day. He took a look at his watch. 12:20. Pretty early. Might as well grab some dinner for later he thought. As he continued to walk home, searching for a place to get some food, he noticed how many people were outside. They all looked like they were in their 20s. Can't blame them for being outside, it was a beautiful day. Chad found a small fast food spot called "Seemsters" on the way home, and went in to grab some dinner. As he walked in, he looked around. There were small tables all around, surrounded by chairs, and a register straight in front of him. He ordered a small meal, paid, and waited for his meal. He felt a hand tap his shoulder, and turned to see Hannah.

~Zane Chaos

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    This was a great chapter! Lots of development, a plateau from the initial exposition. I really liked it.