Top 10 8-Bit Game Soundtracks

Back to the 80's.

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Top 10 8-Bit Game Soundtracks

10. Turbo Tunnel - Battletoads

Battletoads is known for 2 things. Being ridiculously hard and its kick-ass soundrack. And fast-paced sondtrack of the third level is great example of that.

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9. Tetris theme (Korobeiniki)

While Original NES Tetris B Theme has some catchy tunes as well, this one is simply too iconic to be ignored.

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8. Jungle Theme - Contra

Like a fine wine bottled in the 1980s, the Jungle Theme have aged well. Not only is it memorable, it also sound great when firing the spread gun at eye after evil alien eye.
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7. Final Fantasy Main Theme

Nobuo Uematsu is a genius. And this was his first masterpiece. Where everything started.
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6. Training Theme - Michael Tyson's Punch-out

The training scenes between in this game are iconic – Little Mac in his pink sweatsuit and Doc on his bike, racing past the Statue of Liberty. And the music – a Rocky meets MIDI concoction – is inseparable from the visuals.

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5. World 1-1 theme - Super Mario Bros.

When most people around the world think of videogame music, their brains instantly spool up the main theme from Super Mario Bros. Do we need to say more?

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4. Bloody Tears (Castlevania II Simon's Quest)

What a terrible night to choose the best Castlevania soundtrack!
Castlevania has too many epic soundtracks to choose from, but it's Bloody Tears that really pushes 8-bit music to the limit.

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3. Legend of Zelda Main Theme

From the forests of Hyrule to the bat-filled dungeons beneath it, Zelda's music carries you along with a magical mood, but it's the main theme that sets the tone for the entire adventure.
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2. Dr. Wily Castle - Megaman II

Mega Man II had it all. Incredible level design, hairpin controls, badass weapons and the best soundtrack in the whole serie. Storming a villain's castle has never been so intense.
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1. Moon Level (Ducktales)

When the soundtrack is bigger than the game itself it sure says something. Moon level theme is the ultimate nostalgia soundtrack and that's precisely why it takes the top spot on our list. 
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    Honorable mentions... Double Dragon NES:  Mission 1 Super Mario Bros 2:  Level 1 The Last Ninja 1 & 2 (C64)
    Super Mario 2 has never gotten the recognition it deserves anywhere else so not too surprised as its usually one of the last Mario games you here brought up....I did half expect Zelda to be top..... Mario was at about a perfect position though I actually expected to see higher because the icon status of the game.... Felt finial fantasy should've been higher.... All in all... Interesting topic and pet solid and pretty accurate list
    "Prince of Persia" for NES - definitely just genial soundtrack - and one of my personal all-time favourites
    Some excellent ones aswell:
    Always been a fan of how this one pushed the NES and its catchy as hell!
    C-C Beatroot
    I just discovered this soundtrack via a Cardiacs fan site recently, apparently the composer was a big fan! So that's a hot tip for you all, the one I heard did remind me of the The Icing On The World. Cardiaaaaacs!
    Nice! Never heard of this one. That track sounds a mix between rush an (good old) Mägo de Oz \m/
    Mario is without a doubt the most iconic video game song of all time, even other mario songs n castlevania silence of daylight but bottom line is koji kondo is the man he's behind mario n Zelda songs
    Personally, I like soundtrack for the first part of "Castlevania" on NES - so dark!..
    Look, I hate to be that guy - I really really do, but I call BS!  Check how badass this one is! At about 45 seconds the peak hits - but watch the whole thing. Batman Intro nes:
    "Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku!: Harukanaru Kin Medal" [aka "Crash'n the Boys: Street Challenge"]
    You all should check out the soundtrack of I Wanna Be the Guy, it's basically the compilation of all the best 8bit OSTs.
    How the hell does the moon level in Ducktales beat out Castlevania, Zelda, Mario, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy?! That song isn't even in the same league as the rest of the list, yet it's number 1. *sigh* I guess what's the point of complaining though.
    X-men for Sega had a pretty badass soundtrack. The level when you're on a space ship I remember particularly. Streets of Rage had a good one too. Any other video games with awesome music that I can think of were for PlayStation. Most from Squaresoft were great.
    Death Music from Dragon Warrior IV - Ruby Tears I think it's called Most of the Ironsword (Wizards & Warriors III) stuff would be great to do an 80's Maiden style cover of. The entire soundtrack for Exodus Ultima (Ultima III for the NES) was actually a redone score of JApanese Pop songs - the battle theme from that is metal a fuck though.
    This is my favorite Soundtrack in 8Bit
    Turtles 2: Back from the Sewers on Game Boy, track 2 "Bump Me". Best song!
    Personally I loved this theme when I was five years old and totally didn't know how to play this game
    shouldnt this be "top 10 NES soundtracks?" Where's the love for all the other systems? the Master System/Gamegear has some great music: 
    "James Bond Jr." - really hard NES game (and totally underrated) - with so epic soundtrack:
    I mean, the Final Fantasy one there wasn't actually 8-bit. Love the "Prelude" pieces from those games though, I feel that melody is about as iconic as the main theme.
    For once, I agree with every entry on the list. Just not the order. I LOVE that Bloody Tears and MM2 are on here.
    Ironsword- Wizards & Warriors II soundtrack is epic. Also, any NES Megaman soundtrack is badass.
    Wow, this might be the first list that I actually agree with, except that I think Legend of Zelda should be No. 1. 
    Very NES heavy list, but hard to argue with. There were some fantastic soundtracks on Commodore 64 and Master System too. Sonic 1 for MS especially that bridge zone theme!
    Technically the Master System version came out after the Genesis version so it would be an 8-bit version of the 16-bit version.
    "Panic Restaraunt": Unfortunately almost unknown game, but with so beautiful OST - for every level
    "Hook" - creepy and beautiful game - and unfortunately underrated - and the soundtrack is so great too!
    Strictly speaking, Uematsu had already written 17 other videogame scores by the time he got round to Final Fantasy. But yeah. 
    Let´s just say that these are the "classics" but, please be sure to check out "Journey to Silius" soundtrack. It´s AMAZING!!
    Willow for NES had some good ones. Back then the music could make or break the game
    playlist didnt link right so here's one with the whole thing in one track....
    One very obscure 8bit soundtrack is from Sweet Home! definitely give it a shot!