Top 10 Best Cowbell Songs

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Top 10 Best Cowbell Songs

War - Low Rider

This epic tribute to Chicano hot rod culture from War has everything - the hazy vocals, funky bassline, the catchy harmonica – and of course, the almighty cowbell.

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Mountain - Mississippi Queen

A 9-second cowbell intro in 'Mississippi Queen' is a pure awesomeness. If only there was more of it. 

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Guns 'N' Roses - Night Train

Although the cowbell is not often used in hard rock, Guns 'N' Roses managed the task just fine in this song, devoted to a cheap Californian wine called 'Night Train Express' 

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The Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies

COWBELL SOLO! Need I say more?

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Def Leppard - Rock of Ages

Def Leppard's Rick Allen proves once again that nothing can stop you from playing drums.... and rocking a cowbell. 

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Dance the Night Away - Van Halen

The band’s first top 20 U.S. hit was inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” and was written during the recording sessions for 1979’s Van Halen II. And what better way to dance the night away than with a loud honking cowbell.


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Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

The band's signature tune would honestly be nothing without its driving cowbell, which is wielded like a lead instrument from start to finish.

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Grand Funk Railroad - We’re An American Band

'We're an American Band' needs no description – just let the cowbell do the talking.

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(Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

A song that made the cowbell great again, (Don't Fear) the Reaper was already a great song, but after Will Ferrell and the company made the skit it had become legendary.

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The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women

"Honky Tonk Women," by The Rolling Stones  is perhaps the raunchiest song ever, even though the prevalent cowbell heard throughout was allegedly banged not by Charlie Watts, but the song’s producer, Jimmy Miller – clearly a man not afraid to tell a band when they need “MORE COWBELL!”

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    No QOTSA - Little Sister? 
    I think they left out that one cause is not a song with cowbell, basically is a cowbell with song.
    I think they left it out because it's actually a jam block, but still anybody who listens to it automatically thinks cowbell.
    There's footage in the studio of Joey Castillo using a cowbell. Jam block is the stand in live (and in the video).
    It is a jam block in the album but it is a cowbell now. Every time I saw them live it was a cowbell
    Live wire from motley crue should take for funniest cowbell part in a song 
    It's not a block?  Fun part no doubt - great part actually - actually, who doesn't look forward to that part?  
    it sounds like a bell but hard to see in the video ... lol.. I mean I love that part of the song but it was still so funny the first I heard it in my teens 
    Great tune.  Not sure if that is their first album, but anything raw and early from them is great.  Ozzys Boneyard plays more early stuff from them.  
    Pink Floyd - Pigs I'm always air drumming the cowbell in this song. 
    YES! and you HAVE to air drum that! my brother always tries to debate me that its a block.
    The Darkness - One Way Ticket When I saw them live, they had a skit where a beam of light came from the ceiling with angelic music playing. A cowbell came down (on a very obvious piece of string) and the bassist took it and started playing the intro. T'was amusing.
    I love that sick cow bell solo in Make Some Noice by Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies is gret too.
    Pink Floyd - Pigs [Three Different Ones] Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times Coheed and Cambria - Faint of Heart
    Like Metal or not, Rob Zombie does a lot of justice to "We're An American Band". Give it a listen!
    I remember as even a marching band nerd in high school that we weren't gonna play Low Rider without a cowbell.
    Thunder- I Love You More Than Rock and Roll.
    Wow what a great song. I never heard of these guys before. Great style and sound with good vocals. Cool.
    Check out the albums Backstreet Symphony and Robert Johnson's Tombstone. Laughing on Judgement Day is very good as well. They're a super fun live band, lots of crowd interaction, and the singer still sounds amazing 30 years after their debut. 
    Cmon  how can you let  Sick for the Cure  from Cinderella out of the list ???  "  The  Bruce Dickinson" producer Should be proud of it  
    some songs cold ethyl alice cooper a little less conversation elvis dead jail rock and roll monroe everybody has a good times darkness goin crazy,ladies nite in bufalo dave lee roth hooks in you iron maiden hungry like a wolf,rio duran duran original fire, revelations audioslave pour some sugar on me show me your soul rhcp ted just admit it jane's addiction the mystical potato satriani steel panther (lots of songs)
    Hendrix Easy Rider- probably not there because utube banned most of his stuff, coughtorrentsdiscographycough
    I know it didn't have a whole lot of it, but wasn't there cowbell in LOG In Defense of Our Good Name?