Top 10 Misheard Lyrics

Edition 2.0

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Top 10 Misheard Lyrics

A few years ago we published a top 10 of misheard lyrics here at UG. We had great fun back than, so we decided to dig up some more to define the mood for the upcoming week. Here is a Top 10 of Misheard Lyrics 2.0

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Apparently, Steve Harris, Iron Maiden's bass player and writer of the song, was immensely afraid of one particular duck back in the day. Probably nothing new to you, but come on, it’s a gem. It had to be included.

Misheard lyrics: ''Fear of the duck, fear of the duck / I have a phobia that someone's always there''

Actual lyrics: “Fear of the dark, fear of the dark / I have a phobia that someone's always there”

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Could be possible that Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart because people were trying to make sure they’ve heard the lyrics right.

Misheard lyrics: ''i tell you to end your life... i wish i could but it’s too late''

Actual lyrics: “I tell you to enjoy life...I wish I could but it's too late”

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Looks like Mikael Åkerfeldt from the Swedish heavy metal band Opeth thinks of tacos every time he hears the baying hounds.

Misheard lyrics: "I hear the baying of the hounds in the distance / I hear them devouring / The best made tacos of the earth"

Actual lyrics: “I hear the baying of the hounds / In the distance, I hear them devouring / Pest ridden jackals of the earth”

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John Petrucci, frontman of American progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater, wrote the song “Voices” about mental schizophrenia, while using religious themes to make the song more metaphorical and vivid. The song turned out to be a success, but perhaps he could work on articulation a bit more.

Misheard lyrics: “F*** this wh*re, Drink a Troll...”

Actual lyrics: "Thought Disorder, Drain Control...”

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German power-metal band Halloween had a cognominal song on their second studio release called “Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 1”. A lot of people remember it because of the misheard lyrics:

MASTURBATE! MASTURBATE! Grab your musket, don't be late!

The Actual lyrics said: "Masquerade! Masquerade! Grab your mask, and don't be late”

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"Sequoia Throne" is a song by Protest The Hero and is the second single released from their 2008 album Fortress. In this song some people hear a short touching confession.

Misheard lyrics: “I like boobies and pie!”

Actual lyrics: "Like our movies imply!”

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The chorus of song called "Crawl Through Knives" by a Swedish heavy metal band In Flames starts and ends with the same phrase. The only difference is that second time it sounds a bit provocative...

Misheard lyrics: “It’s in my aaaaaaass!”

Actual lyrics: "it's in my hands!”

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The “Sex is on fire” reached #1 in several countries: UK, Australia, Ireland and Finland. I guess they intentionally named the song with the first phrase of the chorus to avoid any misunderstandings.

Misheard lyrics: “Ohh, dyslexics on fire!”

Actual lyrics: "Ohh, this sex is on fire”

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The Green day song called "21 Guns" has the cutest chorus ever (debatably).

Misheard Lyrics: “One, tiny mongoose / Lay down your arms / Give up the fight / One, tiny mongoose / Throw up your arms into the sky, / You and I"

Actual lyrics: "One, 21 guns / Lay down your arms / Give up the fight / One, 21 guns / Throw up your arms into the sky, / You and I"

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And last but not least are Norwegian black metal band The Old Mans Child with a song “Doommaker» and an offer, that I will respectfully decline.

Misheard Lyrics: “Come forth and smell my farts!”

Actual lyrics: “Come forth, put spells on my thoughts”.

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    Im calling bullshit! Sex on fire and fear of the dark are misheard? The name of the song is misheard?
    100% agree.  Nobody thinks "Dyslexics on Fire" is a thing.  Also, surprised Trivium didn't make the list.  As much as I love them, they have some hilarious misheard lyrics.
    Yup, misheard lyrics of gunshot to the head of trepidation are perfect. 
    The very first one I heard was Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr, and still now I sing the misheard lyrics. I never bothered learning the actual lyrics haha
    Khetag Lagkuti
    Do you by any chance have a link?
    My bad, i was thinking about pull harder...
    And "one, tiny mongoose?", Like seriously?? What is the person writing this on? I want the same he's having.
    Brave This Storm (in a live video at Rock Am Ring (2015?)) sounded like "I'm very pissed off" to me.
    The only Maiden misheard song is The Evil That Men Do... The "Medieval Kathmandu" part always gets me. I like it as much as Fishmaster.
    I Don't think any one has misheard 21 Guns either. Tiny Mongoose was too much of a stretch
    Excuse me, while I kiss this guy?
    He actually said that though. Those are the actual lyrics. 
    I think Jimi had fun with it in later live shows where he clearly does say it with a laugh  
    I don't understand the downvotes. Those are the actual lyrics. His producer thought they were too risky and made him change them. I literally watched the producer say that himself. Think about it "acting funny and I don't know why. Excuse me while I kiss the sky"? That doesn't make any sense. Hendrix sang them the way he wrote them live. "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy" This is a fact and doesn't make any sense to down vote a fact.
    Actual Lyric: "Wake up! Grab a brush, and put a little make-up! Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up! Why'd you leave the keys upon the table! Here you go, create another fable!" Misheard Lyric: "Wake-up!(wake-up) shabba-dooba-dabba-dooba make-up! Habba-dooba-dabba-dooba make-up! Wabba-dooba-dabba-dooba Table! Habba-dooba-dabba-dooba table!"
    "you wanted to" is missing a couple of times, and that's what makes it hard to dissect the words at first hearing, that and the speed they sing that at..
    There's the bathroom on the right.
    UG did this as Wednesday question a couple of years back, this was number 1 (no pun intended). I'd never heard it as that before and ever since it's all I hear when I listen to this song. Damn you UG. 
    Actual lyrics: "Darkness! Imprisoning me!”  Misheard lyrics: “Doctors! Are visiting me!” 
    Actual lyrics: "IN WAVES!" Misheard Lyrics: "EEEEIIIIGHT WIIIIIVES!!!!!" "EGG WHIIIITEESS!!!!" "EEEAAAT RIIIIICE!!!!!" "EATTTT WHALLEEEESSS" the list goes on
    Surprised to not find Rational Gaze here...!  "I like juice! Finish your juice!! Filtered vitamin substance!!" EDIT: Shame on me. Never saw the Edition 1.0 Article... Sorry. 
     Interpol - Obstacle 1    Misheard Lyrics:  Chicken wing! chicken wing! chicken wing! cheese bag!  Actual lyrics: she can read, she can read, she can read, she's bad 
    Actual lyrics: "But the memory remains”   Misheard lyrics: “But the memo, it remains"  Actual Lyric: Make his fight on the hill in the early day Misheard lyrics: Midgets fight on the hill in the early day
    Misheard lyrics: “F*** this wh*re, Drink a Troll...”Actual lyrics: "Thought Disorder, Drain Control...”
    DREAM control. If you want "drain" control, call a plumber!
    "How can you have any pussy if you don't beat your meat"  Another brick pt 2, Pink Floyd.. 
    As a kid I always thought it was "Words don't soothe the hungry" but really it was just "Pour some sugar on me".  Damn you Def Leppard , I gave you too much credit
    When I was a kid I used to think Message in a Bottle by the Police contained the lyrics: "A year has passed since I broke my nose" Turns out I was wrong....
    I used to think that in All Along the Watchtower Dylan said "None will ever own the mind, nobody of it is worth" instead of "none will level on the line, nobody of it is worth"... to be honest I wish it was the former, but I still partially made up a badass quote by accident!
    "John Petrucci, frontman of American progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater...." He's the guitarist, you fucks. Not the frontman.
    Trivum - Pull harder on the strings of your martyr. The entire song, check for the video on youtube
    Blink-182 "I walk alone, to get the feeling right" Actual "I wore cologne, to get the feeling right"
    "John Petrucci, frontman of American progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater, wrote the song “Voices” about mental schizophrenia, while using religious themes to make the song more metaphorical and vivid. The song turned out to be a success, but perhaps he could work on articulation a bit more." While you could argue that John Petrucci is indeed the frontman these days, at least off the stage, the second sentence makes it rather confusing. Come on man, Petrucci is the guitarist, James LaBrie is the singer.
    This is a crap list. The #1 misheard lyrics has to be Taylor Swift's "Starbucks lovers".
    Badass UltraMan
    When I was a kid I thought Bat Out Of Hell contained the line "And I think somebody, somewhere must taller than a bear". Despite now knowing what the actual line is I find it impossible to unhear my original interpretation.
    Yeah. I'm sure everyone thinks the lyrics are: 'Dyslexics on fire' How do you mishear the name of the song?
    Actual lyrics: "New blood joins this earth/and quickly he's subdued”   Misheard lyrics: “New bird joins this earth/and quickly he's a jew"   Actual lyrics: "Throughout his life, the same/:he's battled constantly”   Misheard lyrics: “Throughout this night the same/: his salad, tossed and laid"  Actual lyrics: "The old man, he prepares to die regretfully”   Misheard lyrics: “The old man needs repairs to tiny grated eggs"  Actual lyrics: "Never free. Never me.”   Misheard lyrics: “Lemonade. Lemondaaaaade-AH!" 
    One that always got me until recently was chop suey by system of a down. What I sang was "trust in my, so fried chop-suicide" What the lyrics actually are" trust in my, self righteous suicide"
    Actual Lyric: "Blackbird singing in the dead of night/take these broken wings and learn to fly" Misheard Lyric: "RACE WAR RACE WAR RACE WAR KILL THEM ALL, CHARLIE!!!" In 'Like Eating Glass' by Bloc Party, where he sings "open mouth swallowing us", me and my mates would sing "open mouth swallowing arse" and laugh ourselves stupid.
    My favorite from Metallica: Niggas fight on the hill in an early days
    Way Cool JR.
    One of my biggest misheard lyrics is in the song "Blinded By The Light" the lyrics go "Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce Another runner in the night " but I always heard "Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night" 
    I swear my whole life i thought the last verse to Paranoid said "asshole as you hear these words"...was super bummed when I found out the truth... 
    Biggest one of recent memory is Imagine Dragons. Radioactive~Ready to rock you. I heard tons of people sing this wrong. And yes, it's the title of the song.
    Offspring Genocide : "Dog eat dog, every day" -- Me listening to this as a kid "Donkey Kong, every day".
    'Girl' by Beck should be there. No one knows if it's 'sunshine' or 'cyanid' girl. Even the lyric booklet leaves it to the imagination.
    Stabbing Westward:  I think I'd rather be alone Misheard Lyrics: I think I'd rather PEE alone
    mine when i was a kid was misheard= I need A goats hug actual- I am the cult of CUlt of personality. and people saying pfft how didnt you know thaats the name of the song. dude I was 6, I didnt give a fuck about the name of the song. I just heard it on the radio.
    i am pretty sure Helloween call pretty often on for masturbation in their songs. and thats why i like.em