Top 10 Rammstein Live Stunts

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Top 10 Rammstein Live Stunts

Rammstein are one of the most impressive live bands in the world, there's no doubt about that. Even if you don't enjoy Rammstein's music, their stunts are still something unique and are certainly a sight to see.

Here, we decided to take a look at 10 Best Live Stunts by Rammstein.

10. Platform + Drum Fireworks / Ich Tu Dir Weh


There's probably no better opening song for Rammstein than Ich Tu Der Weh. Drums Till descends from the sky on a platform. Lots of sparks. Lots of awesomeness.

9. Firebreathing / Feuer Frei


When the song is called Feuer Frei (which is roughly translated as 'fire at will' command) what can you expect from the performance? A lot of fire, of course!

The amount of fire spat in one set of Feuer Frei makes Gene Simmons look like a child playing with matches.

8. Tilldo - Bück Dich


You know like conservatives like to say rock is all about sin and sodomy? Well, in the case of Bück Dich (translated Bend over), it's not far from true as Till defiles Flake on stage with a rubber dildo and then sprinkles the crowd with water from it.

In 1998, in Worcester, Massachusetts Lindemann and Flake Lorenz were arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. They were held and released the following day on $25 bail. After months of legal debate, they were eventually fined $100.

7. Crowd Boat Surfing / Seemann, Haifisch


In the bridge of Seemann, Flake usually sat in a small inflatable boat and sailed over the crowd who waves and bring the boat back to the stage after a short tour.

Of course, the boat often got invaded by crazy fans so the guys had to cancel this stunt because Flake was injured too often.

6. Cooking with Till - Mein Teil


Mein Teil is a song about cannibalism which of course prompts Till to dress as a blood-stained chef holding a microphone with a large butcher's knife attached to the end.

During the song, Till pulls out a giant cooking pot with a portable keyboard attached to one side. Flake appears in the pot, with metal cylinders attached to his arms and legs, and plays the keyboard during the song. After the second chorus, Till takes a flamethrower and roasts the bottom of the pot, "cooking" Flake. Flake escapes from the pot and starts running around the stage with flames erupting from his arms and legs, while chased by a knife-wielding Till.

5. Bomb Vest / Zerstören


Of all the stunts on our list, this one has the biggest amount of shock value.

In Zerstören, Till wears a vest, simulating a suicide belt. Eventually, the belt has sparked, creating the impression that the musician explodes himself.

The first time he did this the audience was scared of Lindemann action; many of them did not realize that the device was a fake and consequently Rammstein received a lot of harsh criticism from the European media.

4. Setting a 'Fan' On Fire - Benzin


Benzin is performed with pyrotechnics, including a flamethrower disguised as a petrol pump. By the end of the song Till Lindemann uses it to set a 'fan' on fire, who runs through the stage until the song is over.

3. Penis Cannon - Pussy


In this one, Till mounts a giant cannon which resembles a penis (although a bigger, more realistic looking one was used during the first few concerts of the Made in Germany tour, but was replaced by the original for unknown reasons) that shoots foam over the audience, while confetti falls from the ceiling, much like "Amerika". Till has been known to sing a few lines in the native language of the country which they are performing in.

2. Fire Angel - Engel



While performing Engel Lindemann wears a set of angel wings that shoot flames from the tips and that have sparks go off along them.

1. Crossbow Fireworks - Du Hast

Ok, think we gotta explain our choice here. These are just fireworks that are present practically in every Rammstein song so what's special about it?

Du Hast is the song everyone knows and even can sing the lyrics (duh) which is certainly contributes a lot to the atmosphere. During the song's bridge Till takes a crossbow-like weapon and launches fireworks that go towards the crowd only come back immediately with a shrieking sound and explode.

This trick can certainly take anyone by surprise and stays in memory for a long time.

YouTube preview picture

0. Flake Dancing - Weißes Fleisch


YouTube preview picture

And what is your favorite Rammstein stunt?



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    Strange they don't have a dick that ejaculates fire yet.
    I saw them a couple years ago. They obviously didn't do the dildo stunt again since it was lewd and offensive, so instead they did the more wholesome thing and had Till slit Flake's throat and spray fake blood on the audience.
    I think they just don't/haven't done it in the States. They did the first time I saw them in 2012.
    Only German could redefine entertainment that much. I mean, look at their cars !
     I mean, look at their cars ! 
    Sshhhh!  Now is not such a good time to talk about that that. We're kind of in the middle of an existential crisis right now.
    I don't get it.
    Because Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi cheated on their emission levels for several years and tried to cover it up to get their cars approved for the US market, but it came out two years ago and they're still suffering from it. Also it seems like every other day there's another company getting involved in it. Last one, although not German, was Ford. See:
    Not the most popular but my favourite is the exploding babies in wiener blut live. Exploding laser babies, based on real events and a short flake solo to boot. Also the guitar on fire for du riechst so gut is pretty awesome
    Best live band I've seen
    So here's my question, - I love listening to Rammstein's albums, but how many people here would still enjoy their shows if it was just 6 guys and some lights (normal style)?  I can't work out how much of their appeal is the whole package/attitude and how much is their music
    I did like them before I saw there shows in the internet (never had the chance to see them live).
    Pretty much this Live stunts aside, their music has a really unique style (mix of metal with industrial elements, eerie ambience, electronic sounds and Till's very particular voice), which I love
    Rammstein are amazing both live and to listen to. It's simple, relentless, energetic music. Even my non-metal friends can enjoy it.  GWAR on the other hand... As good a stage show as Rammstein, but I would not listen to them out of choice.
    I would still listen to them, their lyrics are really interesting to me and I love their sound. I'd probably go see them live once, because I try to do that with every band I enjoy listening to. 
    I saw them live in Sydney, on Australia Day. As was common for the LIFAD tour, they draped the entire stage in the German Flag before they came out to perform. I found it such a bold statement, on the host nation's national day, to proudly display their flag like that. I could imagine more sensitive people in the audience may have found some reason to be offended by it, and I loved the troll-like nature of it.
    It's part of their stage show and they probably don't like changing it up, see this video from the same tour:
    Saw them twice during the Made in Germany tours through the US. To this day, still the best live show I've ever seen.
    I remember hearing Engel on the MK 2 ost. Thought it was crazy to have a strictly German lyric singing band in America. But seeing them be so consistent in their music made me a fan. They rock!
    Guitarus Rex
    Yep, same here. I bought the soundtrack just for that song. An English-language version of the song is out there too. They were also the reason I watched the Vin Diesel movie, "xXx." Well, them and Samuel Freaking Jackson!  I know that's not [his] middle name... (classic Woody Harrelson!) "...A small price I paid for putting foot-to-ass for my country." Fun & cheesy movies, great music by Rammstein. 
    The BEST band ever live!!! I do think that Engel should have been #1 tho. Incredible live. 
    Surprised that his mouthpiece doesn't get mentioned here.  Being willing to put a hole in your cheek so that you can put a light in your mouth is definitely a crazy live stunt.
    I hope they do one more world tour and play US dates that aren't just in California and New York. 
    Not sure which song it was, but Till had these lights in his mouth and it was pretty dark. They did that live right? Or was it a video?
    It was both. He had the light in his mouth live in concert & for the video but once it did look like he pierced his cheek to put the light in & once it looked like you could see a wire running across his cheek, bend around the corner of his mouth & inside so it's hard to tell for sure. Plus interviews since doing that, pictures & videos don't look like he has a mark on his cheek where the wire went through. Just to hard to tell. I grew up on 80's rock. Ozzy, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Ratt, Quiet Riot & such. A neighbors son who knew I loved rock said I had to listen to a song in the credits of his video game. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I did the research. It was Du Haust. I went out & bought every album & they quickly became a favorite. Then they had a song used in a car ad & they were one of four bands to play The Pledge Of Alegance Tour. If you bought the album you got to meet them. I already had the cassette but bought the CD & got to go back stage & meet them. They were very nice. The singer was the only one who spoke English & the rest just smiled & nodded. I have long curly hair, dark brown with lots of gray. People think it looks like Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister & will call out " Dee " when I'm at concerts. The singer told me that with my hair I should have my own band. They didn't come back for ten years & then did N.Y. had it listed as the one & only show in the U.S. It was within a couple days of my birthday so my girlfriend surprised me with train tickets, Rammstein tickets & we stayed with her daughter in Astoria. It was another KICK ASS concert! One of the best sounding & live bands!! I just wish I spoke German to know what they were saying. LONG LIVE RAMMSTEIN!!!
    Brother thanks a LOT for sharing this awesome story. I love hearing these. Rammstein is indeed a great band and I listened to a lot of their music, especially back in the day. I was not really up to date with their performances and videoclips though hehe. I am going to delve back into them soon! Rammstein is still a great band after all.