Top 11 Real Names of Musicians

Before the fame, there was the real name.

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Top 11 Real Names of Musicians

11. Marshall Bruce Mathers III / Eminem

10. Farrokh Bulsara / Freddie Mercury

9. Chaim Witz / Gene Simmons

8. John Simon Ritchie / Sid Vicious

7. Frank Ferranna Jr. / Nikki Sixx

6. Michael Peter Balzary / Flea

5. Paul David Hewson / Bono

4. James Osterberg Jr. / Iggy Pop

3. Reginald Kenneth Dwight / Elton John

2. Vincent Damon Furnier / Alice Cooper

1. Brian Hugh Warner / Marilyn Manson

Know more real names of famous musicians? Feel free to post them below.

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    Some of these guys are cute kids. I just want to pinch those cheeks! Simmons scares the crap out of me. Looks like a bully.
    He looks like he was part of the mafia, strangely. Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone sprang to mind when I saw the picture (don't know why, it just did)
    Simmons actually really looks like that kid from Miss Pererine's Home who is a right asshole at the beginning. And Marilyn Manson, weirdly enough, looks like the cutest of the lot.
    How about Brian Patrick Carroll/Buckethead
    How about Robert Allen Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) or Edward Louis Severson III (Eddie Vedder)
    Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt / Zakk Wylde
    And a couple quick others (I shouldn't have hit post so quickly): Kim Bendix Petersen / King Diamond Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner / Sting
    Is it just me or does Chaim Witz sound like a rap name? Also Sid looks psycho as fuck. Looks like he wants to butcher and rape his therapist.
    I'm surprised Steven Demetre Georgiou/Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam wasn't here.
    Sometimes I come across people I knew from elementary school and see how they've turned out so far. It's usually modest. But imagine finding out what little Brian Warner looks like years down the road.
    I'll need proof that picture of Iggy Pop is legitimate. I can't imagine him looking that put together, lol. He cleans up nice!
    Mick Mars- Robert Alan Deal Gary Glitter - Paul Gadd - GADS indeed George Micheal - Yorgos Panayiotou (RIP) Johnny Thunders - Gil Hamilton
    I just can't get passed Elton John and that chubby little face. Come here! I want to make you fatter! Feed this kid!!!