Top 11 Richest Rock Musicians

Find out who is the richest rock star.

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Considering that rock music had an enormous impact on the culture of the 20th century, it becomes fairly obvious that many individuals were able to become very rich from good ole rock 'n' roll.

But as always, some are richer than the rest. Check out the richest rock stars list below.

Bruce Springsteen - $300 million

120 million albums sold worldwide and so many packed arena tours have earned The Boss a spot among the greats of rock, as well as the richest rockers of all time.

Gene Simmons - $300 million

In KISS bassist's own words, "I live to make more money. People who say that money is the root of all evil are morons, a lack of money is the root of all evil."

Sting - $300 million

International success with the Police, a massively-successful solo career,  too many awards and accolades to count. In a nutshell, Sting has a $300 million net worth.  

Jon Bon Jovi - $300 million

Bon Jovi are one of the best-selling bands of all time, both in terms of album sales and concert attendance. 100 million albums, and over 2, 700 concerts which saw Mr. Jovi and co. Rock over 34 million faces.

Ringo Starr - $300 million

He's a former Beatle after all, and in case you weren't aware of it, the Beatles have revolutionized music as we know it. Ringo Starr wasn't the most prominent Beatle, though, resulting in mere $300 million net worth.

Keith Richards - $340 million

He's Keef, he's rich.

Mick Jagger - $360 million

Just $20 million above his childhood friend, the Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger is worth a hefty sum of $360 million.

Jimmy Buffett - $400 million

"Who the hell is Jimmy Buffett?" you might ask. Jimmy Buffett is the guy who performed "Margaritaville" and the owner of Margaritaville Cafe chain.  Needless to say, he's a shrewd businessman and a solid chunk of his wealth isn't related to music.

Elton John - $450 million

Sir Elton sold 300 million albums in his career and is the proud owner of the title of the best selling single of all time with 33 million copies sold by "Something About the Way You Look Tonight."

Bono - $600 million

Apart from selling 150 million albums with U2 and still maintaining the record for the highest-grossing tour of all time, Bono owns a portion of Facebook, elevating his total net worth to $600 million.

Paul McCartney - $1.2 billion

The world's richest rock musician and the only billionaire rocker in the world, the one and only Sir Paul McCartney gets to top the list. Apart from over 100 million albums and 100 million singles sold, Sir Paul is the co-author of the most covered copyrighted song in history - "Yesterday."

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    Gene Simmons loves money so much, yet he utterly fails to meet Paul McCartney's standards, and only got there by the virtue of having lots and lots of useless merch and apparel with their logo on it. And even though The Beatles have just as much licensed merch, I get the sincere impression that a lot of McCartney's earnings come from... you know, actually working for it by writing, selling records, and touring. Gene may love money, but he kind of pales in comparison with the others on this list!
    The richest is a bassist!
    The richest is a bassist, pianist, vocalist, guitarrist, and many other instruments. Among a lot of talents and knowledge, including business.
    who is the only surviving member of the most famous songwriting partnership in rock music history, played most of the guitar solos on the Beatles songs from Revolver on, and is a multi-instrumentalist.
    I hate Gene Simmons. I hate his make up. I hate his tongue. I hate his attitude. I hate his music. I am surprised he hasn't filed a lawsuit trying to lay claim to monetary rites to Schindler's list. Biggest a$$hole in music.
    Imagine how much Paul would be worth if he still had the majority of the Beatles catalog instead of Michael Jackson ****ing him over and getting most of it in the 80s (or did he buy it back when MJ was in financial ruin near the end there?)
    imagine how much money he would have without the gold digging second wife. {he should totally remake Gold Digger with Kanye)
    The Judist
    Leave Heather alone. She stumbled upon the truth about the Canadian imposter, hence the death threats she got
    I would say Paul is doing just fine. I don't think he got ****ed over by anybody, not financially anyway!
    Did you guys know that Warren Buffet has enough money to buy every team in the NBA,NHL,NFL and MLB with tons left over? Boggles the mind.
    "In a nutshell, Sting has a $300 net worth." I think there's a typo... Either that or Sting must have bribed the UG-Team just to get on this list.
    ""Who the hell is Jimmy Buffett?" you might ask." The better question is: who doesn't know who Jimmy Buffett is?
    Baby Joel
    man i hate people with money
    It's genuinely great to see people succeed in doing what they love, it gives you something to dream about and hope for the future, but these lists have a bitter taste when you know most rock/metal musicians earn pretty modest numbers. Most people act like all famous musicians earn millions, when it couldn't be further from the truth. Bottom line is, unless you're U2 or the Beatles, you'd probably be better off working an ordinary job.
    Elton John not rock musician
    U wot m8? Have you listened to Elton John's catalogue '70s-'80s? Crocodile Rock, Rocket Man, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, etc. The man was in 'Tommy' for Christ's sake. Pinball Wizard ringing any bells?
    Actually feel pleased to see Springsteen, Elton John and McCartney in there. They're all well into their 60s, but still create new music and whenever they tour (which is often compared to others on this list), they give you all they got for 3 hours - and they seem to love every minute of it.While others on that list deserve their place for their business decisions, I think these three really deserve it for their musicianship.They might just be the greatest living musicians out there.
    I live to make more money. People who say that money is the root of all evil are morons, guarentee if he commented that on UG it would get so many dislikes, lol
    Apparently Jimmy Buffet just flew in and landed in my small town in NC a few days ago... I didn't hear about it until he left, but I was surprised someone who was on a list like this would stop by a tiny irrelevant town.
    Why did the photographer take a picture of a Bono lookalike when the actual Bono was standing right behind him?