Top 7 Facts About Black Sabbath

7 facts about the band that has the best name ever.

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Top 7 Facts About Black Sabbath


Michael Bolton Almost Became Their Vocalist

One of the candidates to replace Ozzy when he left in 1978 was Michael Bolotin, who would later change his name to Michael Bolton and sing soft rock. They went with Dio instead.

Osbourne and Dio Hated Each Other

One of Ozzy's tours featured a dwarf who Ozzy would call "Ronnie," referring to the vertically challenged Ronnie James Dio. Dio in turn refused to appear at any date in which Black Sabbath was slated to open for Ozzy's act, calling Ozzy a clown.


Tony Iommi Used to Play the Guitar Upside Down

At one point Tony Iommi played an upside down Gibson SG. Someone saw him doing it and said "I have a [right-handed] friend who plays a left-handed one upside down"! That guy and Tony swapped guitars, and both were happy.



‘Technical Ecstasy’ cover was designed by famous art designers

Black Sabbath hired respected art designers Hipgnosis to craft a sophisticated cover for 1976’s ‘Technical Ecstasy,’ but Ozzy later dismissed it as “two robots screwing on an escalator.”

Tony Iommi Was Engaged to Lita Ford

Tony Iommi was briefly engaged to wed metal goddess Lita Ford. But after the album he produced for her was shelved indefinitely, Lita broke off the engagement and was soon singing a duet with Ozzy on the ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ single.



'When Death Calls' features Brian May On Guitar

Queen guitarist Brian May plays lead guitar on a Black Sabbath song: the particularly heavy and evil-sounding ‘When Death Calls’ from 1989’s ‘Headless Cross’ album.


Tony Iommi Once Set Bill Ward on Fire

In a moment of hijinks-gone-wrong, Tony Iommi accidentally set Bill Ward on fire during the recording of Heaven and Hell, sending him to the hospital with third-degree burns on his arms and legs. “The next day his mother phoned me up,” says Iommi, and said, ‘You barmy bastard. It’s about time you grew up.’ ”


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    Vicryl 2.0
    now im interested to hear how Black Sabbath would sound with Bolton
    I'd rather hear the sabbath/zeppelin studio jams that Tony insists exists on tape but no one can find them. John bonham jammed with sabbath a lot apparently. Him and Tony were good friends.
    Honestly, Blackjack wasn't that bad of a rock band. Bolton wouldn't have lasted long, but then again, who really did around that timeframe.
    1. Tony cut off his finger tips and that made him change his playing style - and the rest is history.
    I just wanna know what Ozzy had the dwarf do on that tour
    Dance around a small model of Stonehenge?
    And oh how they danced, The little children of Stonehenge
    The problem might have been that we had a Stonehenge monument that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf...
    Perhaps we could fix the choreography... so he won't trod upon it.
    Could I raise a practical question?  Tomorrow night, are we going to do Stonehenge?
    He had him bring drinks and towels onto stage. Then he'd kick him up the arse as he left 😂😂
    "Tony Iommi Once Set Bill Ward on Fire" It's been a while since I read about it, but I'm pretty sure he set Bill on fire numerous times. It's just that it went wrong once.
    I know that they pained him in gold color and he ended up in the hospital
    They also painted him in gold one time too I believe. Sounds funny but it almost killed Bill
    Ozzy and dio didn't know each other. Ozzy said n an interview he had never met him and that was after dio had passed away. Ozzy the even said that he was an incredible singer. The dwarf on stage was not named Ronnie it was named Little John. Ozzy used to hang him on stage during one of the songs when he was touring with the Blizzard of Ozz. I'm sure Ozzy really didn't care who Black Sabbath got for a new singer, the whole hatred thing was probably pushed on by Sharon. As most things were...
    Another interesting fact is that Tony Iommi use to put banjo strings on his guitars for a while after the finger chopping incident.
    Lighter gauge I guess?
    Yes, in his biography iron man he goes into more details. I guess they didn't make light enough guitar strings then and they made his fingers sore so someone suggested he switch to banjo strings. It's amazing how much trouble the guy went through in the early days just to play guitar. He was very determined
    How exactly do they have the best name ever? It doesn't exactly stand out.
    Well at their time, it did. 
    Despite the fact they took the name from a film that was like 20-30 years older?
    i feel the same way towards the name is a great name, but they simply used the name of an already existing thing. "A Sound Garden" in seattle
    The next day his mother phoned me up,” You done fucked up now