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Hello each and everyone! As promised, we've prepared something special for you to read during the Christmas/New Year Holidays -- you will learn what are The Most Essential Events Of 2004 in the world of Rock music. The list was made according to the amount and significance of news reports -- the number of visitors' comments wasn't taken into consideration at all. And it's very sad to admit that in the picked ten there are less positive rather than sorrowful news reports.


Metallica To Begin Work On New Album In January

In their March interview, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said that the band planned to get back to the studio in January '05. He revealed that the ideas and inspiration for new songs came up from pre-show jam sessions, that being always recordered. "So there's some pretty crazy stuff that comes up every night, and I definitely look forward to shifting through some of that stuff," declared Lars. To put it mildly, January is close -- just relax and watch out for news reports on UG on the subject -- read full story.


Wes Borland Returns To Limp Bizkit

In August Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst confirmed the departure of guitarist Mike Smith from the group's ranks. This meant Wes Borland was back in the band and started to work on Bizkit's next studio CD, of course along with Durst. The album was tentatively due in 2005, although Fred said "it will be released as soon as it is finished." Now work on it is in a full swing -- read full story.


Vines Singer Has Asperger's Syndrome

On November 19 Craig Nicholls, frontman of Australian rockers the Vines, revealed that he had been diagnosed with a mild form of autistic disorder -- Asperger's Syndrome. The problem for him as a singer bacame a fact that large social events and stressful circumstances can aggravate symptoms of the condition. And the symptoms are not too sweet for an artist. Individuals with Asperger's, although of normal intelligence, have difficulty with two-way conversations. They often talk "at" others, read social situations accurately, have lack of desire to interact with peers. But now we know where singer's funny faces come from -- read full story.


Ten Years Since Kurt Cobain's Death

The 5th of April was the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. On that day, in far 1994, the leader of Nirvana barricaded himself into the greenhouse of his mansion, injected himself with a massive dose of heroin, put a 20-gauge shotgun against the roof of his mouth and pulled the trigger. Just before that he wrote a suicide note, in which he said he couldn't stand to think of his daughter becoming "the miserable self-destructive, death rocker that I've become." It was one of the biggest losses in the music history -- read full story.


Rock Against Bush

What connection has rock music and politics? Seems like very immediate. Passed year's political scene was very hot due to President Election in the US and rock musicians participated with a bit unusual for this type of cultural workers interest. On April 20 the first volume of Rock Against Bush compilations was released. It's included Sum 41, Anti-flag, Offspring and New Found Glory among other "anti-Bush" bands. Later the movement was joined by a massive number of big names like the Foo Fighters, Green Day, Bad Religion, The Used, No Doubt and Yellowcard. And every band had been slamming and blaming Bush all around, having, by the way, quite good success in this. Anyway, their tries didn't lead them on to a victory. You know the rest -- read full story.


Ozzy Osbourne Under Threat Of Ending Up His Career

In February Ozzy and all of his mates and fans were frightened. Frightened of his health and ability to perform in the future. Ozzy, 55, came close to death in his quad bike accident on Buckinghamshire estate, when his four-wheel vehicle flipped over and landed on him. He suffered eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, a smashed collarbone and a crushed vertebra in his neck. Not everyone could stay alive after such! But Ozzy did -- read full story.


Creed Break Up

After nearly 10 years together and over 30 million albums sold, Creed had decided to put an end to their string of multiplatinum records and chart-topping singles. Personal issues, mostly between singer Scott Stapp and the rest of Creed, caused an irreparable rift that ultimately led to the band's demise. Guys just stopped being able to work together. As guitarist Mark Tremonti said, they "knew that it would take [them] years to get a record out" -- read full story.


Velvet Revolver's Birth

Following the constant dissension between ex-bandmates Axl Rose and Slash (with original group members Duff Mckagan and Matt Sorum in alliance), the Slash camp united with singer Scott Weiland and guitarist Dave Kushner and organized a new band called Velvet Revolver. While Rose kept the name for his group (though it's still called GN'R, it isn't the same as it used to be), Velvet Revolver became popular very soon. Until our days they have been thriving, releasing debut album Contraband, touring around the world and being the object of unceasing discussions and rumours -- read full story.


Johnny Ramone Dies

On 15th of September the world lost yet another great rocker. Ramones guitarist John Cummings, a.k.a. Johnny Ramone, died in the age of 55 in his sleep in Los Angeles. Johnny had been fighting with prostate cancer for five years. Ramones singer Joey Ramone died in 2001 of lymphatic cancer, and bassist Dee Dee Ramone died of a drug overdose the following year. Cummings was the third founding member of the seminal punk band -- read full story.


Damageplan Guitarist Dimebag On-Stage Murder

The year 2004 was ending up when this happened. Thrilling and shocking accident took place on a Damageplan concert on December 8 in Columbus, Ohio. A man, lately identified as Nathan Gale, ran onto the stage during the first song of the group's set and began firing a gun. By the time he was shot by a police officer, he had killed guitarist Dimebag Darrell and three other people. The world of rock was deprived of the unique person that inspired thousands of people -- read full story.

R.I.P. Kurt, Johnny and Dimebag.

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    Why does every one not give a crap about Kurt Cobain. Let me tell you something, Nirvana started a short but sweet revolution, and maybe if he was still around this wouldn't be a big year for rap music and be a bigger better year for rock. Don't get me wrong though I know Kurt didn't want a big huge rock band but still.
    They should have mentioned that Dime died on jimis birthday and the anniverseray of john lennons death... R.I.P. Dime
    Wes Borland and Scott Stap should make a group, and make fun of Fred Durst and Alter Bridge in their songs. Dimebag, u didnt deserve it man...\m/
    You idiot Nirvana didn't create grunge. I believe Soundgarden and Mudhoney did.
    Well, at least Nirvana perfected grunge
    The new Megadeth album was also a pretty important event. And the naming of a street in Australia after AC/DC shoulda been there too.
    whats the point in me even saying anything....whatever i say therz gna be someone ther tellin me to "shut the hell up" or hav sumthin to say bout my opinions it pisses me off all we wana do here is express our opinions why is there always people tryin to tel u what to say, :-(
    You idiot Nirvana didn't create grunge. I believe Soundgarden and Mudhoney did.
    Pfft! No one really knows who created grunge. But it was around before Soundgarden and Mudhoney. Now, for the list... ---> Metallica's gone way downhill. Hopefully the new album will be better. ---> Hate Limp Bizkit. Wes is supposed to be a good guitarist, but Durst is a monkey. ---> The Vines' singer can die, for all I care. ---> Wow, ten years. Kurt was a legend, you can't deny that. Stop insulting him and Nirvana! ---> Foo Fighters are the only band I care about on those albums. ---> Thank GOD that Ozzy's alive and kickin'. He is a legend in music. If he had died, it would be number one on this list, Dime or no Dime. ---> CREED BROKE UP!! I'm still happy about that. ---> Velvet Revolver rule. ---> R.I.P. Johnny. You will be missed. ---> R.I.P. Dimebag. Nathan Gale, burn in hell.
    kurt cobain was a ***ing pussy. He whined to reporters, telling them how horrible his childhood was....he was really a spoiled ass bitch.
    Man, who the *** are you to walk all over a dead man? Really, do you know a ***ing thing about Kurt Cobain? What gives you the ***ing right to think you knew him enough to shit on his grave? You probably dont know the first thing about his life.
    **** Kurt Cobain you don't see anyone mourning for Layne.
    Your right about Layne Staley, he will be missed sorely.
    i think that Kurt should get more credit than most of you give him. Most of the bands on the radio wouldn't sound like they do if Nirvana wouldn't have been around. However, I don't think that KC was the most logical person in the world because as everyone the rate they were going to be even more famous if he would've stayed here. That wasn't a good reason to leave us. Oh and by the way...if you're going to put down Kurt..spell his name right. Show him some more respect because he only started one of the biggest musical revolutions in the history of music. Besides, "It's better to burn out than to fade away." You try growin up w/o a loving house.
    Wes Borland Returns To Limp Bizkit
    Did anyone care about that? John Peel died and Wes f*cking Borland playing with Limp Bizkit is suposedly more important? are you nuts?
    Ok listen up kids,Grunge was created by a band called GREEN RIVER this band split up into two diff bands Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone(renamed Pearl Jam later)these bands along with bands like The Melvins created a bluerprint that bands like Soundgarden and Nirvana followed.Kurt Cobain is dead end of story, I am a massive fan of Kurt and Nirvana but i wud rather listen to his music and enjoy without having to be reminded evry minute by the media that he has been dead for 10 years and that he shot himself.Kurts childhood was shit.John peel is the biggest omission in this list he left a hole that cannot be filled.Dimebag is a true great that was robbed of his life,Fuk Creed,Fuk limp bizkit,Thank christ Ozzy is alive and well, Joey's death was a huge blow to the Rock society and he will be sdly missed,only 1 Ramone left now hope Metallica get back to former glories. RIP KURT,DIME,JOHN,JOHNNY,LAYNE,JIMI,RANDY and every other great ive missed.(VR rule.Saw them on 31 August in Glasgow Carling KICKED ASS)
    give metallica a another chance!! Watch the Some Kind Of Monster documentary and you will understand st.anger better! ok I agree St.anger isnt a very good album with or without it was done by metallica but they have influenced MILLIONS of people to do music and their older stuff is definetely a part of METAL history so give them at least a another chance
    Kurt Coccaine was a homo, burn in hell. Fu*k you *******,A lot of the people in this post seem to be disrespectful ***s that dont have a clue what they are talking about By the way Kurt was married and he had a kid so I doubt he was a "homo" and learn how to spell fu***r here its easy i'll show you C-O-C-A-I-N-E
    Ok I agree that st.anger isnt a very good album with or without its done by metallica but james was just comed from rehab and that propably in some way influenced the music on st.anger and the fact that they didnt have a "real" bass player cuz it was their producer could have something to do with the music on st.anger BUT their older stuff (master of puppets for example) is definetly a part of METAL history so give them a chance to show that they can still KICK ASS
    timarmstrong19: INSANE CLOWN POSSE IS FUCKING GAY!!!
    Amen. This guy is my best friend. Call me sometime
    JimmyVanHendrix: kurt cobain was a ***ing pussy. He whined to reporters, telling them how horrible his childhood was....he was really a spoiled ass bitch. "Ohhhh booo hooo everyone feel sorry for me"...he didnt get his way in life, so he ***ing kills himself, insted of working his problems out like a man. He should be remembered so we can know how to not live your life. [POSTED: 29 December 2004 - 18:40]|
    Unlike linkin park, good simple plan, good charlotte, or any of these whiny emo poser groups who are disgrace to the whole universe, Kurt did not whine and moan. Though he did have a difficult child hood, he was very quiet about it and did not let it bother him He killed himself because he was on a lot of heroin that impared his judgement so he went nuts. All you have done is talk crap about Kurt. You know absolutely nothing about him. Kurt was not a whiner to everthing. He was the exact opposite of that, ya jackass.
    good simple plan
    Take out the "good" in godd simple plan....excuse me...
    kick some ass over there.....ill here you wen the sky is crying r.i.p.dime
    DaNb0_SmItTy: Just asking but, isn't John Lennon's death more significant than Dimebag's
    Yes. Yes it was. And amen to some of you that have sense to know that Kur(d)t was a little whining puss for complaining about fame and fortune when he's the one that wanted it in the first place. There were and are so many people that would give anything to trade places with him to be in the public eye (if fame is your bag), have the fortune (if you're into money...), or to have the influence that he could have had. I would have. I could have changed a lot of people's heads with what I have to say... I was only four then though.. so.. easy come easy go.
    I only morn for dime and still cobain. the rest of that news is worthless
    whoever wrote up the paragraph on Rock Against Bush must not speak english very well.
    Where the *** is John Peel's death? That's probabably the most significant event this century!
    2) far too many people seemed to praise Dime while he was alive, if he had died of a drug overdose or a car accident he wouldnt have been made #1. thats why Layne was forgotten, because he wasnt a tragic event. Dont get me wrong, Dime was probably the single most influential guitarist in MY time, however, I dont remember any one saying how great dime was back in July. He wasnt being honored for his achievements as a pioneer as a guitar hero. Yeah he deserves the title as #1 event of 2004, but its because of the tragic event that took his life. Not because of the great things he did
    How someone dies has nothing to do with whether they will be missed or not. People tend to take things for granted and not realize the importance of a persons place in this world. Dime was consistently ranked as one of the best players in all the guitar mag polls. I still think people haven't realized the magnitude of this loss primarily because he wasn't considered an "Icon" like Cobain. I for one will continue to honor the music he created while here and will sorely miss his contributions. Raise your glass on New Years and toast to Dime.
    now thats a pretty good list, better than the album one anyway. R.I.P. to all those who die so tragically in the scene of rock
    Shane S.
    There were so many good people who died.Kurt did it to himself.But Dimebag loved life he told everybody to live it to the fullest.Everyone Mourns over Kurt but the ***er killed himself.Layne might have to because of drugs but you dont see him on any lists anywhere.R.I.P. Johnny, Dimebag,Layne,And all the greats who died.
    Shane S.
    I know prolly no one cares but did everybody forget about the guitarist From GreatWhite who died in that nightclub fire?
    yeh,we heard about one really cares though,meaning no disrespect to him,but no one does,really.
    I think john peels death was a more monumentus thing than creed breaking up. RIP John, Johnny, Kurt, and Dimebag
    Kurt didn't kill himself. Fucking articles always say that. Maybe he was going to retire from music, maybe he was going to kill himself later on, but the fact is that he didn't.
    Oh yeah... Courtney Love killed Kurt... She found out that he was going to leave her and she snapped...
    Kurt killed himself because he was in constant pain everyday. It wasnt selfish. Screw everyone else, it was his life to end.
    Emenius Sleepus
    AndyVanHalen: The day I heard that Creed broke up was the best day of my life
    don't have much of a life then have you?.. nehoo that's sums it up fairly well I guess... RIP Dime, I'm still in disbelief
    Metallica sucks... They are overrated as hell, even when they started they were never that great as people say. They sucked a little worst with every album that came out. But St. Anger is the worst album in music history. They shouldn't make a new album. I think its about time that Metallica turned off the amps...
    Scot-Guitarist: get over this dimebag guys death,that shouldnt be #1 [POSTED: 29 December 2004 - 17:51]|
    I agree, I said it before, I'll say it again. Dimebag was great and will be missed but c'mon everybody, stop giving him the Nirvana treatment.
    kurt cobain was a ***ing pussy. He whined to reporters, telling them how horrible his childhood was....he was really a spoiled ass bitch. "Ohhhh booo hooo everyone feel sorry for me"...he didnt get his way in life, so he ***ing kills himself, insted of working his problems out like a man. He should be remembered so we can know how to not live your life.