UG Awards 2016: Vote for Song of the Year

Name the best track that was released in 2016. WQ voting system, votes and nominations inside...

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UG Awards 2016: Vote for Song of the Year

The UG Awards keep a-rollin', and instead of the usual Wednesday Question this week, up next is the Song of the Year category!

So, we'd basically like you to think back at all the tracks released in 2016 and answer this:

What is the best song of 2016?

Also, it would be cool if you included a few comments on why the given effort is the best of 2016 in your opinion.

- Post only one suggestion per comment after checking that your favorite wasn't already nominated (Ctrl+F and all).

- Multiple nominations of one song create heavy confusion, since on one hand it's unfair to the given track to take into consideration only the most upvoted nomination, but seeing that multiple nominations allow one user to give two or more votes to the same effort, it's also unfair to other nominees not to discard it.

- Vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike.

- Needless to say, only songs released in 2016 are eligible (no reissues etc).

We'll sum up your votes soon and bring you the list of top 2016 songs in the eyes of UG community. Note that all UG Awards lists will be posted on actual Christmas week. So post your nominations below!

In related stuff, you can still vote for album of the year here.

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    William Sitnin
    Does Lazarus by David Bowie count? Released as a single on December 17th 2015 and then as a track on the Blackstar album released on January 8th 2016.
    Spit Out the Bone by Metallica
    Metallica - Moth Into Flame Definitely displays early roots of Metallica while still pushing some new areas the band is developing into. One of the best & catchiest songs from them in my opinion. One of the many highlights of the new album.
    My favorite this year was Dark Necessities by RHCP, no doubt. Anybody else?
    Already nominated the album, but yeah... Blackstar by David Bowie. Such a fucking monolith of a song.
    Arfing Thumb
    "1985" by Haken! There are so many great references to old prog bands in this. Still haken manage not only to stay true to themselfes, but also to broaden their musical horizon! The whole album is great (IMO one of the best Prog records 2016), but this song really stands out for me. I mean, who would have thought that 80s e-drums and keys could make such a glorious comeback?
    Every Time I Die - Just as Real, But Not as Brightly Lit
    One of my favorite albums this year. Very good choice. Hard for me to pick my favorite since I love the whole album, but I suppose Glitches gets my vote. That breakdown has to be the best one I've heard this whole year.
    Vektor's "Recharging the void" ... amazing songwriting .. amazing trip .. and the final of one amazing sci-fi story !
    Yes. I like a lot of the songs I've seen listed so far (Gojira, Opeth, Ihsahn, so many), but none of them can even come close to this song. "Recharging the Void" by Vektor should be the winner, hands down.
    I would also like to point out "Collapse". What a masterpiece.
    Yes ! Collapse, Recharging the Void, Pillars of Sand and LCD .. these songs are the greatest from the album in my opinion !
    Animals As Leaders - The Brain Dance best instrumental track I've heard in a while.
    Steven Wilson - Happiness III So simple, yet so effective. Aso I'm ashamed to admit how much I identify with this song
    The Architect by Haken
    I feel like I'm missing something when people talk about how good Affinity is. Not to sound too negative I just don't see what other people see with that album. I like Earthrise and The Endless Knot is a nice single as well but as a whole I didn't think it was any better than their previous 5 releases Edit: That is to say I don't think it compares at all. Whereas I'd give their other albums a 9, this one was like a 5 to me
    It is my least favorite release from them. However, Aquarius, Visions, The Mountain, and even the Restoration EP are among my favorite albums of all time, so that isn't saying a lot. 1985 and The Architect are absolutely amazing songs though! just not the same caliber of album though.
    Yeah I suppose with that many albums you can't please everyone. Those other albums are ridiculously good though
    Arfing Thumb
    "No Man's Land" by The Pineapple Thief This song has so much feeling in it, it's absolutely haunting. I really recommend you to check this band out, or at least this song.