UG Exclusive: Chris Broderick Offers Guitar Playthrough of 'Disastrophe'

Coming off the Act of Defiance album...

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Here's a cool exclusive for ya - former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick presented a playthrough video of "Disastrophe" track from his new band Act of Defiance, and we were offered the privilege of premiering the clip to the world.

The tune comes as track No. 6 off the band's debut album, last year's "Birth and the Burial."

Apart from Mr. Broderick, Act of Defiance features drummer Shawn Drover - also of Megadeth fame, vocalist Henry Derek - formerly of Scar the Martyr, and Matt Bachand on bass.

As for "Disastrophe," the song is packed with 7-string riffage, roaring vocals, and a shredding solo by Chris.

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In related stuff, here's Broderick explaining why you should consider playing a 7-string guitar.

The goods await in the embedded player below, you can order the album through Metal Blade if you're up for it.

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    I felt that he was gonna say: ''Heey Im Chris Broderick from Megadeth'' ..... But he remembered and said ''....Im in a band called Act of Defiance''.
    While he definitely rips it at solo guitar, turns out the artistic freedom he lacked in Deth merely circulates around generic 7-string riffs, which kinda sucks.
    This was the most uninspired metal song that I have heard in a while.
    Money riffs though.
    The riffs are fine and the songs are good. Why complain? Song rocks. I think the more generic thing these days would be Djent or over complicated sterile tech stuff, but to each his own.
    It sounds like an average thrash metal song, it's not bad, but it's not mindblowing. I kinda expect more out of someone who can do crazy two handed tapping like this.
    I'd love to see him collab with Jeff Loomis (again) and/or Keith Merrow. Shit would be nasty compared to this
    Broderick would have nothing to offer with them. The guy's just not cut out for songwriting.
    I actually kind of agree with you there. That's why I threw Merrow into the mix because he has some of the best metal riffs I've ever heard. If you get a chance check out "The Mirelands", it has my favorite riff of his in it around the 1:19 mark I think
    No beef with that. The riffs on Spice Dealer blew my mind when I first heard it, but more importantly when he and Jeff combine forces it leads to some really interesting feels.