UG Exclusive: Slipknot Guitarist Jim Root Demonstrates How to Play 'The Negative One'

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So here's a very nice UG exclusive - a video lesson from Slipknot guitarist Jim Root explaining how to play "The Negative One" track off the band's latest studio album ".5: The Gray Chapter."

The clip comes as a part of upcoming Fret12 DVD release "Jim Root: The Sound and the Story: .5: The Gray Chapter."

Marking the jolly release, the Fret12 folks have launched a giveaway to give fans a chance to win Mr. Root's signature Fender Stratocaster guitar. More info on the contest here.

Released on August 1, 2014, "The Negative One" is the first single off the latest 'Knot album, as well as the band's first song since the death of bassist Paul Gray.

In related stuff, here's another nice exclusive premiere we recently had the privilege to host - Mr. Mark Tremonti explaining how to play "My Last Mistake."

Back to the latest video lesson, it clocks in at over 16 minutes, featuring three different angles and just about everything you need to master the tune. Check it out below.

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    Jesus christ, the haters are real here. Right now I see 1 guy who basically says he's a bad guitarist while the other says every Slipknot song is garbage. Learn to look at things objectively, even though they're not your taste at all...
    If people expressing their own opinions upsets you than maybe the internets isn't for you. I like Slipknot and think this guy is a great player. Others disagree. So what.
    jesus christ the cocksuckers are real here, seriously though, YOU should look at things objectively and realize that slipknot's entire discography is just a cheap ripoff of sepultura's roots
    Lol dude, as for Slipknot as a whole, they're great artists. And saying that something is a rip-off of something is plain fucking bullshit. If you're gonna look at that then almost every "modern" band is a ripoff of an older band.
    theyre not great artist, they were created because roadrunner records wanted some masked nu metal money, so they stole their looks from mushroomhead, and yes they are a ripoff, its the same style of heavy nu that sepultura had in roots, theyre just a bunch of unnoriginal, radio friendly, repetitive sellouts
    Thy were formed by a bunch of people from different bands in Iowa not created by some guy and it was the Clown that started the mask thing. If they're not great artists in your eyes what's stopping from you from being at their level as in why are they one of the biggest bands in the world and why are you sitting on a website shit talking people you've never met.
    nope, they were made by roadrunner because they regretted not getting mushroomhead
    If you're gonna troll at least try not to suck at it, which you are right now.
    Interesting, considering their first album was through -isimist Recordings. I'm not even a real Slipknot fan but to say that it's a complete rip off of Roots is untrue, too.
    Yeah like Roots album wasn't rip offed by a certain nu-metal godfather band's debut album. Not at all. *roll eyes*
    I'm a HUGE fan of Roots, and the thought that Slipknot was ripping it off has literally never crossed my mind.
    i love roots but there are distinct differences between the sounds of the bands. there are plenty of things each band does that the other won't do. plus, combine that with how a lot of the players in each camp have a super unique sound. sepultura with or without max wouldn't do a songs like vermillion or killpop, and i don't hear stuff like dictatorshit or dead embryonic cells in slipknot
    This is the problem with guitar purists. They look for how complex a song is rather than the guitar being a tool servicing the song. Even if the whole guitar part is just two notes, it is awesome if it suits the final essence of the song. Not liking a song and saying a song sucks is the difference. Fucking Malmsteen pricks!
    I fucking love Jim Root, this song maybe kinda on the boring side of Slipknot but Jim is a mad man and an awesome song writer. Plus that new Fender is sick!
    I wish they still wore their masks besides just on-stage. they used to have a mystique about em. now they're like after your parents know that you know santa doesn't exist and don't even try to pretend.
    I don't know the song and I don't want to play it on my guitar, but this is amazing! I need this with every guitarist in the world!
    Does this really need a fucking video lesson? A tab is more than enough, it's not like there are any intricacies apart from occasional right hand wankery.
    My goodness, you're right, it doesn't need a fucking video lesson! Let's go ahead and remove it right away!
    I-Am-The-Man · May 13, 2016 02:24 PM
    how about he teaches us a good song, for example anything other than slipknot
    Somebody takes the time to sit down and go through a whole song so people can learn it more easily and all you can think about is how you don't like Slipknot. Not only that but you just have to post a comment about it. Grow up.
    Here's how to play it: Tune down 3 steps, palm mute the low E, and open pick it randomly, same as all their other songs.
    Man, it's almost like you have never listened to a slipknot song in your life. It's okay to dislike something, but don't fuckin' straight up lie about it and try and spread your negativity.
    next teach us how to play the black alb- oh wait hail to the king, hard to tell which is which.
    Holy shit that downpicking! It's a cool song me thinks. I'm not a fan of slipknot but I seriously dig the guitaring and this was pretty damn hectic.
    hearing the guitar by itself kind of shows exactly how much all the other members of slipknot contribute in general, and especially in this song. the guitar in this song is sweet, but it kind of gives you a newfound appreciation for the rest of the band's performances on this song, especially corey and jay.
    Guitars were a bit too quiet for me on this album, kinda got washed away under Corey and the drums
    Yeah, I noticed that on Sarcastrophe. The guitar in that song are some of the best on the album but it's buried really low in the audio.
    THAT guitar is amazing :O I had a sandblasted tele and the finish was amazing.