UG Exclusive: Stream the New Azarath Song 'Let My Blood Become His Flesh'

Fresh music from Polish black/death metal masters, led by the Behemoth's drummer Inferno.

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UG Exclusive: Stream the New Azarath Song 'Let My Blood Become His Flesh'

We are pleased to announce joining forces with Polish black/death metal masters Azarath for an exclusive stream of their new song "Let My Blood Become His Flesh" off their upcoming album "In Extremis" due out on April 7th via Agonia Records.

Described by as a "demonic mutation of Krisiun and Behemoth with shades of Immolation", Azarath stand up to their wicked name. The band's death metal is crisp, black, and while it possesses the charm of their American counterparts, it remains open-minded and organic. This should not come as a surprise, considering the band's impressive line-up and cemented position as one the the best Polish acts of the genre.

Azarath crept from the shadows almost two decades ago, by the will of Inferno (of Behemoth fame) and then-members Bruno and D. Six albums later, the band's line-up is shaped by the said Behemoth drummer, together with Bart (Armagedon, Damnation) on guitars, Necrosodom (Anima Damnata, Deus Mortem) on vocals and guitars, as well as Peter (ex-Lost Soul) on bass.

Meaning "at the point of death" or "under extreme circumstances" in Latin, "In Extremis" is yet another apex reached by Azarath. The effort arrives six long years after its predecessor, "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011), and places the band back at the fore of the genre, with strong ties to the group's early cult albums. Black as a night and dense as tar, "In Extremis" offers a whirlwind of chaotic currents ready to overwhelm.

The eerie painting that adorns the album's cover was made by Marta Promińska (Hypnagogic Painting). Graphic design and layout were done by Mentalporn (Behemoth, Origin, Decapitated) with calligraphy provided by Ihasan Art and additional work by Holy Poison Design.

Following the album's release, Azarath will play at Inferno Festival (Norway) and Party.San Festival (Germany). The record release show will take place in Warsaw (Poland) a few weeks after album's street date.

Additionally, you can pre-order the physical copies of "In Extremis" here and digital copies here. Of course, we'd like to send a big thanks to the Agonia Records folks for making this possible.

Give a listen to "Let My Blood Become His Flesh" below.

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    I'm curious to know the age of people who listen to this type of music... I'm not talking about a song here and there, but full albums on a regular basis.  
    I don't listen to full albums mostly anymore, but this is the music I listen to 80%. I''m 25. Go figure...
    It's a tad odd. As i've gotten older, i'm starting to dislike this kind of stuff. Just kinda makes me cringe and roll my eyes. Didn't used to. What's next? Children, dog, and house in the suburbs? By god, i hope not.
    I think musical tastes diversify with age, or one would think so.  Not that you can't like stuff you liked when you were younger.  But my point is that these guys are not young (they don't look it), and yet they can continue to compose this type of music... practice it regularly... play it in concert.  Interesting is all I can say.
    I think at a certain point, as a musician, many just stick to what they're good at, especially when they get older. So if these guys played metal all their lives, they're probably gonna keep doing it. I mean, once you hit a certain age, i don't think many bother learning a completely new way of playing. Some do, but most don't.
    I got downvoted for being curious... must have been a Libertard.