UG Gems Week 2: Choose This Week's Spotlight Band

We want to change concept a bit - your opinion is needed.

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UG Gems Week 2: Choose This Week's Spotlight Band

Hello guys!

As you well remember last week we launched a weekly "UG Gems" project, in which we present 3 interesting bands our users play in.

But we'd like to change article's format a bit. We still want to write about 3 bands per week, but starting from this week we'll make the articles more focused - which means we'll tell more about one band of your choice. Other two bands will be featured as well, the only difference is that the info about them will be less detailed.

So we need your votes: we have 3 bands, which one of them looks more interesting to you? Please vote in the poll below.

1. Secondhand Habit (Alternative Rock, Canada)

2. Gabriel Graves (Art Rock, Romania)

3. Soliloquium (Death/Doom Metal, Sweden)

Also leave your thoughts on the new "UG Gems" concept, how do you feel about it?

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    Aren't these a little too different to get a fair comparison? If we're saying which is more interesting then I'd quite like to hear about all of them, now that I've listened to their music.
    Hey my band's in an article for UG that's awesome!!! Jon from Secondhand Habit here, been reading the site forever and am super stoked to be part of it! Just thought I'd mention that we currently have an already successfully funded kickstarter campaign for our new EP that ends in a couple days, if you liked our stuff you can use it to pre-order our next EP for as low as $1 CAD. It's an honour to be here, long live UG!
    All the best. It's a fun song. I'm getting a blend of Clutch and Screaming Trees. Out of interest are you West Coast? (Just guessing and testing my culture map)
    Yup, based outta Victoria on the west coast of Canada, super close to Seattle
    Ha, no way, I fkn love Victoria (lived there in a previous life), so I'm rightly jealous now. Something about your sound just speaks volumes of "West coast", you know, rather than Toronto or Atlantic. I'm not sure if you'll notice that coming from within it. Still, good luck sweeping Vancouver when you get there.
    We'd be over there all the time if the ferry didn't cost us about $250 each time we went there and back
    All three are pretty good, Gabriel Graves reminded me a lot about Ayreon
    Not at all like last Tuesday...this time I wanted to vote for all of them.
    Stefan from Soliloquium here. Super cool to be a part of this, it's a really good concept
    I like your jam, reminds me of Insomnium. Are you able to maintain the weight of the music live?
    I just voted without showing my ID. I might be a Democrat.
    You just got a free point. You might be a bernie supporter too... i had to take one from another with more points than you to make this work.
    Very cool article, I'll head over to the forum and submit something from my band.