UG Gems Week 3: Choose This Week's Spotlight Band

We have 3 bands our users play in, which one of them looks more interesting to you?

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UG Gems Week 3: Choose This Week's Spotlight Band

Hello guys!

As you remember we launched a weekly "UG Gems" project, in which we present 3 interesting bands our users play in.

And before posting the actual article on Thursday, we let you choose the band that will be the spotlight band of the article, which means we'll tell more about this one band of your choice. The other two bands will be featured as well, the only difference is that the info about them will be less detailed.

So we need your votes: we have 3 bands, which one of them looks more interesting to you? Please vote in the poll below. The poll will be closed on Tuesday, November 22nd, 11:59 PM PST (UTC -8).

1. Refract (Progressive Metal/Alternative Metal, US)

2. Phineas Gage (Progressive Metal/Metalcore, UK)

3. Violmace (Hard Rock, Denmark)

Leave you comments below and don't forget to post the information about your own band on our "Promote Your Band" subforum!

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    Would be interesting if you showcased more genres not just metal and rock
    Great idea! Next time we'll make these articles even more diverse in terms of genres - thanks for your feedback! P.S. Don't forget to post your projects (and not only rock and metal) on our "Promote Your Band" subforum!
    Refract : boring as hell. Clearly, these people don't know how to build a song (= an interesting song) Locus : would help if the singer knew how to sing in tune. Without Roses : not to my liking, but here are people who know how to build a song with articulate parts. Would help if the guitar player was playing in tune (playing between solo start and 3'30" is just terrible)
    From your comments we can surmise that your music has only the most interesting song structures, pitch perfect vocals and finest guitar playing. So, submit your recordings and lets hear it.
    There are so many things wrong with your comment that I feel the need to enlighten you. 1) from your comment, one can only surmise that you find it nearly miraculous to be able to sing or play in tune. I assure you it is not the case. Especially with that process called "recording", where you can re-record things until the result satisifies basic musical criteria such as proper tuning and rhythm consistency. 2) you also seem to intend that only if my music was perfect in every sense I would be able to distinguish non-perfect tuning. When your tuner says your guitar is not in tune, do you also ask the device for its whole discography ? No, you don't. You shut up and tune your guitar. Which is how it should be, whether it's your tuner, your teacher, me, Bob Rock or an 8-year old Chinese boy with perfect pitch remarking it. 3) You also seem to imply that should I be Steve Vai, I would be allowed to voice my opinion about the bands that have been submitted by UG to... our judgment (hence the voting, did you notice ?). I assure you this is the most moronic statement, as already proven in the "Reb Beach vs Kirk Hammett" case. When you complain about your steak being undercook in a restaurant, does the chef ask you how many restaurants you've run ? Does he ask you to cook one in front of him ? No. He shuts up and cook your steak better. I was pointing problems in the music that was submitted to us, and the artists are hopefully more enclined to relevant criticism than you. Just because a song is perfectible doesn't mean you're the shittiest artist in the world and that you should stop music. Nonsensical praise, on the other hand, is what gives you the people that get ridiculed in singing TV programs, because all their friends told them how great of a singer they were, when in fact they suck.
    You don't get to decide how to write a song. There is no set song structure that is correct or incorrect.
    There are, however, many ways to enhance a song structure for it not to be boring (for instance, variations between first verse and second verse).
    Boring is an opinion. saying a particular song or any part of it is boring is your opinion. you don't get to decide what is boring for others.
    Your opinion is clearly the one of someone who is not involved with music production. There is a reason producers are producers. When a band brings a song to a producer, he usually sees what's boring or what could be done better. Bands who record themselves without that kind of input usually miss great opportunities to make a good song a great one. And my opinion is "just" my opinion... until that boring song is in fact the less voted for song of the three. Then someone might start paying attention to "opinions"...
    It all sounded pretty good to me. There were a few off notes here and there but overall it was good music. I'd give them all a second listen. But what would I know, I'm just a lowly commoner