UG Quiz: Are You a Versatile Listener?

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UG Quiz: Are You a Versatile Listener?

Are you a versatile listener? Test your knowledge with our new quiz and don't forget to share your results in the comment section below.

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    5/10. Funny but somehow completely off. I listen to Adele, but just have no idea what her last name ist. Listen to punk, don't care which band came first..
    I got 9/10. Only missed the punk question. I guessed Sex Pistols, but Ramones were earlier. Don't matter, I suppose.
    Same. Chose Dead Kennedys. For some reason, I thought they were older than the Ramones.
    Most of these questions are useless trivia and have nothing to do with versatility. On the contrary, people who do not listen to only one genre of music are less likely to be familiar with all that information. I enjoy most of Adelle's songs and I was just listening to Nile. And I got 4/10 for crying out loud!
    This is music trivia, not 'being a versatile listener'.  I listen to everything from Al DiMeola to The Wu, to Slayer, to SRV, to classical, etc etc.  But I could give 2 shits what Adele's last name is.  Or what punk band came first.  I'm more interested in what they are doing with their music.   First couple of quizzes were good, this one misses the mark IMO.    
    " You listen to a lot of genres, but also tend to avoid some. Remember, there's beauty in every genre. " I'll take your word for it. 
    6/10, Y'all should do a hearing quiz like "name that song or chord" that'd be fun!
    8/10. I missed the Ramones one (legit thought it was Sex Pistols) and the LOTR one (like many, I thought it was Zimmer). But knowing music trivia doesn't make me any more versatile than anyone else. Just means that I've retained the useless factoids.
    9/10 Missed the LOTR one. For some reason I thought it was Zimmer.
    It's easy to think it was him since he's done every other big movie series.
    like star wars or harry potter?
    No.. Pirates of the Caribbean, Waterworld, Transformers... bigger . . . not really.. except for POTC
    8/10. Only ones I didn't get were Johnny Cash and Simon and Garfunkle. If that's an indication of my music tastes, then I'm totally cool with that
    7/10 Did not know Adele's last name, accidentally clicked the wrong rapper (RZA is in Wu-Tang! ain't nuthin tha fuck with!) and forgot about the Funk month song. 
    8/10. Forgot who did the LotR soundtrack and thought the Sex Pistols were before The Ramones.
    That moment when you get 100%, guessing on 80% of them. I literally new the Lord of the Rings one, and the Simon and Garfunkel one.
    8/10. Got the first 2 wrong and I made lucky guesses on about 4 of those 8 so I guess my real score is 4/10. 
    Khetag Lagkuti
    6/10.  "Bad Boys" being a song by Inner Circle and not Bob Marley is my revelation of the day. Also got Adele, September and Ramones wrong.  
    5/10, but losing reggae, hiphop, Adele and a museum doesn't really bother me... Didn't know S & G, though. 
    9/10, lost the Adele one - Some of these questions were however just useless trivia. I love the ole' man in black, but I wouldn't judge someone's appreciation of the old school country genre based on the location of a museum. Likewise, I doubt a lot of people who listen to pop have a clue what Adele's last name is. Testing for either common knowledge or specific trivia in particular genres is a useless way to find out if someone has a broad taste in music or not.
    10/10 "Melomaniac" for me, but I did guess on Adele's last name. At least I knew all of the others.