UG Quiz: Can You Guess The Price of a Guitar by Looking at It?

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UG Quiz: Can You Guess The Price of a Guitar by Looking at It?
Hello, everyone! Welcome to our rendition of 'The Price is Right'!

Picking a guitar is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things to consider, quality, brand, pickups, and, of course, prices. We decided to find out if you can guess the price of a guitar just by looking at it!

(The prices are in US dollars and are taken from the Guitar Center website)

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    Also that Hammet signature looks like total horseshit
    What?! I COMPLETELY disagree. It's amazing. He should do a whole series with old horror paintjobs. Then again, it's obviously a guitar for people who a nerds with old horror stuff. SO GET BACK IN YE CORNER, NORMIE. You non-Nosferatu watching fake ass playa hater.
    An Epiphone for 599? Christ, you Americans are getting ripped off.
    Take a look at Tony iommi epiphone custom sg. Pretty sure it's worth every penny.
    You still get to have the word Epiphone on your headstock.
    Are you saying that the name printed on a guitar is an important factor in its price?
    I'm saying that presentation is important, and in my eyes, having a word that's synonymous for 'Cheap' written on your headstock isn't the best way to present yourself.
    That's too bad.  I guess judging a book by it's cover is standard practice these days.  To each their own!
    Even though I disagree with your point, with regards to Epiphone its irrelevant anyway, as a number of extremely successful musicians have excelled in their careers whilst proudly using Epiphone guitars. For example, Rob Flynn of Machine Head and Matt Heafy of Trivium.
    Both Matt Heafy and Rob Flynn have played (and became established) using a lot of expensive guitars than their signature models. Epiphone are paying the people they make 'signature guitars' for a lot of money so that they can make cheap items for collectors, and uninformed players who think that these guitars can get them their favourite tones, nothing more.
    Wow. Present yourself with skill and talent, not a fucking name on a head stock. I suppose Edwards and Tokai aren't branded enough for you, even tho they are better than Gibsons. Unless you wan't to pay 2000 extra for a stupid badge hahaha
    ... I play ESP and present myself with a lot of skill and talent as well as image and presentation, I'm not sure where that outburst is coming from.
    Damn, the Epiphone got me.   Also if you said where the Telecaster was made (American vs Mexican vs Chinese) more people would probably get that one
    Squier is usually a safe bet for Mexico.
    Squiers are usually made in Indonesia
    Okay so i looked it up, they are made in a ton of places as Fender keeps getting them made cheaper, including Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, China, etc. I guess just where im from we see mostly Mexican Squiers. But really we just kinda go back to what OP said....
    4/8 but I've never looked at prices in USD, always £ or €, and prices are hugely different across the pond
    Next time, tell us what currency your using.  Was that american, those prices were wrong.  guitars for under 100 bucks don't exist in my country of Canada
    Really a pointless exercise without listing country of manufacture, which is all that ultimately matters. None of the "brand name" guitars made in Asia are actually of their respective brands, they're just private label Cort or Sammick guitars made to order.
    6/8 I'm surprised I didn't get all of them with all my compulsive window-shopping
    4/8 But i live in a country that guitars cost like 50% more than in the rest of the world, here if you want an epiphone sg it will cost you like $900
    I didn't know ESP LTD did guitars that were more than a thousand bucks. LTD used to be their cheapo brand. They must have changed it, cause i remember looking into it alot 10 years ago. At a certain point, their LTD 400 models were basically the same as their twice as sexpensive ESP counterparts, with very minor differences. (I bought an LTD EX-400 back then, and the only difference between that an the very expensive one was that it had EMG 81/60 pickups instead of 81/85. And it was half the price. They realized that after a while and changed the models, i believe. But still, NYAH NYAH)
    This is a BS quiz. My go to guitar is the exact PRS in pic #1 and i have never seen it listed anywhere for $779. In fact I cant think of a many PRS guitars I've seen for that price in a shop. And one some of these the difference between $599 and $699 is the shop you are in. Plus what country these are made in also matters.
    I wanted that epiphone les paul for a while and where I live it did cost around 400. Apparently it got more expensive
    dennis.1960 everything wrong guessing too high except the Epi LP and Metallica models  
    Guessed the Bullet Strat, the James Hetfield sig, and the Rogue correctly. Rest of them, I actually guessed too cheap. But then again, I'm Canadian, and I think I have an exaggerated idea of the CAD-USD exchange rate.
    Only missed 1! Guess that 3 month "holiday rush" job at Guitar Center finally paid off...