UG Quiz: Can You Match Vocalists to Their Singing Voice?

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Can You Match Vocalists to Their Singing Voice?

Hey, everyone!

Today we have a special quiz! We've prepared 10 song fragments and all you have to do is to tell who sings them. Sounds easy? Well, most of the songs in question do no belong to the vocalists so it should spice the things up.

Good luck and as always, share your results in the comment section below!


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    Ok 6 got me bad. That sounded a ton like primus
    Well, UG, congratulations are clearly in order This one was a good one!
    In that video Bruce Dickinson looks like Jim Carrey doing an impersonation of Bruce Dickinson
    8/10. By the way, Tom Jones is a Welshman not an Englishman. Get yo shit togetha!
    9/10 Stone Sour really does sound like Nickelback in that one song.
    I knew immediately. That's my favorite song off of that album. House of Gold and Bones is a fantastic double album. Stone Sour's pinnacle by far.
    TBH, I'm not a great fan of the band, but when I answered and then saw it was Stone Sour, I could totally get what Chad Kroeger meant in that article the other day
    9/10. I go the Lady Gaga one wrong, so I'm happy to hand over that 1 point.
    7/10. Not Corey. Not Corey at all. 
    I recognized his voice instantly on the Stone SOur one, but I have been listening to everything he's done a lot recently