UG Quiz: Can You Name a Band by Three Songs?

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UG Quiz: Can You Name a Band by Three Songs?
In this week's quiz you have to guess classic rock bands by three of their songs. Can you do it?


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    Holy fuck, that was easy. The name of the quiz should be: Have You Ever Heard of the Virtually Unknown Genre, Classic Rock?
    Ha too easy
    Yeah, I feel like most people who are out of high school would know these unless they have just actively avoided classic rock their entire lives. Elvis Costello is the only one that I would expect a lot of people to be iffy on. The rest are "gimme" questions, unlike this bonus question that most people get wrong... You're totally a music trivia genius if you know the answer to this one: Stairway to Heaven Whole Lotta Love Immigrant Song A. Tiny Tim B. Tony Orlando C. Gloria Estefan D. Led Zeppelin
    Well I hope that anybody that got less than an 8/10 goes and looks up some of these bands if they've never heard them
    I did really terribly because I've never listened to half of these artists.
    The ones I knew, I knew by one song. The ones I guessed, I was pretty sure I'd know one song by the other options. The one I failed most of the bands hasn't had big hits that I might have heard.
    10/10, for the first time in these quiz i get perfect score!!
    10/10. I had fingers crossed there would be no questions about new bands. I new at least one of Elvis Costello and one of ELO songs.
    Had to guess on 2 (Elvis Costello and another one) but got 10/10. I kind of wish it was harder. There were other quizzes I though I'd do a lot better on and only got like 6 right. Either way I like these. Better than shitty ones on facebook and stuff
    2/10 and i got both by luck. i've failed the test. brb gonna kill myself, will send UG admins their tapes
    10/10, though I guessed with Costello, I've never bothered picking up on his work, but that said, holy shit this was easy - It seemed like the wrong answers would have been better candidates for the questions than the right answers were.
    1/10 Totally guessing. Looks like UG now is for people who are 1 billion years old
    Way Cool JR.
    I only missed Electric Light Orchestra and Elvis Castello.  No surprise since I never liked either one of them. All the others were easy as pie since I'm a huge classic rock fan.  
    Way Cool JR.
    Forgot to mention they were listed with a couple other bands I didn't like, so it was a complete crap shot on them 2.  
    UG says: "Your score: 8/10. Nailed it!" But if 4 out of those 8 were a lucky guess, does it still count?