UG Quiz: Can You Name Famous Songs by Tabs?

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Can You Name Famous Songs by Tabs?

We prepared 9 tabs for various famous songs. Can you name them all?

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    7/9 Thats NOT how you play wonderwall!
    The correct way to play Wonderwall is to feed your guitar and then yourself into a woodchipper.
    But what every U.G. denizen really wants to know is... What is your preferred setting for the woodchipper?  Blend...or Liquify?
    Crazy train?
    I had to squint when I only saw 4 lines on the tab.  It was the key that was the "key" to me getting that one right.
    "Close, but not quiet."  Yes... close, but not quite with that sentence.  You need some practice.
    Khetag Lagkuti
    Awesome, but a little note: usually you add some funny comments after we choose something - here it only said the song title, so it was not as dynamic. Moreover, why is there no picture at the end of the quiz? Anyway, 5/9.
    So much harder to do than expected, especially without note durations! 7/9 though, not bad!
    9/9 but those are some of the worst tabs I have seen on here I can't believe someone put those on here as a quiz. OMG
    They're pretty effective tabs mate, you play those tabs over a song you won't get any complaints
    6/9 The bass ones screwed me. I dont play bass. Maybe do a Bass quiz, and a uitar quiz. Next are you going to knock me for not knowing drum tab?
    I think it's more about being able to internalize the sound than memorizing the tab.
    LEAD GUITARISTS - You should always try to know what you're playing over, whether it's just bass, or bass and rythym guitar. If you listen to the Crazy Train solo, it moves with the bassline a lot. It can only help you compose more complete solos that fit with what's being played beneath them.
    9/9 Kind of sad to see what some people guessed wrong. Who the fuck thought that was Come As You Are? Apparently 12% did.
    7/9. Missed the Crazy Train one and haven't heard Paradise City in forever so couldn't pick out that part. I also don't know how to play Wonderwall and have only heard it a few times but when it said "annoying song" there was no need to second guess.
    I think it would be much easier if you also included the rhythmic notation, it's kind of a guessing game as to how long certain notes are otherwise. Whether or not it makes it *too* easy though is a question.
    9/9, but on a couple of occasions I really needed the multiple choices to be present to make up my mind. Recognised Wonderwall only due to the recent Adam Neely's video .
    Actually managed to get 8 of 9 right, but flat out guessed at about half of them. Answers based more on, "Nope, that's not the tab for this, this or this song..."
    Wvwn though I figured out the answer, it took me some time because the tab for Welcome to the Jungle is the wrong (or the simple and lazy) one. Every rest is in fact a 0 on the B string...