UG Quiz: Can You Name Famous Songs by Tabs? Part 2

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Can You Name Famous Songs by Tabs? Part 2

We prepared 10 tabs for various famous songs. Can you name them all?

Share your results in the comment section below. And if you like it, have a go at our first quiz.


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    7/10 Some of the tabs didnt look like that particular song to me, but I still really enjoy these kind of quizes.
    8/10 no guitar required, im awesome at humming
    9/10, could hear the tabs in my head
    8/10, used my crystal ball.
    Okay, I admit it, I could't hear the tabs in my head, I went to my local fortune teller and he gave me almost all the right answers except the last one apparently, I couldn't find the option for "the tea leaves also tell me you'll face slight mockery" - But tbh that's probably fair since I've never heard of that song anyway.
    9/10! Should have been 8/10. I was trying to move the mobile screen up when I accidentally clicked Blackbird by Alter Bridge, which turned out to be the correct answer xD BTW, who else mistook Comfortable Numb solo for Sweet Child O Mine? LOL
    7/10, not bad. If I could make a suggestion, please make the size of the tabs even smaller. It hurt to read these ones, but I wouldn't mind if instead of having to squint, I just got a blazing migraine instead.
    9/10. Had the solo of Purple Rain wrong.  Wasn't sure about the Blackbird one, but it seemed to be in the right key. All by sight. Elimination also is a great tool here. 
    8/10 Missed Blackbird because I'm not familiar with it. And I missed Purple Rain because I was just getting bored by then and chose Sultans of Swing because it looked like it had a lot of open space.
    Haven't looked at these quizes for a while because they seemed way too specific to hardcore metal heads, was pleasantly surprised. Good questions outside of the Unforgiven one.
    7/10, not bad considering I have only ever tried to learn two of the songs I saw, and they were incorrect answers for question 3 or something.
    Loved both the Unforgiven IV and V, and the Monty Python quote! 8/10, I forgot the that Voodoo Child begins with all that scartching, and I messed up another one which I forgot.
    Hums the song correctly. Still doesn't know the song.  I have no culture lel.
    9/10, had to guess the solos and one or 2 more, but at least I knew some wrong choices well enough to eliminate them. Also thank God for the Imagus extension for Chrome.