UG Quiz: Can You Name Musicians by Their Quotes?

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Can You Name Musicians by Their Quotes?

This week, we prepared 10 quotes for you. Some are easy to guess, some are not. Test yourself and don't forget to share your results in the comment section below!

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    Holy shit, Chad Kroeger, you creepy bastard. 
    Almost nailed it, 7/10. Honestly, the peeing on each other question...I'm ok not getting right.
    When did 7/10 became associated with "almost nailed it"? 7/10 is average, at best. I got 2/10, you don't see me going around telling people: "Oh 2/10! That's pretty decent! "
    "Did i fart in your face? I like to do that." - Chuck Berry "I'm sorry about the curtains Mr. Whittaker, but maybe next time buy some shitroll." - Ozzy Osbourne
    3/10 Lol "do or do not, there is no try" stating that it is a Dumbledore quote and then there is a picture of Gandalf beside's to early in the morning for this  That quote is made by Yoda you goofs!
    4/10 - Funny, that score sucks here, but it's an almost unheard of batting average.