UG Quiz: Can You Name These 10 Metal Musicians by Facts from Their Lives?

The 'Who Am I?' quiz.

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UG Quiz: Can You Name These 10 Metal Musicians by Facts from Their Lives?
Hey, everyone!

In this week's quiz, you have to name 10 famous musicians basing on some facts from their biography. Kinda like in 'Who am I?' game from Inglourious Basterds.

Can you do that?

Enjoy the quiz and as always share your results in the comment section below!

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    9/10 cause I really thought the one was Page, but no. Spinal Tap, you got me good.
    KillRoy Ver 3.0
    10/10, I'm on fire with these music quizzes. No wonder I can barely do basic math with my brain apparently clogged full of music trivia.
    10/10.Way too easy,at least for anyone around my age (51). Didn't know about Yngwie,but the clues made it obvious.
    10/10 no problem! (all you gotta do is just play it again) lol but my actual score was 5/10 because i don't know anything about most of these bands, could've had it a bit higher if i had just went with my gut for a few of them though. GG no re
    8/10! The titles of Ted Nugent's books are pure gold=) Also, I like how most people chose Jimmy Page over Nigel Tufnel
    10/10 , only one I took a while with was the spinal tap one, but in my defence I never sen the movie... yet.
    1/10 only knew the Nigel Tufnel one since 'Haberdasher' gave it away...I get my coat. 
    5/10 because I managed to guess the first 3 right, my cat stepped on my mouse when I happened to be hovering over the correct answer and the only one I actually knew was Jimmy Page
    So your cat guessed right then? I always thought cats dig metal music, that's where they get their attitude from.
    8/10 i think dio majored in pharmacology, no in pharmacy. could be wrong, i do speak american